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Canada’s Larry Walker headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Canada’s Larry Walker headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame

[Man on phone] I am calling to let you know you did not fall short this time. [Cheering] [Host] Larry Walker gets the call from the hall. The kid from Maple Ridge B.C. becomes just the second Canadian to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Joining pitching great Ferguson Jenkins. Walker played 17 years in the majors starting his career with the Montreal Expos. He won three batting titles. Nine Gold Glove awards. And was the 1997 MVP. But with all that, there was always an asterisk. He played the bulk of his career in Denver where the elevation is higher the air thinner the ball flies farther but Hall of Fame voters have spoken. His skill speaks for itself. And hey we’ve got Larry Walker joining us right now from West Palm Beach Florida. First of all congratulations sir. How does it feel? Thank you, it’s amazing. Just on cloud nine right now. I appreciate it. How did you sleep last night and how are you gonna sleep tonight? Well I’ve been saying earlier I slept great last night. I’ve got some friends in town paying a little tribute to Rush last night so we stayed up till 3:00 in the morning just hanging out listening to Rush and watching videos. How much does this, your induction into
the Hall of Fame, mean to you? Well it’s what every kid I guess dreams about. You know, you dream about hitting that home run maybe in Game seven to walk it off and win a World Series and then when it’s all over and the careers over and the numbers are there then the next dream is okay was that good enough to go join the greats of the game? So somehow or another I pulled that off and you know so the writers thought I was just good enough to make it in so I’m thrilled about the honor and thrilled about going in as a Canadian. Well you pulled it off and down to the wire I might add I mean this — it had to happen this year or or perhaps not at all. The fact that it took this long what
do you make of that? I I have no issues with that. I think this year one, year ten, I’m good as long as you get in alright I guess that’s why they give you ten years. Okay so that there is a bigger picture that this, of course, you know other Canadians other ballplayers following in your
footsteps what what do you hope that your induction accomplishes? Well I think with Canadian baseball even for the last two decades from when I first started in the major leagues back in 1989 I think a lot has come forward from
there. A lot of players have just come out and played at a level that we’re not used to seeing. We could actually put together a major league baseball all-star team and compete with anybody you know before it was a handful here or there but there’s so much talent now coming north of the border and it’s a joy to watch and a very proud thing to see. Well, Larry Walker, I hope you get some sleep tonight. Not sure that you will but congratulations. Once again a pleasure to speak with you. I appreciate it. Thank you guys so much

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