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Aaron Carter Thought He’d be Dead by 30 | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

Aaron Carter never thought he would be here
today. The former child star, who began performing
at he age of 7 told Us Weekly that when he was growing up, he thought he would die by
30. And to be honest, this summer he came pretty
close. Carter spiraled out of control after his father
passed in May, then in July he was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession. A month later he split from his girlfriend
Madison Parker, then in September police visited his Florida home for gun and safety concerns. After that he checked into rehab. Aaron was only 115 pounds when he entered
treatment… saying he dealt with a lot of trauma, a lot of loss, and a lot of loneliness. He said the 90-day program recharged him and
after celebrating his 30th birthday on December 7th, he said it’s time to act
like an adult.

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