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100 comments on “Brawl Stars Animation | FNAB | colt & Barley | Brawl-o-ween

  1. Uhm… Ya know after putting Shelly for be the next guard ya have to continue this? BECAUSE ITS TOO BEATIFUL FNAF 1+ BRAWL STARS

  2. Не удивлюсь если от этого ресторана потом ничего не останется после шелли

  3. fnaf:a incredible game,very hard,for young boys

    fnab:easy,a game for kids,PaY tO wIn,dont have a good lore

    (not serious)

  4. five night's ats barleya sister location is coming….

    candy,sindy and old candy:hey,can you be a guard of this pizerria?

  5. oie que idioma hablas? si hablas español me podrias decir que programas usas para hacer esos videos? es que quiero aprender a hacer animaciones mas o menos asi :3

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