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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Fairytale LOVE STORY!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Fairytale LOVE STORY!

One of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood
that I know is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively! They literally roast each other 24/7 but somehow,
that has strengthened their relationship! Isn’t that the type of relationship we all
want?! I mean, not how insanely beautiful Blake is and how handsome Ryan is! Cuz that
one is hard to find but how they have fun with each other and joke around all the time?!
Wish I had a partner who loved me more when I was roasting her just like how Blake loves
Ryan! That way I could easily be the goofy sarcastic me and stop pretending cause that
is damn hard! You feel me right?! Sorry! I got carried away! Let’s go back to the most
relatable couple in Hollywood because this video is dedicated to Ryan and Blake’s beautiful,
couple-goal relationship! Y’all, I still am so jealous of the dynamic
of Ryan and Blake’s relationship! That is literally a dream come true to have someone
who loves you just the way you are! Who is super kind and unbelievably beautiful and
at the same time wants to have that beautiful big American family with you! Oh and knows
how to cook and bake well! And knows how to style her own hair! And is tall! Wait, do
I have a crush on Blake?! NO! Stay focused … (name)! Back to the couple! It wasn’t
long ago when there were only two of them! Not even as partners! They were only friends,
not knowing one day they would end up having a family that is loved and adored by millions
of fans all around the world! Let’s see where it all started, shall we?!
As far as I know, it all started back in the summer of 2010 when Blake was cast to play
as the leading role next to Ryan in Green Lantern! Back then, both of them were busy
with their own share of relationship dramas! Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson and
Blake was dating her Gossip Girl partner, Penn Badgley. First, let me tell you about
the drama Ryan and Scarlett had! Scarlett and Ryan happened in April 2007!
Both of them were fresh out of their previous relationships! Scarlett had broken up with
her then-partner Josh Hartnett and Ryan’s four-year relationship with Alanis Morissette
had just ended two months after their engagement! Even though they were very private about their
relationship, news outlets were publishing pictures of them together almost every time
they were found together! Not long after, in May 2008, Scarlett’s rep confirmed that
the two were engaged! Johansson also confirmed that herself when she walked Met Gala with
a gorgeous diamond on her left hand! And four months after that, the two tied the knot!
All of this happened in private! There were no leaked photos, no first look at the ring
or the bride’s dress! NOTHING! They were literally one of the most private
couples ever! I haven’t seen a Hollywood couple as private as this one in forever!
For all I know, if two very good looking people get together in Hollywood, they use each other
as much as they can to promote their career! It’s a win-win situation! Don’t look at
me this way! There are sooooo many couples like that out there! I personally don’t
think anything is wrong with that! I mean, everyone has their perspective on relationships
and if they want to use one another, good for them! We don’t stand in their way! Might
silently, or a bit loudly judge them but we don’t stand in their way! That is for sure!
But in the case of Scarlett and Ryan, they didn’t even talk about each other! Like,
at home they were married but outside they were complete strangers! This is kind of weird
when you see the presence of Blake and Ryan in each other’s online and career life now!
But now it is Scarlett’s time to shine! As I was saying, she was very private about
her whole marriage! Even in her interview with Glamour, she said that she would never
ask somebody about their marriage if she didn’t know them. That she doesn’t profess to know
anything about marriage that anybody else doesn’t know, or how to make it right. She
also said that she doesn’t want to read about somebody who’s giving her relationship
advice and that is why she tried to keep some things for herself, to have a private life.
Hmmmm, to keep SOME things private!? Girl, you kept everything as a secret! All we knew
back then was that you were married to him which I am not even a hundred percent sure
about! But her being private did not last that long!
I’m guessing when Scarlett joined the Marvel family with Iron Man 2, she was already too
frustrated by how the marriage thing worked because she finally did talk about it! Apparently
the couple was already facing some hard times! She confessed that they didn’t have time
for dates! They would work, go home, stare at the wall for a few hours and then go to
sleep! Are you kidding me, lady?! I do pretty much the same thing when I am single! That
staring at the wall part is my life! I guess I even have a little more fun when I am single!
How can life for such a voluptuous lady be this boring?! Wasn’t she with one of the
funniest men out there!? Something was wrong there! Even a seven-year-old could see that
this relationship was not working! By 2010, the schedule of Ryan and Scarlett
got so crazy that the couple started living apart and they put their Los Angeles house
on the market but they still insisted on being in love! Rumors of their split were out there
but Scarlett was giving interviews saying when you are married, you suddenly have your
own family! You’ve got your home in that other person. There’s a nice comfort in that! You
can go ahead and call me old-fashioned but when I get married to someone, I want to be
with my partner all the time! If I were to live in two different houses, why would I
even get married?! The actual comfort is in coming home and seeing your partner there!
