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16 comments on “Bill Gates: AIDS-free generation is decades away

  1. IT has been noted and said the HIV and AIDS are not really ASSOCIATED with each other. OFcourse you wouldn't get the TRUTH FROM this C-IA-NN OPERATION now would you. THIS CIA FRONT gets PAID through the NDAA to make false stories in order to ELEVATE fear in the SOCIETY, to keep us in a STATE of PANIC, and a STATE EMERGENCY for the RULING ARISTROCRATIC WEALTHY 1% POLITICIANS can KEEP this ACTIVE STATE of  MARTIAL LAW in a CONTINUOUS STATE of BEING!!!

  2. Take a look at how many will NOT promote this kind of information. There is a war on consciousness as well ~ you can get drunk every night and wake up hung over every day, rather than be CONSCIOUS of the healing that did NOT come from those  who are promoting this 'king is wearing his clothes' INFO!!

  3. Why did American men contract HIV when most of them were circumcised, Mr Gates?  Obviously your promotion in Africa of circumcising adult males is based on prejudice, not facts.  Or are we to understand you believe HIV is an Africa only problem?

  4. HIV is a bioweapon that was developed in Australia during the White Australia Policy by the immunologist Frank MacFarlane Burnet at the University of Melbourne. He was replaced as the boss of the Walter and Hall Institute (at Melbourne University) by Gustav Nossal who oversaw the UN vaccination program in Africa that seeded HIV into African target populations. The motive was concern about 'Third World Overpopulation'. Read the book 'Eugenics and Genocide in the Modern World' by Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam for evidence of this.

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