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BTS Member Jin’s Rose CAUSES A Stir! Taylor Swift & Katy Perry SQUASH Feud! (DHR)

BTS Member Jin’s Rose CAUSES A Stir! Taylor Swift & Katy Perry SQUASH Feud! (DHR)

BTS on Britain’s Got Talent and someone’s jealous Taylor Swift and Katy Perry on the way to BFF status and new music from Miley Cyrus kotti be Katy Perry and Camilla caballo all that and more on today’s daily Hollywood rundown What’s up guys welcome back to today’s episode of The Daily Hollywood run down how many Friday right? I’m Susan Mourad and I’m a million its jr. And guys if you’re here, you know what you should do. You should subscribe literally depends on Following from a computer but somewhere within this box next to it under it. Yeah, click that subscribe button Leave a comment below also like this video and share it with a friend. Oh and yeah click that Bell So you never miss a single update. You always know we close Yeah, and you know if you want if you feel inclined you can like this video Even though we haven’t actually gotten into it yet But when you’re gonna really like this one because there’s so much great news that we owe ya Including later on we’re gonna talk about why people were hating on the Lion King Right, but first we need to talk about Diplo who we covered yesterday and he’s Club back ok guys So yesterday we spoke about Diplo Essentially being called out by Joe Jonas for ruining his Vegas wedding – so Peter Nowell didn’t actually ruin the whole wedding but he kind of said he did kind of did it but he You know stream the whole thing to the entire world And he sort of gave us his feelings on all of that and as you would expect Diplo clap back and I would let’s just talk about it So yesterday Diplo responded to all the drama with this Instagram post and the caption The only thing that ruined the wedding was your fit now, this was hilarious Everybody was laughing about it And then one person who wasn’t laughing was Joe Jonas who responded on the post with the eye rolling emoji Which already has over 4000 likes you guys though? This is all a little bit of fun because they are just friends and a lot of other people were also Chiming in in the comments including Lauren her eggy who also left a comment on Diplo’s post saying I’m crying With loads of other users chiming in with oMG, hahaha and LMA as well as one news I’m making it clear you did this, honestly Cracked me up because obviously they’re joking around But of course he’s gonna clap back because like Joe Jonas said, he’s always on Instagram Diplo always Five-year-old. Did he say? Yeah, I think 13 year old five seconds 13 year old yeah, and I mean of course Diplo was gonna clap back and he did it in the best way as well like posting its right to Instagram for the World to know exactly what Diplo has to say, of course guys It’s Friday, you know on Friday. There’s new music that’s release But this feels like Christmas or Thanksgiving cuz there’s a fee So whatever your favorite holiday is because we have so much new music Katy Perry cardi B Miley Cyrus and even Camilla Kabam, so Miley’s been teasing She is coming her six-track EP for a long time and we were waiting for it It features cameos from Mike will made it Ghostface Killah RuPaul, and she talks about the different places She’s been in life from the influence. Her mother’s had on her to the influence that drugs have had on her So Miley really gets personal in her lyrics specifically about the hard times and dreams She says we’re all trying to feel the lonely drugs roll everything around me And in the last song that you pee the most Miley talks about the relationship with new husband liam hemsworth He says even in my darkest days even in my lowest places you love me the most Well, we’d love to talk about this EP all day But we need to move on to cardi B latest single press cardis are talking about press for what feels like Forever now and it’s finally here now The cover art is a next level with cardi barring all well Almost all she’s naked with her private parts covered and she’s surrounded by paparazzi But in the song she gets them to how the media has been a major factor in her career so far and she remains unbothered With what people have to say about her Basically press is a banger but speaking of bangers Camila. Cabello is coming in hot with her new mark. Ronson collab You might remember marks song with Miley nothing breaks like a heart and now he’s done it again with find you again She came to Twitter after their release to find you again to say this song is only the first course and in the breathy new single kamila sings I’ll try to pass the night away with somebody new but they don’t have a shot when I compare them to you It’s too late. It’s too late now, ironically enough These lyrics are pretty much the exact opposite of our final release today which came from Katy Perry and never really over Katy talks about a relationship rekindling after a long two years and Did someone say Orlando Bloom she sings two years and just like that my head still takes me back thought it was done But I guess it’s never really over Literally, so me I think the reason why this is so exciting, I mean cardi B, we’ve got a music from recently. Yes Camilla Kibeho Miley Cyrus and Baby Perry, we haven’t gotten music from them in a while I know in this particular song with Katy Perry add the clip as well. She looks incredible like she’s looking better yeah, and I’m really loving like the vibe of this track and I mean I’m just so excited to see what else is gonna come from Katy Perry this year. Yeah Like what? Well Katy Perry’s also in the news today aside from her incredible music There’s something pretty major happening guys, and I kind of can’t contain my excitement But like it’s other kind I can’t even get it out So Katy Perry and Taylor Swift as you know have well did have a long-standing feud We know that that feud was you know Essentially put to bed when Katy Perry sent an olive wreath to Taylor before a reputation to her which then Taylor posted to Instagram and we haven’t really heard too much about the relationship between the two other than Katy did answer a question about Potential collaboration an awkward answer a little while back but anyway So major stuff has happened you guys and I mean we are so excited What we’ve seen from the girls is signals that there is really no more bad blood between them In fact, they’re now supporting each other very publicly So Katie made the first move by liking a photo Taylor posted of her and her new cat Benjamin Button on Twitter and obviously all swifty fans noticed Then after midnight Swift added Perry’s new single never really over to Apple music playlist for me and you guys is number 13 on the playlist and I mean We all know that 13 is Taylor’s favorite number So this is pretty huge in Taylor’s description of the playlist on Apple music She wrote everything that happens to us is just part of a story will tell someday These songs are the soundtrack to my story at the moment I love these playlists for kitchen dance parties long drives home sun-soaked reflection or aggressive bopping all songs have been loved