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50 ACTION STARS Part 2 ⭐ Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

50 ACTION STARS Part 2 ⭐ Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

100 comments on “50 ACTION STARS Part 2 ⭐ Then and Now | Name and Age 2019

  1. that sad moment when you remember you know them all an their best movie remind you…are old too …. btw RIP billy drago.

  2. あのデ・ニーロさんがフランケンシュタイン('93)で、全身メイクしたとは、未だに信じがたい( ̄~ ̄;)


  3. Ron Perlman, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Affleck, William Forsythe, Baldwin brothers, James Belushi, Vernon Wells, Benicio del Toro, Eddie Murphy (48 hrs, Beverly cop), John Malkovich, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Gene Hackman, Forest Whitaker, Michael Rooker, Dennis Quaid…

    We need a Part 3! :))

  4. ㅎ ㅎㆍㆍ
    세월에장사없네요 내가 젊을때
    배우 들
    이이렇게세월앞에서는 ㆍㆍㆍ
    나도 별수 없겟죠ㅎㅎ
    이제겨우꽃다은 59밖에 않되은데ㆍㆍ

  5. Pierce Brosnan is 66; Al Pacino is 79; Timothy Dalton is 73; Johnny Depp is 56; Lorenzo Lamas is 62; George Clooney is 58; Morgan Freeman is 82; Adrian Paul is 60; Lance Henriksen is 79; Michael Ironside is 69; Daniel Craig is 52; Vinnie Jones is 55; Gary Busey is 75; John Cusack is 53; Ian McKellen is 80; Sean Bean is 60; Kevin Bacon/Gary Oldman are both 61; Tom Berenger is 70; Ving Rhames is 60; Mr. T is 67; Robert Downey Jr. is 54 and Patrick is 79.

  6. Estos actores paresen unas maracuya de lo arugados que estan bue en su momento fueron unos cuerasos nimodo así es la vida de cruel no mentira 🤥 que honbre s 👌👌👌👌😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😥😥😠😠😠😠😘😘😘😘

  7. WTF really happened to Nick Nolte , he looks like a dirty Hobo why has he let himself go like that he needs a decent beard trim and his hair!

  8. Wow! These guys were handsome in their time! The 4 on the thumbnail aged very badly, though. Oh, well. I guess we all do.

  9. I remember Hulk Hogan on Maui back in 91-93. He trained at powerhouse gym in Kihei …when he wasn't wallowing in self pity over being dumped from the WWF for steroids. He was truly pathetic. Never had any respect for this whiney behavior before or since….

  10. โดยปกติฝรั่งแก่เร็วอยู่แล้วถ้ามาเทียบกับคนไทยอายุขนาดนี้คนไทยยังดูดีกว่า

  11. Ray Liotta is a dick…he said Clint is overrated actor……..well Ray has no idea of what its like to be loved by MILLIONS………………MILLIONS……………………never YOU Ray…go away

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