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슈퍼셀 브롤 개발자 만나고 왔습니다! [브롤스타즈-Brawl Stars] [June]

슈퍼셀 브롤 개발자 만나고 왔습니다! [브롤스타즈-Brawl Stars] [June]

Hello, it’s June here! We have some very special guests today. Three guests from
the Brawl Stars team are with us today! I guess you guys have met them before,
in Brawl Talk videos. From the left,
Ryan, Frank and Dani. Can you introduce yourself? My name’s Ryan, I’m the Community
Manager for Brawl Stars. I’m really excited to be
with you guys here in Korea. I am Frank,
the Game Lead for Brawl Stars and I could also not
be more excited to be here. I love this lounge and I love
all experiences I’ve had here. – Thanks for having us, June.
– You’re welcome. I’m Dani, the other Community Manager. I’m also excited to be here.
Thank you for all the Korean barbecue. It’s an honor to have you here.
The game team visited Korea for G-Star, and spared some time for the interview. So today, we’ll have a Q&A session. I have collected questions about the game
that many of the players have asked. Today, I will deliver them to the team
straight away. I’ve heard that the Korean market makes
up a big portion of the player base. What is your vision towards the market? What do you think about
the Korean sales? That’s a very good question. Traditionally Supercell games always have
been very solid-performing in Korea. Clash Royale was a huge hit here.
So was Clash of Clans. So we expected that we would have a nice experience with the game in Korea. But this being said, it really blew our expectations. Korea has been
the most important market for us. And I mentioned it
during some presentations during G-Star, but every month we have more
than 4 million active players playing the game in Korea. That’s a huge percentage
of the Korean population. For me personally,
I would like to add that… I was always a huge fan of Korea. You know I worked
for Blizzard Entertainment before this. And I was working on the launch of World of Warcraft in Korea
and to help the Korean team here. So I’ve had very strong bounds
to the country for a long time. And I love Korean food. So for me,
this is a perfect storm, really. There are a lot of Clubs in Brawl Stars. Some are active, some are not. One of the reasons is that
the players found no advantage in Clubs. Will there be any reward for Clubs or
a feature like Club Wars in the future? We understand the current
problem we have. We understand that Clubs in the game has no purpose other than
gathering all your friends. Putting your friends
together in the same group. However, we do have to prioritize what we think is the most important
thing in the game in each update. And revamping the Clubs
will take a lot of time. As you can see, we are trying to do at least one update every few months. So, we try to give
content to the players. Considering this rhythm,
we do have to prioritize the most important thing
that we can do in this timeframe. And at the moment,
this is not Clubs. But we are already aware
of the issue with Clubs. So we are probably
going to do something about it later. There is nothing concrete yet.
I don’t want to promise anything. And also, the team does
talk about Club Wars often, we’re brainstorming, thinking
about different things. But at the moment, we don’t
have a concrete idea that we’re all really,
really excited to do. So, once we get that idea
we can start moving on. Brawl Stars is a global game
which players all over the world enjoy. However, the servers are separated. The players on the Asian server can
only meet players in the same region. We are always matched up with
players from Japan or China. If I want to play with
players from other regions, server consolidations could do the trick. When could that happen?
Do you have a plan for this? The way Brawl Stars is set up, is that it plays much more
like a first person shooter, or a fast-paced action game. I know our previous games
have had much lower requirements, when it comes to the quality of the
internet and the latency between people. So, for example a player from Korea can
play against a player in the USA. Or they can play against a player
in the Middle East without a problem, because the requirements
for the latency are really low. In Brawl Stars, we really tried
to get a very responsive experience. So there is lots of fast,
twitchy movements etc. That requires a
great internet connectivity. And for that reason we decided to have
servers in each of the regions. So, theoretically, the game is still open you can still play
with a friend in the US, but of course the quality
of the connection is not that good. There are limitations to physics in what is actually
doable and what’s not. So we have no plans
in combining the servers. This being said, we just announced our plans for eSports. We started to talk about that. For eSports, we want to get
players together more frequently. Very much like we did
now at the World Finals. The World Finals were held at G-Star. I can see your effort
to create Brawl Stars eSports. But for eSports, the game should be
more complicated and diverse. However, the game has two buttons,
the attack and Super. It is difficult for players
to show off their skills only with that. Will there be more skills
or any other features coming to the game? We understand that if you are
comparing it to other MOBAs like DOTA, League of Legends,
you name it… Those games are way more complex and you can see
