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A Botched Gender Reveal | The Daily Show

A Botched Gender Reveal | The Daily Show

A story about a gender reveal
party that turned into a disaster. And I mean
it started as a disaster because it was
a gender reveal party, but things only got worse
from there. They thought they’d planned
the perfect gender reveal. Then this happened. REPORTER:
Gender reveal gone wrong. MAN:
Oh! Mitch! Strikeout! This couple can’t pop
the big balloon. Instead, this happens. -(shouting)
-Not her! Oh, my God! Bye-bye, balloon. Dad makes chase but
can’t make it over that fence. (laughing) Oh, man. All right, kid, I don’t know
if you’re a boy or a girl, but I do know
your dad’s a little bitch. That’s what we learned. (applause) (cheering) They… You know, what kills me
about this video is they went after the balloon like it was the only way
to know their kid’s gender. Like, ten years from now,
the kid’s gonna be like, “Mom, am I a boy or a girl?” They’re like, “We’ll never know
until we find that balloon.” And the balloon,
the balloon flew away like it was woke as hell.
The balloon was like, “I reject the premise
that this gender is something
that can be predetermined…!” (applause) That was wild. I’ll be honest with you. I… Like, I actually think
gender reveal parties are dumb. I don’t know
why anybody does them. They’re played out now. Like, no one cares what gender
the kid turns out to be. Well, like, what we need
to have… We need
to have dad reveal parties. That’s what we need. Yeah, it’s a new thing
I thought of, right, where the mother invites
the potential fathers, and then the DNA test is
in the balloon. That’ll be way more exciting,
and you still have a surprise. (applause) And you don’t lose anything.
You don’t lose anything. There are still gonna be sticks, and someone will definitely
still be jumping over a fence. Someone will be like, “James, you said
you were just a friend!”

100 comments on “A Botched Gender Reveal | The Daily Show

  1. Lmao dad reveal parties sound so much better than gender reveals. I would def go to that party with my own food 🥘.

  2. absolutely so stupid that people do this shit. this wasn’t over the top like the other ones I’ve seen. literally the dumbest shit

  3. The balloon pops, revealing, “You ARE the father!”
    The sounds of screaming and chairs being thrown follow soon after. Balloons are still raining down. This season of Maury has a new twist, apparently.

  4. That was the saddest fence jump I think I ever seen. It’s like he just gave up. But even if he made it the balloon was already too far.

  5. Only a small percentage of the total population of 7.6 billion people arent cisgender👌🏿, so to say u think there shouldn't be gender reveal parties is dumb as hell💯 So u want to stop something that 98.4 percent of the US population can participate in because .6 aren't cisgender🤔? Like do yall not hear how effing stupid u sound?🤦🏿‍♀️🙄

  6. 8 years ago, My wife and I didn't have a gender reveal party. We chose to keep the gender a surprise. Neither she nor I knew. We chose that for us. And that set off Friends and Family, like you couldn't imagine. We need to know. How could you not want to know? What are we supposed to get the baby?
    And after the Birth, I told everyone that we had a Healthy baby. Of coarse Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers and Aunts and Uncles and Brothers and Sisters were happy the baby was healthy. But it took a good hour for someone to ask what the name was, before they knew. And we have a Happy and Healthy 8 year old Today. No need for all that Balloon BS.

  7. The lesson here is gender reveal parties are stupid, either you tell your family what you're having or don't like a fucking normal person

  8. I have to agree, gender reveal parties are dumb, they are just another excuse for presents, the baby shower is enough and should be revealed there or just wait at the end for the baby to be born, happened with both my two children and I love them to bits <3

  9. Common mistake for modern humans. Don't just hoist yourself hap hazardly over a wall, or tree branch, or whatever when it is topped with spikes. Instead learn from Mexico and take those spikes to guard your home with XD #LearningMoments

  10. I hate this fucking commercial if this white bread bitch with her to African children I hate it I hate it it’s so fucking manipulative I fucking hate it I am all about integrated families but this is so disingenuous it’s making me fucking want to punch my fucking head through a wall every time I see this piece of shit fucking commercial fuck you you’re not fooling anyone not multicultural you assholes you are racist as fuck fuck you

  11. I worked at a party store, and the worst gender reveal mistake was when some dude wanted a $99 engagement ring in the balloon. We all told him it was a bad idea, but then he popped it outside, lost the ring, found out the gender early, then was late to the party.

  12. What if you go to a tons of "potential father" reveal parties and always return disappointed 😂😂😂😂😂😂……. Trevor I love you… is such a fun watching you

  13. I honestly thought he had hit her with the stick… so I listened to the video with my eyes closed… until I heard the balloon just flew away 😂…So glad that's not what happened…

  14. It's so cute these couples think that anybody cares what gender their kid is. Nobody cares about their kid. Period.

  15. I don't know why so many people hate these sex reveal sort of things (cuz it isn't gender, it's the sex they're revealing).
    Since ancient times people were probing about, trying to figure out what sex their baby was gonna be while it was in the womb. And now that we have the technology to find out (much faster and far more accurately) humans have just made a whole thing of it. Like birthdays or new years. Is that so bad?
    Oh maybe it's the pink and blue people are iffy about, but either way! It's not the reveal that'll be detrimental to the child, it's the way the parents will raise the child. So long as they don't restrict the child's freedom based solely on their sex or gender, then it'll be fine for goodness sake. I'm wholly a liberal in present American society, but I can sort of see why some conservatives would find the fiery rage over this quite silly.

  16. Gender reveal party is stupid. Wait! Trevor read my mind. 😂😂at least both of is thinks it stupid. The balloon gone by the real father. 😂😂

  17. See Maury Ppvich Trevor he was the DNA reveal show☕😆😆😆 hope the kid isn't an only child from that fence clinching!😆

  18. Could somebody explain for non-Americans what would have supposed to happen if they hadn't screw it up? Is something inside the balloon?

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