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10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE

10 Fast Foods That Celebrity Chefs Actually LOVE

Being a chef means you have an indelible taste
for what gourmet food is all about. You spend hours in the kitchen toiling and
creating recipes to blow people away. And that is the exact opposite of everything
that fast food stands for. So it might come as a surprise when you know
that chefs, including celebrity ones, actually frequent fast food chains. So let’s uncover 10 fast foods that celebrity
chefs actually love. Gordon Ramsay Chef’s really seem to love In-N-Out, this
is a trend you’ll notice in this video, but let’s get started with the most infamous chef
of them all, Gordon Ramsay. A quote from the master chef himself declares
his unbiased love for all things In-N-Out: “People think Americans are obese and burgers
are bad for them—they are delicious. In-N-Out burgers were extraordinary. I was so bad, I sat in the restaurant, had
my double cheeseburger then minutes later I drove back round and got the same thing
again to take away.” While Chef Ramsay is famous for his colorful
insults and tirades, clearly he has a soft spot for this west coast burger institution. Like most of us who’ve been to In-N-Out, Gordon
Ramsay even enjoys himself some of In-N-Out’s not-so-secret secret menu options. Back in 2011, Gordon tweeted: “An amazing
In-n-out burger Animal style – that’s the secret!!” stating his affection for the animal
style variation of the classic In-N-Out Burger, which is indeed amazing. Gordon also sides with everyone’s main compliant
about In-N-Out, their locations, or lack there of. In-N-Out is essentially exclusive to the west
coast of the United States, to everyone’s dismay, including Gordon Ramsay. He was quoted as saying “I wish that they
were set up in London because if there’s one thing I miss flying out of LA, it’s an In
and Out Burger.” Justin Warner Justin Warner is no ordinary celebrity chef. He’s also an author. He wrote The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break
Them which gives us a glimpse of the man’s psyche. He also appeared on Food Network Star and
won it. But what really distinguishes Warner is his
online show with Marvel. Apparently, the chef is a Marvel fan and he
enjoys nothing more than creating meals inspired by the Marvel Universe. His show Eat the Universe is a hit among people
with even the faintest interest in that particular universe. And that’s all fine and dandy. But where does Warner like to dine when he’s
not creating fictional meals for the superheroes? He likes to eat at Wendy’s. And when you ask him why Wendy’s, he sighs
and waxes lyrical. As it happens, Warner loves the Frosty & Jr.
Bacon Cheeseburger that Wendy’s is famous for. He admits that every time he and his girlfriend
hit the road, this is where they eat. He considers it quality fast food. We certainly aren’t going to argue! This is a guy who’s rubbed shoulders with
and fed the superheroes who have saved the world many times over. So we’ll take him at his word, and gladly. And Wendy could be considered somewhat of
a superhero herself, since she already has an iconic costume. Guy Fieri Fieri is a famous name and face across many
TV networks. He’s a restauranteur, author, and show host. He also won an Emmy. He’s practically become the face of the
Food Network. This guy exudes charm and charisma and his
presence in any show makes it fun to watch. As a young man, he sold pretzels and washed
dishes to make money to go to France. After his return he got a degree from the
University of Nevada in hotel management. So his love for restaurants started from the
top, the management level if you will. He had his own TV show in 2006 after winning
The Next Food Network Star and hasn’t looked back since. He’s a passionate fan of In-N-Out. And he’s not the only one. Many of the celebrity chefs on this list like
the chain. For Fieri, though, it’s all about growing
up around the food chain. Many of his best memories from his early life
happened in or around In-N-Out. And that makes all the difference later in
life. Many of us return to the nostalgic tastes
of our youth. Heading back to where mom or dad took you
out as a kid or where you and your friends hung out as teenagers sharing one order of
fries and a drink between all of you brings back fond memories. So no matter how big and famous a chef you
are, it looks like there will always be a spot for certain fast food treats. Kent Rathbun Kent Rathbun is a famous name all over Texas. Not just because he’s a celebrity chef but
also because he owns several restaurants there. He owns the upscale restaurant Abacus which