that the competitive scene is huge. For Brawl, we think that the beauty
of the game is the simplicity, that you can play with anyone
you would just meet. You can just present the game and you play together,
with a friends, your family, with a son, daughter, you name it. So we do believe that’s
the beauty of Brawl Stars. That’s why it’s so big. Because… It’s easy to learn and hard to master. And you could see, in the World Finals, incredible plays that we ourselves
will never manage to make. Because they are so hard.
It’s so skillful. At the moment, I guess we are not
changing the core of the gameplay. Which is those two buttons. But we are still discussing
some experimentation. How can we improve that? How can we
make it more interesting for the players? At the moment, we don’t
have anything concrete. There are a few items, though, I’d like to point out
that there’s a difference between the early game play,
when you have a Brawler like Shelly, who is very easy to play,
the Super is very intuitive Or playing a Brawler like Rosa, where her melee attack is really easy
to understand. She’s pretty tough. The button for the Super
just makes yourself stronger. You don’t have to target it etc. And then you have, on the other
side of the spectrum, Brawlers like Gene or Mortis, which are much
harder to play effectively, where everything is a skillshot.
You have to strategize in your head. In Summer this year
we added a second Star Power. So there’s another decision you have to
make. Which one is better for the team? And we continue to add
things in the future, which will make the game
more interesting. We just don’t have anything
specific to tell you about today. Ryan, if you want to add something… No, I was going to bring up exactly
what you said about the Star Powers. Also, although the controls
are simple to grasp… If you watch the World Finals,
especially in Bounty, you can see them moving one pixel
away and that’s all the difference. I could never perform the way
that Nova did in that match. So, I think it is
more complex than it seems. Going to the next question. Playing with friends
is more fun in Brawl Stars. The game’s main mode is 3v3. Will there be 1v1 or 5v5 in the future? I can take it. I can take the bullet. Well, I mean, at least
just my personal opinion, I don’t think 1v1 would be really fun because that’ll basically just
come down to the Brawler match-up. It’ll come down to which Brawler
beats the other Brawler, which isn’t a very fun game, if Piper is involved… There’s not
much fun to have there, I think. And I think, on the other hand…
5v5… Maybe? I think it would just be a disaster of noise and bullets and flying and it
would be so busy you couldn’t even play. It changes everything, right? You could not just scale Brawl to 5v5, because then you have to reconsider
the whole balance, everything. It would be a different game. So I think it’s… Yeah… I would like to to add to that… The way we’re designing new game modes, whenever we add a new game mode, we’re not planning them as much as we are constantly working
on experimenting with new ideas. And we play them
internally a lot. I mean, Dani is
our highest Brawler in the company. He has more than 17000, 18000 trophies? My record was 19500. Internally, we play our own game a lot. Maybe too much. But we really test
these modes internally. And it’s very easy to see
if something is fun or not. So I cannot tell you if
5v5 is fun or not. We just experiment and see
what’s fun and then we put it out there. But we have no concrete plan
to add a 1v1 or 5v5 mode, today. And that’s how it happened
with Takedown and Lone Star. The Game Designer showed us
a prototype of these modes. We played it and people
were breaking their phones, yelling, and we were like: “Okay this is fun.” Next, new Brawlers are released
around once per month. The amount of Brawlers is growing. How many Brawlers
are we going to have in total? A million. I actually would like to take
a step back from the question directly. This year, so far we released
eight Brawlers, I think. And before we went global, sometimes we released no Brawlers,
sometimes two, one. I don’t want to set the expectation that every month
we’ll release one Brawler. For example, we already
said on social media, with the next update we’re
not going to release a Brawler. And that we take it one by one. This being said, we don’t
have a fixed limit in mind. I think the amount of Brawlers we
introduced this year feels pretty good. And to keep doing that next year
also seems very realistic. But it might not always happen
the same way, like one Brawler a month. Next one can be a bit sensitive. I personally enjoy Showdown mode a lot. In higher trophy ranges,
teaming is causing a lot of trouble. Supercell released
a lot of modifiers to solve this, like meteors or healing mushrooms. But to be honest,
this does not solve the problem. How do you see this problem,
and do you have any plans for this? There’s loads of different
thoughts about this, to be honest. – Within the team.
– Within the team, too. Within the team, about half of the team
thinks teaming is horrible. I personally hate teaming. Whenever I see someone teaming, I pretend
I’m also teaming and attack them. I really don’t like it. But that’s a personal choice. Other people in the team say:
“No, it’s part of the game.” “Showdown is meant to be about
the last survivor. And by all means.” “And if that mean is teaming,