Or spending weekends together! I don’t see any comfort in living apart! Maybe I have
a wrong definition of comfort! What do you guys think!? Is this what a loving relationship
looks like to you!? I think I was right though cause in December
2010, the couple announced that they were going separate ways! You see! I told you something
was wrong from the beginning! In Touch magazine mentioned that one of the reasons for their
divorce was that their personalities were not compatible! He was more of a traditional
type but she was more independent! Daily Mail also published an article about how there
was a lack of warmth between the two which was troubling! A source even told them that
once Scarlett visited Ryan on the set of The Proposal and it seemed like she was screaming
at him in his trailer! There were also some rumors suggesting that the success of Scarlett
was threatening Ryan! That he was not confident in his career and felt like a total failure
in comparison to his wife! BUT these were all rumors and just like the rest of their
relationship, Scarlett and Ryan kept their divorce a secret as well!
On Blake’s side though everything was fine. As her gossip girl co-stars said, the relationship
Penn Badgley and Blake Lively had was the most mature one they had ever seen! To the
point that their breakup did not affect the series or the cast at all!
Blake later went on to start a relationship with another famous guy in the industry Leonardo
DiCaprio before actually thinking about starting something with Ryan! From all I have read,
her side of relationships and breakups were all peaceful and mature! So there is no tea
to spill there! The good thing for both Ryan and Blake was
that no matter what, they had each other as friends! After they both became single, as
all friends do, the two started searching for partners for the other friend! But as
the search went on, one day, after a year and a half, they realized that the best thing
for both of them was to be together! The transition part of their relationship
happened on a day in a little restaurant in NYC! As Ryan recalled, there was no one in
the restaurant except for these two and then this song came on that made Ryan ask Blake
if she wanted to dance! Right there is when he felt like he crossed a line! Later he walked
her home and then what you all know happened! By October 2011, these two were a real couple!
Blake was spotted on the set of Ryan’s movie R.I.P.D. in Boston and the couple spent the
holidays with Reynolds’ family in Vancouver! Literally from that restaurant moment on,
Blake and Ryan were together everywhere and in September 2012 they tied the knot! WHAT
A SURPRISE! I am kidding though! Considering how Ryan was ready to tie the knot in his
two previous relationships, this was no surprise to me! But some actually were surprised! I
am guessing you were as well?! Is that right?! They literally moved from friends to married
in the span of one year! Guess that is the secret recipe for a happy marriage, right!?
In Marie Claire’s interview, Blake said that Ryan would always be her best friend
for her whole life and Ryan did agree that the best way to the relationship is to start
as friends so here you have it! The secret is revealed! Now we all can live happily ever
after! The only thing that is needed though, is that one Blake Lively-like friend! Where
can I get one of those?! If you guys know, drop the answer in the comment section below!
So, back to their love story! Blake and Ryan became everyone’s dream couple when they
attended 2014’s Met Gala together and told Marie Claire that they were so ready to start
their own family! And guess what!? One month after admitting that in the interview, Blake
announced that she was having her first baby with Ryan on her website! And In January 2015,
she gave birth to their first child, James! Then in April 2016, they announced that they
were expecting their second child Inez and a few days ago, Blake gave birth to their
third child! You see how they make everything seem so easy and effortless?! Like once you
get married to your best friend, life is going to be rainbows and unicorns and you will have
that big American family you have always dreamed of!
But that really is kind of true when we look at Blake and Ryan’s life, they became even
more famous and happier after becoming a couple! Especially Ryan! He finally fulfilled his
dream of having Deadpool which became a huge success and he was honored with a star on
the Hollywood Walk of Fame! That was the day when we saw little James and Inez in person!
During the acceptance speech, Ryan said: “I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting
right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened
to me. You make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You’ve given
me two of the most incredible children I’ve ever hoped to have.”
I am not even going to lie, their whole relationship gives me life! It makes me feel like happily
ever after actually exists! You can dream of having someone who is fun, caring, and
beautiful all together who actually loves you! You can create the fairytale life we
all have always dreamed of even if you are in showbiz!
So while you are all here dreaming about the future Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds’s relationship
you are going to have, I am going to head out to find my Blake and start a family before
it is too late! But wait! Before that, I have to finish this video!
Tell me! Do you guys believe that Blake and Ryan were made for each other and are going
to stay together forever or not!? Let’s talk about that in the comments and remember
to become a part of our CurioSips family by subscribing to our channel! Until next time!

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