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Asking Americans to Pick the Most Fashionable Filipina Celebrity?!

Asking Americans to Pick the Most Fashionable Filipina Celebrity?!

I like Maine Why? I think she’s… Well, I like the… How can I say this… More… Style! It’s been a while, it’s been a little bit Since I did a Filipino video, you know? I don’t know if you guys remember, but we did some really great Filipino videos We… Took the most beautiful Filipino celebrities here to New York City And let people say who they thought was the most beautiful Both female and male celebrities We also took some amazing Filipino foods Like… Adobo! Like… What else did we do? Like chips! Oh, and Jollibee!!! And we brought it to people here and they freaking loved it! We got a fan on Facebook… My Facebook Xiaomanyc… Who sent me a message Her name was… She wanted me to give her a shoutout Princess Karen! And…Princess Karen said Hey Xiaoma Can you take some of our Filipino celebrities And let people say Who they think… Wore it the best! She sent me a list of her favorite Filipino celebrities With her favorite outfits And so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna come here And see who people think Has the best outfit! Of the Filipino celebrities! We have… Kathryn Bernardo! We’ve got… Julia Barretto We’ve got, of course… Maine Mendoza, amazing We’ve got Janella Salvador Who sings like a goddess! We’ve got the beautiful amazing and talented… Nadine Lustre! And of course, who could forget… Liza Soberano! Alright! And we’re gonna see… Who people think… Wore it the best! Because they’re all wearing incredible outfits And… We’re gonna see what people here in New York City like as far as outfits go! If you guys like these Filipino videos… Remember to subscribe! And send me… I really love that idea that Princess Karen sent me on Facebook So if you guys have some great ideas for Filipino videos you’d like to see me make Feel free to send me a message on Facebook! Let’s go guys! You ready? I’m ready… Three two one go! So these are… Whoa Yeah, so these are six really famous celebrities in the Philippines We’re trying to see who people here think is wearing the best outfit Whose outfit they like the most And why I know what I think, but… Maine or Liza Which one? Maine or Liza Maine or Liza? Yeah Why? I think that it’s cool, the outfit Like comfortable… Yeah, the other one is like so shiny… I like, it’s comfortable, so much… I like I’m Nadine She’s a queen! I love the outfit, she’s a queen! With the small bag, and all the… Yeah, I love it Nice Cool guys, thank you so much! You’re welcome! Do you recognize any of these people here? No Okay They’re all celebrities from the Philippines Which [outfit] is your favorite? For me this one! Which one? Liza? Yeah Why? Because it’s like… Chill It’s street…outfit Awesome, cool Because this one is too much Too much? Which one, Nadine? Janella Oh, Janella is too much? No? Nadine is like…to go to a club Okay This one is fine Kathryn? Yeah So these are all popular celebrities in the Philippines And so… We’re trying to see who people here think is wearing the best outfit And why She is! I think she is, she’s looking cute Nadine? Nadine is wearing a good outfit I think… Janell… Janella? Janella, yeah I said Janell… Nadine is wearing [the best outfit], because… She looks like she’s like… I don’t know, there’s no words for it, like… She looks exquisite! And she looks like she’s going out to a ball Yeah I just like [Janella]… Because like, she looks humble But like, yet… Still trying to like… Yeah, I’m that bitch, yeah… I like hers, because it’s casual Liza? Yeah But I can’t tell if… I just like [Julia’s outfit] because she’s pretty! Julia? Yeah Yeah, she’s definitely super pretty for sure This one, yeah Kathryn? Yeah Why Kathryn? She’s not half-naked! Okay Alright Matches good It matches And it’s not that… …obvious It’s more conservative? Yeah Cool Sweet [French] He likes… [Maine], because… It’s simple and chic Simple and chic, right What about you guys? This and this Maine and Kathryn? Why? For the same reason, and [Kathryn] because this is… Streetwear, and I like this style Nice Cool, sweet And then do you have [a favorite], or…? This! Maine too Because it’s simple I like the style Nice Cool So these are all six famous Filipino celebrities Okay And we’re trying to see who people here think is wearing the best outfit The best outfit? And why, yeah Left: Okay, I think Maine is wearing the best outfit
Right: I like Maine and Liza I like Maine Why? I think she’s… Well, I like the… How can I say this… More… Style! No, this is…it’s more basic, you know? It’s more basic than the others I think she’s… She’s cool with this Got it, but it’s in between basic and stylish Yeah And what about you guys? I like Liza! I like street style What? It’s different, Maine and Liza I like Maine and Liza, yeah Liza too Yeah More street style Street style I like it Cool These are six very famous Filipino celebrities And we want to ask people… Who you think is wearing the best outfit Who’s the most attractive To you guys Or the coolest I prefer this one! Who? Nadine? Yes Why? Because I think what she’s wearing… Is extremely expressive of her personality And lets her flaunt her stuff True I would pick Liza You like the cool looks? Yeah, it’s kinda cool It’s pretty cool huh? Yeah It’s more energetic Thanks guys! Thanks I watch your videos all the time Cool, thanks! Who do you think is wearing the best clothing? I think her! Maine? Yes Why? To me, it’s more simple Simple More is…no Less is more! I love it, less is more! Best outfit… Okay Is it like, the top one, top three, or…? You could pick… Let’s say you can pick your top two favorites Top two favorites… Or top one if you really like one Top two, I’d say for me… Is between… Maine and Kathryn Why? Kathryn… What she’s wearing is quite different… Very classy at the same time Yeah Maine is another very classic thing But she did it in her own style So blue jeans is a classic, you cannot go wrong with that And the white top looks like a shirt but it’s not a shirt, it’s totally different That’s cool, I respect both girls, they killed it! Awesome, I love it! And what would you think? Yeah, I agree with that, yeah I think they all… …have quite different styles to each other But I think these two [Maine and Liza] probably stand out the most! Awesome! Special mention for my girl Julia I love the prints on her! Awesome Thank you guys so much! My pleasure! Thank you! I think… This one! Julia? Yeah Why? Because… I don’t know, because it’s hot here And maybe this would be a better look! Yeah, it’s cool right? Cool, awesome Do you want to…pick one? Yeah, so we’re asking about Filipino celebrities To see who people here would think is wearing the best outfit Your favorite outfit Oh my gosh! I think this one! Julia? Yeah Why? Because it’s really hot here! It’s the best clothes ever! Alright, awesome, thanks guys! I found it interesting… I think the Europeans… Really loved the simplicity in people’s looks… Whereas I think the Americans and Asians were a little bit more like… Go bold, kinda crazy, you know? But it was funny, I think people really liked the outfits today, which was awesome So thank you so much to Princess Karen for the really great video suggestion And if you guys have any more video ideas about Filipino food or celebrities or whatever Feel free to send me a message on Facebook, @xiaomanyc And umm… Remember to subscribe, bye bye!

