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Ashley Eckstein on Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Blu-ray Announced, and More!

Ashley Eckstein on Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Blu-ray Announced, and More!

This week, it’s a Lucasfilm Animation spectacular! Right Chopper? (Chopper beeps)
I think that’s a yes. But there’s a more polite way to say it! This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi sits down with Forces of Destiny’s
Ashley Eckstein! An exclusive behind the scenes clip of Star Wars Rebels
Season 3! And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hey I’m Anthony Carboni
And I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome to the Star Wars Show a show that is taped on a Monday
and airs on a Wednesday. Because nothing happens with Star Wars after
noon on a Wednesday. Ever. Let’s go to the news. Can’t think of single thing. Nope. Last week, Lucasfilm announced that Ron Howard
will assume directorial duties on the untitled Han Solo film. The academy award winning director who’s resume includes critically acclaimed movies as A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Lucasfilm’s Willow and
as producer on the hit tv show, Arrested Development will resume shooting on the untitled Han Solo
film in July. Star Wars: Forces of Destiny dropped a brand
new trailer yesterday. The series of animated shorts featuring the
voices of Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Lupita Nyongo, and more, will release on Disney’s
YouTube channel on July 3, with the first 8 getting a broadcast release July 9th on
Disney Channel as interstitials. For more information, literally keep watching
the show, because we have Ashley Eckstein on the couch in a few minutes to talk about
reprising her role as the Clone Wars-era Ahsoka for the series. Finally this week, the third season of Star
Wars Rebels is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on August 29th. The Blu-Ray is packed with special features
including: 5 featurettes, the complete third season of Rebels Recon…hosted by the lovely
and talented Andi Gutierrez, and for the first time ever on any season of Star Wars Rebels,
Audio commentaries from Dave Filoni and other members of the crew for select episodes. Speaking of, would you like a sneak peek at
one of the bonus features from the disc? I sure would Andi! But where would we ever find one!? Right here. You are watching The Star Wars Show! She’s a character that comes on the scene
in Return of the Jedi. She’s not in either of the previous movies
but she carries tremendous authority. The Empire has made a critical error and the
time for our attack has come. Then there are some deleted scenes where she
is in the prequels. And you see her as a Senator. We have to stop the Chancellor from further
subverting the constitution. We even had her in Clone Wars as a Senator. So we haven’t told a story with her here. So what is she like and is she relevant to
our Rebels. And Hera is a high ranking member of the Rebellion
so maybe it would add a lot of value for Hera to meet Mon Mothma. Let us be of assistance, Captain. Hera, the one you are going to help looks
up at you very heroic in this moment so I think we want to project some sort of strength
here as you kind of enter this room. Let us be of assistance, Captain. I think he’s heading for that small moon. That’s no moon. Round of applause! Star Wars Show has their first repeat guest! What’s up Ashley!! It’s true! You’re the first person to come back twice. Wow, that is such an honor. Like not even Dave or Pablo. They’ve only had one interview so… I cannot wait to tell them I have something
on them. So you’ve got some exciting stuff going
on right now…Forces of Destiny. What I love about Ahsoka and Forces of Destiny
is that it’s in the Clone Wars era. I spent so much time with Ahsoka in the Clone
Wars era and I miss that time. That is the Ahsoka obviously that I bonded
with the most and there is still so many stories to be told and we get to find out more about
her and her relationship with Padme and even more with Anakin. That actually brings up an interesting point. It is actually dealing with real plot points
within Star Wars that actually have an effect on the characters. Absolutely. These are moments that easily could have been
in a Clone Wars episode. One of the scenes I recorded was a really
nice, touching moment between Ahsoka and Padme. It was almost like an extension of that episode. So the whole family is going to love these
shorts together. Trust me, the one I just recorded, there’s
going to be some adults watching that saying man, ah! I almost gave it away! I had to stop myself. Good catch! I could hear Dave Filoni in the back of my
mind saying Eckstein! Don’t say that! But yes, there is information in there that
everyone will want to know. It’s such an honor to play Ahsoka in anything
but to be a part of this. Especially me coming in2008 when the stereotype
that Star Wars was for men and boys. It was truly groundbreaking when Ahsoka came
out. And people did not like her, they did not
like her at all. I read many of the message boards, had many
tears and ate many donuts. It’s amazing how much it changes though,
because she’s one of the most beloved characters. They just wrote a really strong character. They never even pointed out the fact that
she’s a girl. We got to experience the Clone Wars through
Asoka’s eyes and I feel like that’s also why there’s such a strong connection with
Ahsoka. Everyone felt like they were experiencing
the Clone Wars with her. While we live in a world today where it is
very supported that Star Wars is for everyone. There are still girls that are bullied for
it. There still are. There are girls that go to school with their
Star Wars backpack and they get bullied saying Oh well isn’t that a boy’s property? I am longing for the day where we don’t
have to have that conversation and I really do feel like we are getting there. Almost there, this is going to make huge strides
in making that conversation go away. Soon, the only conversation will be that Star
Wars is for everyone. Very true, always new and exciting things
going on with you. It’s always so good to talk to you. Star Wars fans always blow my mind with their
talent. And today, we got to welcome one here into
Lucasfilm to show off his amazing project. James Raiz is here with his amazing, entire
saga-spanning hand drawn art piece that covers everything. So, where did you start? It was in 2001 when someone gave me the Art
of Phantom Menace book and just Doug Chiang’s work really influenced my style. I went from Doug Chiang’s work, then to
Ralph McQuarrie’s work, researching and all of that. That’s when I became a fan. Each individual line art took around 400 hours. Started in November and finished in April. Then the color version took me another r50-60
hours in. The original plan was to just do the characters
because I’d done something like that before but then I wanted people to just come and
look and remember certain scenes. Everyone has their favorite scene so I tried
to get as many in as I could. So you put a lot of little Easter eggs in
there, oh yeah! Like this guy right here! He’s got Kathy and Pablo, this is Dough
Chiang and John Knoll. That’s a lot of work. I saw this online but I didn’t realize how
deep this goes. I could literally stare at this for hours. Next week is Independence Day here in the
states. Which means, we won’t be delivering a traditional
episode. Instead, much like the blooper filled endings
you’ve come to love thanks to our hard working editor Frank, sup Frank, we’re going to
give you a special, behind-the-scenes episode of the show. Because we love you. And because we wanted to take the week off. Mostly because we wanted to take the week off. So if you ever wondered what it was like for
5 people make a show like this look like it was made by 8 people, be sure to tune in next
week. It’s actually going to be a really fun episode. Until then remember to like the video, follow
us on all your social media accounts, and as always, May the Force be with you. I like to think on our best days it looks
like the show was made by 8.5/9 people. Willow! Use the wand, Willow! Willow is such a good movie. I actually can’t remember
IT’S SO GOOD YOU GUYS Who wants a lunchtime screening of Willow! Lunchtime screening of Willow!

