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Amy Winehouse’s Risque Photo Shoot Before Her Passing

Amy Winehouse’s Risque Photo Shoot Before Her Passing

This is the Hollywood Gossip, I’m Brooke Burgstahler. Alleged nude photos of Amy Winehouse have
been leaked, so says celebrity gossip site Radar Online. Radar claims they were approached with the
X rated images which were offered for sale, however, the site has opted not to run them
at this time. Darn. The racy pics show Amy Winehouse in many compromising
positions. Including bent over without underwear and
in bed with then hubby Blake Fielder-Civil. And while the pair are shown in a passionate
embrace in these new photographs, one wonders who the heck was the one taking them? Well, the supplier of the images told Radar,
“I met Amy, as well as Blake, on multiple occasions during the period which I spent
in London a number of years back. I got high with her and had a bizarre conversation
about Kate Moss, aliens, and arseholes. A conversation which, well, led to me taking
pictures.” Apparently he used to party with her too,
“She was high on cocaine and weed,” and the night of the sexed up photo shoot she left
a club at 5am with her nostrils caked in white powder. The photos, which have never been published,
hopefully won’t be! If they are, they’ll mark another sad yet
scandalous chapter in the life and death of the crooner, whose body was found dead just
two years ago in July 2011. People like their naked piccys yo, are you
guys jiving to see the images? Or do you think its best they stay under wraps? Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip,
I’m Brooke Burgstahler.

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