was voted as the most popular dining outlet in Dallas in 2007. Rathbun also owns Jasper’s and the burger
place Hickory. The chef also made his culinary skills known
across the nation when he appeared on Iron Chef America. Rathbun carried an elk on his shoulder like
it was nothing. It’s considered one of the finest moments
of that show ever. So when a chef of his ilk decides to eat casual,
what does he do? He goes to Taco Bell of course. But why Taco Bell in particular? Well, as it turns out, the Iron Chef champ
enjoys food made to order. And Taco Bell is famous for doing just that. You order it, you get it. Hard & Soft Taco Supreme is his favorite food. And he likes it with extra spicy sauce. When Rathbun is not in Taco Bell, you’ll
find him in Popeyes. He goes there for their Spicy Fried Chicken
with dirty rice and a biscuit. So if you’re in Texas and you spot someone
who looks familiar going into one of these fast food outlets – yes, it could just be
Kent Rathbun. Celebrity chef or not it looks like everyone
has a craving for some fast food every now and then Tyson Cole Another Texan who comes from modest backgrounds
and went on to capture the heart of the nation. Tyson Cole’s first experience in the kitchen
was in front of the sink, washing dishes. From such humble beginnings, Cole rose to
fame and success with sheer talent and will. Waiting for his chance, he took advantage
of a staff shortage in the Japanese kitchen where he was working and offered his services
as a sushi chef. The rest, as they say, is history. Cole won the Best New Chef award from Food
& Wine Magazine in 2005. He also appeared on Iron Chef America and
won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest. So when a sushi cook likes to eat out, where
does he go? To Chipotle of course. When he’s there, Cole likes to order the
Burrito Bowl. The reason is quite simple. The chef likes corn with any food he eats. The bowl is full of fresh ingredients and
tastes very different than all the Japanese dishes he prepares all day. So what’s in that bowl exactly? Well, he likes to mix chicken with tomato
salsa, adds romaine and corn, and eats it with brown rice. It’s just the spicy mix Cole likes to get
his creative juices flowing. Chris Shea Chris Shea is another chef who clawed his
way to the heights of the culinary world from humble beginnings. At the age of 12, he was delivering food for
Frank’s Market in Washington Heights. If you think this would put him off working
in the food industry, you don’t know much about Shea. The tenacious teen attended the Institute
of Culinary Education and soon found himself neck deep in the New York culinary scene. He appeared on season 5 of Top Chef and dazzled
the judges with his culinary prowess. In 2011, Shea accepted a position at David
Burke Kitchen as executive chef and recently moved to The Wayfarer, also as an executive
chef. Every now and then the chef likes to leave
the bustling kitchen behind him and head out to a fast food restaurant to relax. One might think chefs would prepare a gourmet
dish for themselves when they want to chill. But not Shea. He finds peace and pleasure munching on what
Dunkin Donuts has to offer. His favorite orders are Cookie Dough Swirled
Iced Coffee and a chocolate-frosted donut. It has become a habit for him. Before a long hard day at the kitchen, he
digs in to a sugary treat that keeps him going. David Posey Like many other chefs on this list, Posey
started his love affair with the kitchen at a very young age. But Posey started at his mom’s kitchen when
he was 10. Rather than tell him to leave her alone and
go play outside, David’s mom encouraged him. He took his first kitchen job while in high
school and enjoyed the hectic demands of the stressing job. Some people get high on adrenalin, and Posey
was one of them. He felt the kitchen was his right place. He attended the Culinary Institute of America
in Hyde Park, NY and later moved to Chicago where he worked under Grant Achatz. He learned to always push the boundaries in
the kitchen and pay extra attention to detail. He was nominated for Rising Star Chef by the
James Beard Foundation two years in a row, in 2013 and 2014. His fast food place of choice is In-N-Out. His favorite order is a Double-Double Animal-Style
with well-done fries and a half Coke. He likes the hamburger in Chicago and it reminds
him a lot of the food he had growing up in California. He also likes the fries at the In-N-Out because
they’re crisp. We like crisp fries too. Only if we knew how to make them as good as
In-N-Out does. Martha Stewart Martha Stewart is too famous to be introduced. But we’ll do our best here. She’s had a long and illustrious life and