100 comments on “Ashley Eckstein on Forces of Destiny, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Blu-ray Announced, and More!

  1. I love behind the scenes
    They really are the most important thing about Star Wars to me, the whole course of my life changed when I saw the behind the scenes of Attack of the Clones.

  2. I can't wait until people don't say anymore: "Star Wars is for Kids" oh no wait it is not really helping when they make a show on a kids channel! But i don't care what that other people say because i will always love Star Wars.

  3. The animation on the new cartoon is awful!! How can a multimillion dollar company like Disney/Lucasfilm put out that type of garbage !!!!!


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    Ron VO: Then, mistaking a group of garishly dressed men for pirates, Han Solo boarded a van full of homosexuals.
    ::ukulele music::

  5. I've grown up my entire life and I've never EVER heard someone say or even hint at the notion that Star Wars is only for guys. Y'all are delusional. Have you SEEN Star Wars celebration before?

  6. "Literally keep watching the show" wow, you guys couldn't prove yourselves to be fake, millennial wannabe geeks than that line.

  7. I hope that this and series like it will teach boys of the next generation that there's nothing wrong with liking "girl" media. There's so much vitriol because boys are taught that it's somehow shameful to have female heroes or relate to women, so they see an all-female series as excluding them rather than inviting others.

  8. Will the omega frost super weapon from Star Wars legends going to be dark side force super weapon in Star Wars canon universe !?

  9. I'm glad we're focusing more on the women, because the women in Star Wars had very little of the spotlight. Now its their turn.

  10. I love this show! I don't care that it is a "small show". Andi G is awesome and her love of Star Wars just shines through. Keep your SW geekness loud and proud!!!

  11. I think a lot of the resentment for this show (Forces of Destiny) is due to the fact that it was misunderstood. when it was first announced it seemed to be a "Non Cannon" oh lets put all the girls from all era's together for muh Feminism, type deal.

