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100 comments on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood REVIEW

  1. I did not expect to see A Clockwork Orange topic headline in this review 🙂 And it is not a movies fault if someone's reconciliation with loved ones doesn't go as it does in a film. People should always take things they see in film with a grain of salt. After seeing the film, would you say Tom Hanks would be a Lead or Supporting contender?

    I was waiting to hear your thoughts on that for months….

  3. I Know That Actor Of Tom Banks Is Perfect Casting Everyone☺And I See This On YouTube Videos A Beautiful Days In The Neighbourhood.

  4. Hanks is campaigning on Supporting, so he won't be competing against Phoenix. He'll have to brave Pitt and Pacino is he wants his third Oscar and so far, there's no clear frontrunner.

  5. I see your comments that Tom Hanks is up for supporting – which Sony has every right to do as the studio gets to decide…
    But he's the only one on the freakin' poster! How is that supporting?!

  6. I saw the documentary and loved it. Should I watch the movie if I've already seen the documentary? Does the movie add anything to this story? Also, I'm still not convinced that Tom Hanks is Mr Rogers. Is his acting that good?

  7. as a kid watching these shows you don't think characters like Mr Rodgers or PeeWeeHerman are that weird but later on you realize how weird these people are which can lead to either you thinking of them as more epic or totally weird.. i used to watch Mr Rodgers followed by Reading Rainbow with Lavar Burton

  8. I hope this movie touches on his faith and doesn't ignore it like the Tolkien movie did. Great review Grace thank you so much as always

  9. Other pundits, including GoldDerby, has Tom Hanks in as best supporting actor, not lead. I have heard that this movie is more about Matthew Rhys character than Mr. Rodgers

  10. Reconciling is always worth the try even if it doesn't work out… because at least you'll know… Its always better to regret doing something rather than regret not doing it and living in the unknown…

  11. Mr. Roger's came on the scene when I was a teenager, so I never got his popularity. ( Barnie, either. ) but, Hanks is great at playing child-like characters, & I can't even remember the last time Hanks had a hit-movie. I wish him the best, but, I'm going to take a hard-pass, on this movie. Looking forward to "The Irishman, " prayerfully, by Christmas.

  12. movies that make you think, this is what we need more of ….popcorn explosion movies are ok but they don't really stick with you after you leave the theatre

  13. Legend goes that when Pastor Billy Graham was alive he use check underneath his bed for Mr.. Rodgers every night hahahaha jk everybody

  14. Great Honest review as always Grace!!! …any movie that stays with you after you see it for a few days after (like JOKER) is always a must see!!!…btw Grace you always make everyone's day "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" 😊😁😉

  15. Two women in the directing category?? Impossible what a preposterous idea. (I was being sarcastic) in all honesty that would be amazing

  16. Two women in the directing category?? Impossible what a preposterous idea. (I was being sarcastic) in all honesty that would be amazing

  17. Two women in the directing category?? Impossible what a preposterous idea. (I was being sarcastic) in all honesty that would be amazing

  18. in a lot of poverty neighborhoods you cant even look up to your parents so you look up too Honest and Good people on t.v. this was one MAN everyone could look up to

  19. Realistically I think Grace has things she personally needs to unpack that the movie touched on that she isn’t ready to unpack. And the parts she’s not happy with are the parts that hit her personally and she feels attacked lol

  20. Grace says to Tom Hanks: "Get out of my personal space…but don't go away…"


  21. I have no clue what this is about or who this man is Tom Hanks is portraying. I'm from the UK. Would I still enjoy it not knowing anything about the history?

  22. Tom Hanks might be Supporting because they think it's an easy win but I feel like he could beat Driver and Phoenix but not Pesci or Pacino.

  23. On Jubilee’s recent spectrum “Do All Atheists Think The Same”, one of the atheists called Mr Rogers as being as Christ-like.

  24. Just finished watching The Americans on Amazon Prime and I was amazed how much Matthew Rhys reminded me of a young Tom Hanks (especially the Hanks from Cast Away after he lost all the weight and returned home). Now that Hanks has gotten older, hope Rhys can find some of the same every man roles Tom used to get.

  25. If Hanks beats Phoenix I might actually cry in real life that would be the biggest travesty ever and yet SO Oscars in nature.

  26. I never really watched Mr. Rogers growing up and I kind of agree with you but I never miss an opportunity to write… How Dare You. Mr. Rogers was a Saint.

  27. I think as adults we are naturally critical due to experience and children need to be taught things while adults need to reflect a lot more. I believe advice are never meant to feel good or bad and I believe if it feels bad it probably hit a point somewhere inside otherwise there would be indifference if it is not the case. I love your honest review and since you still think about the movie and you don't necessary agree with all of it. I would say the movie did what it supposed to do and has probably great rewatchability. I am excited to see it myself.

  28. Ok Grace, I like you channel, but not every movie has be an existential nightmare like BvS. It’s ok to make a positive film. Some people have had good experiences living more positively like this movie suggests, and some people have benefited from reconciling with family members.

  29. Mr Rogers wasnt Tupac. If the movie takes that approach that his spirit is talking to us beyond the grave in this film . No thanks.

  30. Great review Grace! Cannot wait to see this film! I grew up watching Mr. Rogers. I think Tom Hanks is perfect for this role and hope he gets a nomination!

  31. The fact that Mr. Rogers remains unscathed is, itself, a life accomplishment. If someone had a sordid tale to tell about him, they would make a fortune!

  32. So not only is Tom Hanks watching this show in The Burbs ( 30 years ago exactly) now he's apparently a distant relative of Mr Rogers. Weird

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