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Apple Watts Gets Sized Up & Fizz’s Defense – Check Yourself – S6 E7 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Apple Watts Gets Sized Up & Fizz’s Defense – Check Yourself – S6 E7 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

– The scene that you’re about to see is Apple getting sized
up for her new tits. (bass thumping beat) – Oh, yeah. – Oh, this is the doctor’s office. And right here I found
out about this doctor through my homegirl. – In here? Girl! – Is that a strip mall? – You getting your titties
done at a strip mall? – Yes, girl. – Have you read (bleep)
reviews on this (bleep)? – They saying yup and yup and yup. – My phone is saying
(bleep) you an (bleep). (laughing) – I didn’t know we was
going to a strip mall. There was like a (bleep)
of America over there, there was a fish fry place, it was a deli over there, I was like, “Bitch, you getting your
titties done in a strip mall?” ♪ I’ma get my titties ♪ ♪ I’ma get my- ♪ – She done made a song. ♪ I’m getting that titties ♪ ♪ I’m getting that double D, a C or A ♪ – She gonna be a (exclamation)! She gone be grighteous, all right. – Would you do a double D? – I might, because depending on how my schedule is. – If you get a double D, I might motorboat you. – That would be fun. – FYI, I have motorboated Apple, it’s the best thing in the world. If you ever get to put your
face in Apple’s titties, it’s a great feeling. – Previously, you had some anemia, so I didn’t do it. You know, with the- – Oh (bleep), anemia. Mm-mm. Girl, you gotta take care of yourself. – Is she healthy or not
to get the titties or not? That’s all we need to know. – Okay Apple, are you ready
to try on some implants? – Yeah. – I’m gonna try one too, I’m supporting. – Yeah, of course. (laughing) – Ray! – I’m not that gay, like I’ve never had a bra on before, or any women’s garment. Does a thong count? – What the hell did they give him? A parachute? – The other way around. (laughing) – Do you have a bigger bra? I’m a big girl. – He know he shouldn’t
be trying on no bra, don’t know how to put one on. Don’t know which way, look at him. Confused. – How are you liking those, Apple? – I need them bigger. – Dang, is she gone go bigger again? – Upgrade your life, upgrade your body, upgrade everything, girl. Do it, okay? – Yeah, you get my small one. – These things is heavy. So this whole thing gone
be inside your booby? – Yeah. – I don’t know if y’all
have ever felt an implant, it feels like hard jello. – I think Apple should
get them breasts as big as her heart desires. – To be honest, she about five two, so if the girl boobies is too big, she gone damn near fall over, Jesus. I don’t wanna her to get them too big, I’d say a nice C cup. – What do you think about these? – I like the big titties. – I like the big titties. I could go to the club with these on. (laughing) – Next door was a wing spot. You get your titties,
and you get some wings, and you go home and recover. That’s how that goes. – The next scene you’re about to see is the guys taking a break, having a game of pool while
they catch up on the tour. (bass thumping beat) – Ooh, we shooting pool. – You seeing that, right? – I’m not gone lie. – Is that Spectacular from Pretty Ricky? – You know y’all boys
can’t shoot no pool, man. – I know. – How you doing? – What’s good with ya? – Man, this (bleep). – He’s so cute. The one in the yellow. – Y’all was on 1000 on the L.A. show. – It was so mother (bleep) epic, I had a good time. – They need to be a group. They need to get together. ♪ If I had one wish ♪ They need one wish around there. – I saw you with your new wifey. – What are you talking ’bout? – Apryl? – Listen, my man Ray J is the king of saying some (bleep)
without saying some (bleep) knowing that he’s saying some (bleep). – I saw your collab. – Don’t even put that
out there like that, bro. – I saw you pull up. – Me and Apryl is friends. – If Fizz and Apryl is friends, then I sing like Lyrica. – Oh, I knew they were gonna say this. – It’s like everywhere I’m going now this is a conversation
when I’ve already said it like a million times, that’s my friend. – I’m just seeing you now
so I was just, you know, we shooting pool and (bleep). (laughing) – He is lying like a mother (bleep). (laughs) He lying! – Why, everybody been
on your bumper about it? – Yeah, and it’s just like come on, man. Even if I did do it. – Yeah. – What does it matter to you? – Exactly. Thanks, bae. Why is it such a thing? – It ain’t nobody business but
I seen it affected (bleep). – That’s interesting to hear because nobody says nothing to me. – (exhales) Now that’s a weird
conversation right there. – I don’t care what the relationship is, but it should be clarity there. It’s not clear. – Yeah. Just to put it on the table. – Ain’t no way that I’m two stepping with a (bleep) right next to me, and I ain’t said “Ay, bro. Ay, let me talk to you in the backstage.” – They all gone (bleep) our money up, you know what I’m saying? – And you see, that’s the reason why I’m working on the
Immature tour right now. – So for the bag, for the future, for respect to the bread, let’s just like minimize it, and we can move forward
and get the max potential out of the joint. – I think Fizz is full of (bleep).

