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40 comments on “A Star Is Born (1937) full movie

  1. Witty Dialogue, Talented Cast, Spectacular Sets, Bittersweet ending. I love this movie.Moving onto the 1954 version now, then 1976 and finally 2018.

  2. MERCI pour tous ces films d'une très belle qualité d'image et de son et en plus vous avez mis les sous-titres en français .
    De nombreuses heures à voir ou à revoir toutes ces belles comédies .
    Un cinéphile heureux . Marc de Provence .

  3. This version seems very….meaningful. There's a real message in this movie. I can also really feel the humiliation surrounding Norman's fall from fame. This movie shows how important friends are.

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  5. The 2018 version starring Cooper and GaGa is actually the 3rd remake of this film. Barbara Streisand starred in the 1976 rendition. Judy Garland starred in the first remake in 1954 and you just watched the original from 1937.

  6. WoW! The clarity of this film, is amazing! I won't normally watch anything pre 1942, as the quality is so grainy i can barely make out what's going on, but this is unbelievable, for 1937. Great film, one of the best i have watched! Very heart rending. Thank you. I always thought, the original was from the 1980's followed by the Lady GaGa version, in 2018.

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  10. There seems to be very little comparison with this earlier version of the movie. It is superb in its own right, and possibly more poignant than the copies that followed. The truth of the lie that Hollywood was could possibly never be told as clearly, and sadly as this first, original version. No happy ending. But a reality check to face the future with dignity. Well done and thank you for sharing, the quality is not bad at all.

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