she’s going strong. Her life was not devoid of controversy though. As a businesswoman branching out, she found
herself on the wrong side of the law when she was charged with insider trading. The charges landed her in jail and everybody
expected that would be the end of her business empire. But a year later, she made a comeback and
her business has flourished ever since. Stewart has written many cooking books and
likes to grow her own veggies. Which tells you something about her lifestyle
and way of cooking. So you wouldn’t expect her to be stepping
into a fast food restaurant. But actually, she does. She likes In-N-Out. Now if you have watched any of her shows or
read any of her cooking books, you’ll notice an emphasis on fresh ingredients and healthy
food. So what does she think of In-N-Out, a fast
food chain that puts taste over health choices? Martha doesn’t mince her words and thinks
the food served there is OK. Not the enthusiastic endorsement one would
expect, but at least she’s being honest. Anthony Bourdain A lot has been written about Anthony Bourdain. The man was a giant among chefs and TV hosts. He was a successful author who did not just
write about cooking, but authored novels that took place in and around the kitchen. He was best known for his candid opinions
when trying out different foods. He’s traveled the world over chasing the
next exotic dish in the far corners of the globe. His travels had taken him to places not normally
featured on TV. But the affable chef knew how to win people
over with his charm and sincere curiosity. He dined with heads of state and the guy in
the street. He was his natural self with both. That episode of his show eating with Barack
Obama in Vietnam has aired many times on CNN. We’ve mentioned in a previous video that
Bourdain hated the food served on airplanes. And since the guy traveled a lot (almost 7
months of the year) you can imagine what he went through. Of course, he traveled first class, and the
food served was the best you could get on a plane, but that didn’t help much. Bourdain preferred not to eat during the flight
no matter how long it took. But if Bourdain hated plane food, what did
he like? In-N-Out. He loved the burgers there so much they became
his true guilty pleasure. Although as this list shows, he definitely
wasn’t alone when it comes to loving In-N-Out. Julia Child Julia Child was no stranger to controversy
herself. Maybe not on the same level as Martha Stewart,
but Child was outspoken and didn’t mince her words. When she liked something, she was unapologetic. She also single-handedly introduced French
cuisine to the masses and brought it into the mainstream. But when it comes to fast food, that’s when
Child was at her loudest and proudest. She preferred more than just one fast food
chain, although In-N-Out took the prize. When she went out of town, she was always
checking the nearest outlets of the franchise. That’s love and dedication. But in reality, Child loved many burger joints. Her heart had enough space for McDonald’s
and Burger King, among others. It’s not just the burgers, but the fries
as well. But seeing as the chef didn’t really have
a favorite chain and liked different kinds of burger joints, this leads us to believe
that her passion for fast food was diverse and varied. It’s something about the satisfying quality
of the fast food business that attracts the celebrity chef, rather than a certain aspect
of a specific brand. When asked to name the best fast food joint,
Child refused to give a definite answer. Instead, she talked about what she liked about
each franchise. She wasn’t just being polite or diplomatic. Child had a deep passion for the fast food
industry and didn’t shy away from making that passion known. Satisfy your fast food craving with another
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  2. Well, some of the chefs that like fast food actually surprised me! Especially, Juila Child, Martha Stewart and Anthony Bourdain! All in all, I enjoyed the video 👍

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  7. Great video just my opinion as a chef not all fast food is supposed to taste shitty infact real good fast food is supposed to be prepared fast but taste complex with a burst of flavours some fast food chains not in the McDonald's category! abit higher in quality like maybe Wendy's or In and Out and yes that specific taco Bell choice with the extra spice is a good recommendation as well ! But yes generally it's not good that people think fast food is supposed to taste shitty that really makes them lower their expectations which is what shitty fast food franchises want!

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