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20 Celebrity Guest Star Cameos! 🗣 SpongeBob SquarePants

20 Celebrity Guest Star Cameos! 🗣 SpongeBob SquarePants

There you are, Miss Tuffsy! Oh, grandma finally found you! She was starting to get worried! Recounting this tale
has upset me so much, I’ve lost my appetite. [crying] Take those sandwiches away,
can’t you see the king is upset? It’s OK, let it out. ♪ I’m glad you asked
I’ll make it perfectly clear ♪ ♪ I’m the guy you made smile
From ear to ear ♪ ♪ ‘Cause the sweet sounds
Coming from this here direction ♪ ♪ The entire ocean should hear ♪ ♪ Now what I am promoting to you ♪ ♪ Is something I feel is my duty to do ♪ ♪ I’m not just some admiring passerby ♪ ♪ I want to be your concert
Promoting manager guy ♪ ♪ Are you serious?
Is this a dream? ♪ ♪ Colonel Carper’s the name
I think we’ll make a great team ♪ ♪ You and your musical compadre there ♪ ♪ Are the next big thing
I do solemnly swear! ♪ Oh dear, it seems I’m just one short. No way, granny! Oh, but it’s all I have. – Please!
– Nope. Oh, please. How terribly sad. Please, oh please. [gasping] You haven’t seen the last of me! Mr. Krabs, if you wanna sell
zero Krabby Patties and wind up in the poor house,
then I say go with your commercial. – Oh…
– But if you really wanna be rich, keep your mouth shut
and listen to us, sir. Oh, Pearl, I’m so glad
you enjoy being a grandma but your friends make a good point. You’re only young once, you see. I’m just a cat with a dream,
a dream to give the gift of hope. Our sports are too extreme for you dudes. Maybe we should start you two
on something easier. What games do you dudes like to play? Oh, I know. How about
a little something called jump rope? Jump rope, eh? Demonstrate. [laughing manically] Savory light, come to me! Here’s my room.
You can take the bed if you want. Nonsense, we can share it. [laughing] Looks like your friend Cuddly Hugs
needs to lay off the snacks but no need to worry, SpongeBob,
I got your new bed right here! Hey, look, we got a hole in our crew
and we need somebody to fill it. How would you like to join the Sharks? Well, what about this one? Brand new plastic shell,
super gloss coat, only $39.99! Hey! Get those numbers outta my face! Look, little freakazoid,
we only know one thing and that’s how to surround ourselves
with cool new stuff whenever we feel like it! Anything beyond that is T-N-O-P. Don’t worry, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
are always here to help the elderly! There’s something familiar
about these two, Barnacle Boy, I just can’t put my flipper on it. Hey, neat hat! Thanks, I– [laughing manically] Let’s get these poor defenseless
seniors out of harm’s way. SpongeBob, my name is Bob Barnacle. I run the Bob Barnacle
Snail Rescue Center. These snails all got loose through a hole
in the fence of my Snail Center. I’m here to help the snails.
I’m here to help you. Hello. I know that you mean well, but there’s only so much
one sponge can do. You must be very tired
from all your hard work. My center has all the space
and staff that a snail needs. They’ll be well take care of. Any pirate knows that the majority
of his daily nutrition comes from whatever hair or skin flakes
fall off of the cook and into the stew! [music playing] Hello and welcome one and all to a
super special episode of House Fancy. I’m your host, Nicholas Withers. Clearly a very good lad. Unlike the owner
of that wind-up monstrosity! Hungry? I’ve been asleep for 79 years! Which means my last meal
was… 79 years ago! Yes, I’m hungry! Well then, try one
of our Krabby Patties. Mmm! That’s the best thing that
I’ve tasted since that sewage spill back in ’76. I’ll take 640 of them. We call us the Bubble Poppin’ Boys! And article one of our charter
prohibits bubble blowing on our turf!

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