that’s okay.” In other Battle Royale games,
depending on the game, that also happens. And it may or may not
be a problem everywhere. Now this being said… we we actually ran
a few polls occasionally, with the community on Twitter etc., and asked if we should
do something or not. Because we heard from other
social media like Reddit that people need to stop teaming, but whenever we ask people,
they also split 50 percent say: “Teaming needs to go.”
The others want it to stay. So it’s a very gray area. So, we are always considering… Should we do something or should
we not do anything about it? And it’s it’s not that easy to decide, because you will always
make someone unhappy. For example, Lone Star and Takedown are fruits of trying to solve it. Because in Lone Star,
you wouldn’t do teaming because you don’t have any benefit
from that and it’s a solo mode. So it’s pretty much
similar to Showdown, but it has no teaming because you
have no benefits of spinning around. And regarding that trophy ladder,
we added Power Play. Which includes all the game modes, so even if your team and you managed
to get second, first or whatever, you have to prove that you are
really good in the other modes. So it is… To prevent that only the teamers
are on top of the leaderboard, and at the same time there are some
teamings that occur naturally. For example let’s suppose that
the three of us are playing and Frank is in the middle,
Ryan is on the other side. I’m not trying to go for Ryan. Me and
Ryan will try to go kill Frank first. Because then we get
a benefit out of that. So, it’s a very tricky subject, too. It’s very hard to differentiate between natural and organized teaming. Where’s the line exactly? It’s very hard to say, where the line is. Which guys need to be punished
and which ones don’t. It’s almost impossible. And if we were to go down that road,
it may completely break Showdown to the point
where it’s not fun anymore. So it’s a lot of complicated things. I suggest players
who really hate teaming… Again, I told you, I’m not
a big fan of it at all… So I just play more 2v2 Showdown. And I just enjoy that more
because there’s no teaming. It’s very competitive still. I can play with a friend
and it’s just a better experience for me. Right now, the season
resets every two weeks. Which is quite short, and some players
are tired of trophy climbing repeatedly. About this two-week trophy reset… Is there any plan to extend it
or any other plans about this? Currently, we don’t have plans
to extend the regular Trophy Road season. But we just introduced Power Play. And to be honest, internally,
I don’t think we believe that the highest-trophy player is necessarily
the best player in the world. While Power Play is a much
better measurement of that. You only have a limited amount of games, which I think is really nice.
So you don’t have to invest much time. You don’t need to grind. You just need to show for these three
games and show that you are the best. So that’s why we believe that, if you don’t have much time,
if you don’t want that grind, then you should focus on Power Play. This being said, said Power Play
right now is also two weeks long. For example, we just repeated
the same map rotation for Power Play. So we’re just
at the beginning for Power Play. We will likely experiment
with other things. We will have a longer map rotation
and so on and so forth. So there’s lots of things we still
want to do. It’s very new for us. Next is one of the most popular
and sensitive questions. A lot of players are complaining
about the “Red Wi-Fi”. Do you have any solution,
like increasing the amount of servers or any specific plans in mind? It is a difficult question. The red Wi-Fi symbol is not
a product of not enough service. Our servers actually scale automatically. Whenever there are more players,
we add servers automatically. That happens within seconds. So if we see, like, one hundred thousand
more people are coming in now then we ad servers like this.
That happens every week, on the weekend. The red Wi-Fi is more a result
of other factors, actually. And most of the time that’s the quality
of the network you’re playing in. But there are so many different factors that it’s really hard
to say it’s this or that. In our experiments in the office… We played with the device and the antenna for the Wi-Fi
was on the right side. And when you put
your hand on this side, you already have
a worse Wi-Fi quality. Sometimes you’re sitting
between the point where the Wi-Fi is and in between there’s a pillar
that’s out of concrete and your Wi-Fi quality goes down. So it’s super hard
to remove all these factors and say you will never
have Wi-Fi issues. We are considering giving you
some better signals before you play. Maybe somewhere in the settings.
That’s still something we discuss, to show you at least
what is your current Wi-Fi quality. But, yeah, that’s that’s the extent
of that today. There is no problem on the server side.
We have many servers. We are of course still trying to add
more servers in different places, to make it better to play
from very different places. But for example,
South Korea specifically, has a great connectivity to our servers. The servers are in Japan. And the connection you
got from here, yesterday… Dani and I played in the hotel lobby. It was really good. And it was amazing. We don’t
have a connection that good in Finland. So it’s really, really amazing. But, for example, we just added