100 comments on “Asking Americans to Pick the Most Fashionable Filipina Celebrity?!

  1. It’s not fair. Kath didn’t choose her own outfit, she was modelling the bench clothes so there is a possibility that, that is not her style.

  2. Kathryn parin! Haha congrats sa success ng HLG. You really prove na ikaw ang nagdala ng lahat..hindi si daniel nor alden! Kaya sa mga bitter jan…cge hanapin niyo kung saan ang sinehan na palabas ang indak! Hahaha

  3. Kathryn! Simple outfit and yet so stunning! Unlike the other. No need to show off some skin, she's beautiful and that is enough to prove that she's the one!

  4. agree with some of the comments you could have picked photos with common denominator. like if jeans then all should be wearing jeans. for fairness and good comparison.

  5. I'm a fan of Nadine and am really glad for their compliments bout her but i think it's pretty unfair to the others. Dapat same style, if one is wearing dress dapat lahat dress. yun lang. Salamat maganda ang vid.

    I'm Nadine

  6. How about Best Gown /attire of filipino celebrities during the star magic ball or other ball. Im looking forward for it.

  7. I really like Maine Mendoza’s outfit though cause its just comfortable and classy but all of them were amazing👏👏

  8. I think Nadine's outfit was really, really bomb 😍❤️ Its revealing but at the same time looks so classy, she's def. a fashion icon ❤️

  9. i like maine fav female celeb a very humble and down to earth my bb girl even she thw phenom star she very humble and take note among above thw artist she is the only one dobt undergo a plastic surgery she genuine not retokada….

  10. Let’s be honest.. Nadine definitely started the edgy fashion statement in the Philippines. None of the actresses would even dare to be experimental and would always wear cute and gurly outfits like koreans. I’m all for Nadine’s style. She got inspiration from other foreign celebrities but she can work the style. Not everyone has that confidence to be edgy and classy at the same time.

  11. You should choose the same outfit for them. If streetwear, you can pick photos from them wearing streerwear

  12. Among the girls, only Nadine has the true fashion sense. She's changed the fashion trend in PH showbiz. Most of the outfits some girls here wear, she wore first. The sporty, the chic, the ragged, the street style, their "stylists" got all those from her.

  13. Can you please do it again and include GFriend? It's a kpop girl group if you don't know and I've watched you do this too with Twice and Blackpink (Pick the most beautiful member) I know GFriend isn't popular in that country but I just want to know the opinions of the people there. Thank you and sorry for my English.

    PS. I commented in the wrong video, sorry. But I hope you see this comment. It's pick the most beautiful member hehe. (EDITED)

  14. Hi xioma can you please make a video of kpop legendary Queens hyuna , hyolyn , sunmi , ailee , and cL to know who is the best queen at kpop

  15. Maine – Shows The Best Casual Feminine Outfit paired with the sling bang combines the mood
    Kathryn – Her Outfit Is Very Natural But Classy And Aesthetic
    Nadine – As a Filipina , Her Outfit is very over exaggerated.
    Janella – Also Exaggerated but the touched of Feather Boots adds the Pop Look smoother
    Liza – The Sexy sweet style of her outfit fits her the most especially her skin tone
    Julia – Her Cute And Beautiful face Suits her the most with the Sexy Summer Look

    Women Empowerment People!♀️

  16. maine's outfit here is so simple but she's the one who stands out even if the others outfit is sexy or what so ever(especially nadine, but im not bashing her)

    still nadine is amazing but maine is the queen💛

  17. Still Nadine Lustre number one! ☝️ advice show 2 or 3 pics 😆 that would make them confuse woaahhh!!! Go! NADINE

  18. Oh men! Why chose that pic of Naddy this is so disappointing. I mean Nadine Lustre is the Queen of Fashion here in the Philippines if only I can link her photos here in the comment section. Advice, no offense to this channel watch the vlogs which they stalk this celebrities instagram.

  19. foreign vloggers: we’re absolutely in love with the Philippines!
    translation: we’re absolutely in love with the clout we get from Internet-addicted Filipinos!

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