and appreciated By me and as you say fans are losing at you guys Especially all of us here at clever On an Instagram post by pop crate news who was noting the truce and basically what just happened one user wrote OMG friendship is coming y’all while another wrote. The only thing that’s over is the drama We stand another person tweeted Taylor and Katie supporting each other. I am emotional This is the Swift cat’s era and this user said literally what we would all die for We don’t need a collab we demand it. I mean, this is so beautiful Yeah I mean This was a gift We didn’t see coming and the fact that the girls are publicly showing their appreciation and support of one another publicly I mean, it’s just so good. It really is so then it makes me so happy because you know I feel like they’re both huge role models and they both have such huge platforms to really set an example The olive reef was the first big step but this really has me excited because we used our show showing so many public signs of affection and the fact that you know, We don’t really know many details about Taylor’s album And Taylor is very big on like little tiny themes nerd team. Do you think about it? Why would she put it at track number 13 unless that means she’s trying to give us a clue That may be can you imagine if they could laugh together? What if that wreath was actually the first step in this new thing, you know? What like that moment just hit me then like we’re talking about a dream collaboration But what if it’s already happened like I didn’t even think of think about it they about it I just oh I can’t wait. All right guys, so we have some BTS news, of course Our boys did not disappoint when they made their first live TV debut in the UK say that four times They perform boy with love on Britain’s Got Talent Okay, I stopped myself. I want to say an excellent Britain’s Got Talent. I feel like Helen accent isn’t good. No, it’s good Thank you. I trust even though you’re Yeah for the record I’m Australian not not right now like I’ll take whatever whoever wants me I’ll take right Um, but guys, let’s I’ll go ahead and break down this performance and of what happened with the rose. That was scandalous so Of course the boys were trending with their performance and they were rocking pastel colored suits and shook the stage with their epic choreography and hot pink lamppost Backdrop the performance got a standing ovation from the judges and for me and my living room when I saw it on YouTube And following the performance would ask? How does it feel to be back in the UK are in responded saying we’re happy to be back It’s our first live show in the UK. We’re really honored to be here and the fans were also loving them being there They were sharing pics on Twitter from their performance like this fan who said in case anyone needed this in HD And another that says 7 legends so proud but that wasn’t all that happened at the end of the performance Jen walked up to host a clan Connelly and handed him his signature red rose like the sweetheart he is however the moment didn’t sit well with the other host ant McPartlin Who fume I wanted the rose, maybe next time but uh, go ahead and take a look I made noodle Awan arose from gym. We all want her want the rose. No, this is such a sweet moment And honestly, I just really it makes me happy to see them but I want them to rest because they’re always working always Always working and I love the fact that the BTS army always captures all these really cute Moments on stage when the boys perform and I just love catching them all on Twitter and I don’t miss a thing I mean you guys do not miss a thing and we love that yeah, so you guys the countdown is on for the live-action remake of The Lion King that way so excited and The trailer had already dropped but yesterday we got a glimpse a closer look into some of these characters And I mean everyone’s got some thoughts on this mighty eight percent of the characters were spot on but there’s one character in particular that um, Yeah tweet. I had a lot to say and we’re talking about Pumbaa you good So yeah, like everyone was kind of expecting a goofy and chubby but cute kind of animal But what we got with the equivalent of the whole Instagram versus reality sort of thing Fans had a lot to say about the real-life warthog containing tusks coming out like 12 crevices of its body But like now that we think about it Our only perception of what a warthog has been well was like the cartoon version of Pumbaa many fans took to Twitter as they do to compare Pumbaa to something out of their worst nightmare writing things like Who looks like you walked in from the set of the witch and my personal favorite you guys wrote? just wondering why Pumbaa looks like he’s ready to kill me behind a Chili’s but many fans came to Disney’s defense making the argument that The general population probably hasn’t seen a warthog in real life and to be honest I mean I hadn’t really either until I went to Google to see exactly what they really should look like Many uses back Disney’s real-life portrayal of Pumbaa as one tweet read you’re just now realizing warthogs are ugly AF Pumbaa is beautiful on the inside and another who asked what the hell y’all for purple was supposed to look like piglet I thought that all the posters look great including Pumbaa because I guess I’m the only one who would see I was a little bit terrified to be on earth me but here’s the thing. We obviously grew up watching the original Lion King I’m sure the kids that they have seen the cartoons but I like that they’re sticking to the true nature what it looks like because if you’re gonna do a live action film It’ll be weird to see like a character. It doesn’t actually look like a warthog I mean the word warthog can’t even be cute if you write to make it cute So I think the fact that the warthog looks like a warthog It’s gonna be legit real and yeah You do kind of like you have to take a double take when you’re looking at the images But I mean props to Disney because I think that was the right choice. Yeah All right guys that is it for Friday’s episode of the daily of Hollywood. Rundown. What a week. It’s been a meal It’s been a fantastic week. I am tired. But so happy because on the drive home. I can listen to all the new music Yeah, I want to know what your favorite song will have to let me know in the comment section below Oh, yes. And also what are your thoughts on Pumbaa? Do you love the pull of the representation? Do you hate it? Are you also super excited to see Lion King because we definitely all Know you’re like way better at that than I am Okay, but guys make sure you tune in this weekend or an episode of weekly dxtr recap and we will see the same time same Place next week. Yes. See then Bye guys, but you guys I mean, it’s the weekend almost you’re gonna have to catch up on all your videos Have you seen yesterday’s episode of the daily Hollywood rundown? Because if you haven’t you just need to click right here and catch up on all the news Yes, and also make sure you subscribe and click that bill. So you never miss a single update. Bye guys

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