servers in the Middle East. For our players in the Middle East. And we keep trying to expand
on that and make it even better. So far, we have the second Star Power. We are having rumors
about a third one being leaked. Are we going to get third Star Powers? I think these leaks come up all the time. And the truth is that, whenever we’re
building things into the update, we need to experiment a lot and test
and make sure it works and that it’s fun. So there might be other Star Powers
in the files that we’ll never release, because they were being tested and just
didn’t make it, they weren’t good enough. That might be those. Not ruling out
that third Star Powers will ever come. They might one day.
But probably not anytime soon. Let’s go to the next question. I really want to push trophies, and playing in a team
gives you more advantages. When you play solo,
expecting to meet random teams, you occasionally meet teamed players
and play with disadvantage. Will there be an improvement
regarding this problem? I can answer you if you aren’t… – We cannot spoil anything.
– Ah, really? But we have some ideas to make
the experience better for random players. – That’s all I can say today.
– Ah, okay. Thank you. I can say… You guys usually
play in teams, obviously. I walk into the office and these guys
are doing their Power Play games… Every day, instead of working. I play mostly with randoms, because I want to know
what that experience is like, since I think most players
play with randoms. And also because they won’t play with me. That’s a lie. And I think it does vary a little bit.
Sometimes you get bad players. But very often I get a team
that’s much better than me. Which is why I think
“Play Again” is really nice. If you can lock-in a group of three
randoms and you’re jiving together… I played like 30 straight games
with some people. Because they were so good. So, yeah, that’s helped me a lot. And one thing that… Of course it is a question
that’s very frequent in our community. But even when people ask me directly… “Oh, are you doing
something with randoms?” And I say: “Aren’t we all
randoms to someone?” So you are complaining…
Maybe if you are losing a lot… Maybe the problem is not the other two. Let’s go on to our last question. A lot of Korean players want
Brawl Stars merchandise. It are super rare, with people saying:
“You can’t get it only with money.” Do you have any plans to sell it? We are exploring ways of giving you the possibility
to buy official merchandise. You know we closed down
the Supercell Store. With a heavy heart. But at the same time,
it didn’t make sense for us. Mainly because we couldn’t give players
the great experience they deserve. Everyone today orders on Amazon etc. And then you’re used to having
your package tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Everything as far as refunds is easy. So all of this,
we couldn’t offer you in that way. It took weeks
until your stuff would arrive. Sometimes it was really hard
to get the stuff. So we are looking into ways of getting
merch into the hands of our fans. We understand that there is a demand. You can see that, when you when you went
to G-Star, there was a lot of demand. And, yeah, we would like to get
merch into your hands. – Yeah, that’s it.
– Okay. We are excited about it as much
as you are, please believe me. Come to the Supercell Lounge! What are your last words
to the Korean fans? Thank you guys so much. At least my visit here
in Seoul, in Busan, has been one
of the best trips of my life. I absolutely love it and I really
hope I can come back more often. You guys are amazing. We were playing on the Korean servers. Korean players are so good.
I’m being crushed here. But I like it. I really like a challenge. I loved being here.
I love the Korean players. You guys are awesome. Keep doing that. Not only for me…
Because it’s just the three of us here… But when we traveled to Busan for G-Star,
for the World Finals… Actually, almost the whole
Brawl Stars team is here right now. So, it’s really a great experience
for the whole team, to see how excited
and fascinated our players are. Seeing the booth at G-Star
completely full with people, with long queues and people wanting
to play the game with others… For us as game developers,
it’s really energizing. It’s cool to see
how excited our fans are. While we were at the World Finals, I had to go to the toilet.
And I tried to go. And I had to stop 15 times because
everyone wanted to take a picture. We don’t see that every day. You know, when we work,
we just go to work. And we try to do our best
to make a great game, which we also love to play. But seeing how you guys are reacting
out there is just giving us so much. And as I said earlier already,
for me personally, it’s absolutely amazing because I just
love Korea. I love Korean food. I love going out and eating a bunch
of Kimchi Japchae and Dak-galbi. For me it is really,
really amazing to be here. So thank you guys so much
for playing the game. And we’ll keep producing great
content for you. Thank you very much. Thank you for sparing
your precious time for us. And I have some gifts for you. Oh gifts. Oh yeah. These are Korean traditional sweets. Thank you so much. – Can I open it now?
– Like this. – Thank you.
– Thank you. We had our Q&A session
with the Brawl Stars game team today. I hope that answered
some of the questions you had. We will see you next time.
Bye-bye! Bye-bye!

