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20 comments on “Accused Killer Free On Bond Days After Deadly Beating

  1. What??!! Damn, I guess now you can beat somebody to death in New York City and get a low-bond, lock, this murdering, lunatic, up!

  2. Ha ha, New York, that's what you get for voting Demon-rat, you dumb asses. ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED DEMOCRAT ARE DUMBASSES.

  3. Why was he released??? This is why there is so much damn crime in NYC! Oh my Gosh he assaults a 14 year old girl with a hammer and he's still roaming free🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. And. Gov. Wants. Our. Guns. If. The. Poor. Guy. Had. One. This. Guy. Would. Be. Dead. Nice. Work. Ny. Leting. You. Commies.

  5. CNN, MSNBC and The View(Joy Behar and Whoopie) are going to stay FAR away from this story.. This guy should be locked away for the rest of his life and he probably will be unless he flees to Mexico.

  6. We can thank douchebag Deblasio for pandering to certain people and letting criminals free to do whatever they want. Bring back Giuliani and Stop and Frisk.

  7. We don't prosecute people no more in New York City we just give them my desk ticket now Rikers Island is closing down and not accepting any more new criminals criminals will be released back into their communities until they see a judge this is the mayor the city council and the governor's idea of Justice we will build smaller jails to make sure that they're nice and comfortable after murdering somebody so they can be close to their family when did dead person cannot visit their family no longer sickening it's time to leave New York City

  8. This is all the scumbag politicians fault of New York City they have weakened our laws making it dangerous for our police offices and the taxpayers to walk our streets in the city with the toughest gun laws in the country you can buy a unregistered gun almost on every corner how is this all possible and yet they pat themselves in the back and say crime is down and lie to the public out right just like it in New York City Housing Authority they physically got caught falsifying documents and no one went to jail and I'm sure it's continuing business as usual

  9. What a lowlife piece of fucking piece of shit !!!! Hog-tie this disgusting filthy animal to a concrete cylinder brick dump him in the fucking Hudson River and feed his worthless bag of flesh to the fucking crabs!!!

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