100 comments on “Apple Watts Gets Sized Up & Fizz’s Defense – Check Yourself – S6 E7 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. They both have yellow… and “thanks babe” none of that mean they are together 🧐🤨🤪😜🤥🤥

  2. Fizz is a load of 💩and more. How is and since when is it ok to put yourself with your once best friend and band mate children's mother and not think it would make him or anyone uncomfortable? Both fizz and April will sell their souls to the devil just for a pay cheque and think it's ok. Fizz has no character he is boring he is boring wait did I say he is boring and in the words of Shaunie Oneal saying Malaysia has no substance, guess what fizz and April has no substance.

  3. The gurl in the brown dress that said"upgrade your life"sound and look like a older version of Meghan the stallion😂😁💀💀💀

  4. Fizz really starting to erk me with the lies and that weak ass we just friends line😒 at least tell Apryl friends dont call friends bae… so damn messy…

  5. Damn Apryl this is not the move! How could Fizz think this is cool? Apple & Ray are so adorable together! She seems like a good person who has just been through too much!

  6. Apryl i am so over u why don't u go model or something SMH just a whole mess apple watts shudnt get them so big her frame is so tiny for big breast SMH welcome to back ache central

  7. Wow they can do it while you’re awake ? Omg that ghetto ass place !!!!!!!! Wow ?!!! She’s bold af to go in that none medical looking place desperately trying to die it seems

  8. Why are people shocked at Apryl being with Fizz? Fizz is a hoe. He's been showing his hoe tendencies since season 2. We're just getting used to seeing Apryl's hoe-ishness as of late. U know the saying, "Dirty Birds of a feather flock together with their hoe ass ways" 😂

  9. Apryl is so stupid smh did she really say ooh you have anemia you need to take care of yourself ? Maybe she should read up on what anemia is instead of making a fool of herself.

  10. Fizz must be insecure because he seem to just want to prove what he can have. These check yourself are boring. Apryl she brags about men she was with and that want her I mean I don’t expect much from her that’s why I don’t blame Omarion for no entertaining this foolery.

  11. I'm mad Apryl said "you gotta take care of yourself" like she caught a cold. Anemia has to do with the reproduction of red blood cells.🙄🙄

  12. Aint 1 wish omarion tho 🤣🤣and so April & Fizz are an item deal with it move tf on im tired of that story line. Would have been better if omarion was on here🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. We need ray j, moniece and a1 check yourself. This cast who did this today – BOOOOORING. Apryl needs to go. Pretty face with nothing to offer. What happened to Mona when we had 4 seasons done?

  14. I need Mister Ray to grow back his facial hair asap….i love him, but he lookin like an adult toddler with that smooth face😭🤣🤣🤣😘

  15. Damn Omarion's mama was right about messy, gross Apryl. I dont care what happens with your children's father, his FRIENDS AND FAMILY are off limits. Trash

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