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    총 3인큐로 돌리는 중 동시에 반복해서
    레드와이파이가 뜹니다

    저의 생각은 네트워크 문제보다 서버를 증설 하고 플레이어가 나가면 서버가 증가 하다가 줄어든다고 하셨는데 그게 불과 단몇초만에 일어난다고 하셨죠 그과정에서 서버를 늘리는대는 아무 문제가 될것 없지만 서버를 줄일 때 서버를 삭제 시키고 다시 제부팅(?) 비스무리한거를 해서 비슷한지역이있는 사람은 동시에 레드와이파이가 먹는것 같네요 그래서 사람이 많이플레이를 하는 주말이 레드와이파이가 많이 잘생하는 것 일 수 도 있죠

    (-이상 장문충입니다-)

  12. Мне показалось или френк сказал что раньше он работал в близзард?

  13. 준님… 트로피 6500인데 전설은 커녕 신화도 없어요.. 이번에 일반상자 30개 모아서 까보고 신화나 전설 안나오면 접을랍니다 ㅠㅠㅠ

  14. 15:03 one time in duo sd me and my teammate and the other player and his teammate teamed. There's no solution frank.

  15. 준님은 맨날 너무 설명을 디테일하게 해주셔서 정말 감사하고 유튜브 잘 보고 있습니다 동생이랑 클래시로얄 브롤 아웃도 다 봅니다 영상 어울려 주시고 감사합니다

  16. 좀 점령전이나 쟁탈전 같은 장시간 전투 플레이도 만들어줬으면…옛날엔 시즈가 그랬지만…지금은…ㅠㅠ

  17. 근데 스킬 추가나 그런거에 대해서는 운영진 말이 맞는듯 쉽게 알 수 있고 간단히 진행되는 게임인데 e스포츠 때문에 스킬이나 무언가를 추가하면 브롤 특유의 단순하지만 중독성 있는 그런게 없어질 것 같음

  18. Personally I love season reset, even though I lose around 2-4K trophies each season I’m f2p and the mega boxes are really helpful

  19. 5v5 would be amazing, I always have issues trying to play with friends because there’s not enough space in the lobby to play on the same team. Something like a team death match would be really cool

  20. Dani: If you keep losing with randoms maybe you might be the problem, not the other 2.
    Me: Do you even play this game?

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