    If it was made more clear that this was going to be more of an original Clone Wars style Show capitalizing on the Female Characters Stories across multiple Era's Separately, It would have been received much, much better. Now that I realize that, I'm exited for it.

  12. I really want Bill Kelliher of Mastodon to be a guest. He's a really big fan and has lots of SW tattoos.

  13. I simply love Ashley and Ashoka I'm so happy of what you have done so far and I'm really looking forward to see more of you in the future so that more girls will join us in this universe that for most of us is a very important part of our childhood

  14. My biggest gripe with Disney is they put the most extras on the blu-ray, yet the dvd has nothing or very little. Why is this??

  15. I never thought Star Wars was just for boys. NEVER! Hell, my sister and I watched the first six movies together when we were younger. We had episode 2 on DVD and we would watch the bonus features.

  16. The reason nobody liked Ahsoka in the clone wars movie was that she was full of herself being a "Jedi" but when she began to actually take Rex's words "Experience outranks everything" to heart she became one of everybody's favorite characters to ever enter the Star Wars universe

  17. I don't think many girls get bullied anymore for liking star wars, it's more kind of an awkward ''really? name 10 jedi'' or they're just plain surprised that a girl actually enjoys star wars.

  18. I'm also waiting for the day when a boy can walk into school with his Elsa backpack and not get bullied for it.

  19. Is Forces of Destiny part of the official Canon? I'm probably less likely to watch it if it won't play into other events.

  20. Okay, we need to get one thing straight here. Star Wars was NEVER exclusively for boys, it's for everyone. These are stories that happen to characters that just so happen to be male or female, there is absolutely no reason to make them one or the other. People didn't like Ahsoka because of the idea that Anakin had a Padawan, not because she's a girl. Come on, stop blowing this gender BS out of proportion and make Star Wars for everyone again.

  21. I'm so glad Ashley brought up the whole bullying thing. As someone I've looked up to most of my life, it meant a lot to me. Back in middle and high school, people would always pick on me for liking star wars bc apparently it was only a guy thing?? I can't tell you how big of a deal it is to me, seeing the creators with the kind of platform they have to make feminism aware in the star wars franchise. I wish I could tell my younger self that one day I could be accepted for being a fan, as silly as that sounds now days.

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  25. For me Star Wars was always for girls. I am 40 years now and I love Star Wars since that I was 6 years old little girl living in Brazil. I always want to be a Jedi. A love Asoka and all the girls inside Star Wars story, its such a nice moment see Ray as a hero and Star Wars Rebels with Sabine and Hera, thank you guys

  26. It drives me nuts that people didn't want or like Ahsoka in the beginning. She's captured my soul right from the first time she arrived in the trailer movie.
    Wow… a cute little Togruta youngling as a padowan for Obi-Wan? No… for Anakin? Awesome!!!

    Ahsoka fan forever = me!

  27. Please tell Dave to make a series of Ahsoka Tano and her time when she left the Jedi Order! Or just FINISH telling the Clone Wars seasons 7 and 8!!

  28. I don't care if the characters are male or female but can you please present these characters in a way that's not pandering.

  29. I think that if ashoka came to be in a live action movie if the person portraying her.was a tranz women this would make her legendary in history as not only a Female character yet a huge advocate for the rights of transgendered individuals who are missing there rights as people , we all love snips and would be a fun challenge to see the actress lip sing to ashokas actual voice persona . #Starwarsforever

  30. At roughly 2:05 in this video there are 3 hooded aliens sitting in the Home One war room on the right hand side of screen
    I would love an official run down of who they are🤔

  31. I've heard several people call out on Forces of Destiny to be feminist and all that, but they forget that its target demographic is for kids and they should remember from their own childhoods that kids more often than not are divided by gender. Young girls are usually interested in more "girly" things and young boys are usually interested in "boyish" things.
    Personally, I find Rey and Jyn Erso uninteresting characters and I will probably only watch the Ahsoka and Leia episodes but I do believe this is great for Star Wars to appeal to more young girls.
    Young girls need fantasy heroes to look up to when they are young, just as I did when I was a kid.

  32. The animation on the new cartoon is awful!! How can a multimillion dollar company like Disney/Lucasfilm put out that type of garbage !!!!!

  33. People are bullied for liking star wars at all. Doesn't matter who it is. However, it's definitely not as bad as even when I was a kid ten years ago.

  34. Wait. Girls are getting bullied for having Star Wars back packs but I go go to school on Halloween dressed as a Jedi and people tell me that I look awesome or that it looks like I was born to wear it. That's messed up.

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