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[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP01 (1/3) | 여우각시별

[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP01 (1/3) | 여우각시별

A long time ago,
my father had told me this. There’s no such thing
as coincidence. Everything happens… for a reason. Hello. – It’s morning.
– I know. I’m sure it’s morning. It’s Monday. I know. I’m sure it’s Monday. Do you want Ms. Yang to have
a bad impression of you… on your first day in her team? What time is it? You have to leave home
in five minutes. If you don’t, you’ll be super late. It’s going to rain today,
so pack an umbrella. Your coffee is here! (Integrated Airport
Operations Center) Let’s try it. That was the fate of that day. Gosh, my umbrella. My goodness. It just happened to rain
right at that moment. He just happened… to be standing there. I’m sorry. Did he not hear me? I’m sorry. Then something
unbelievable happened. There’s no such thing
as coincidence. Everything happens… for a reason. Seoul approach. KR097… approaching KABBU,
slightly above 18,000. KR097, radar contact. Flight 270, descend to 12,000. Revert back to runway 33R. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. There. He looks familiar for some reason. Where have I seen him? (Incheon International Airport
Terminal 1, 2) Shoot. Hold on! I’m Han Yeo Reum. It’s been… a year since I started working
at the airport. (1 year ago) (Open Interview for New Recruits) I’m sorry. I got into a car accident
on my way here, so I’m late. Your wound looks pretty bad. I’m okay. I can still… have my interview. Please let me. I think you should
get treated first. No. This interview comes first
before any treatment. I finally got here
after three tries. This time, I want to get accepted
no matter what. It’s my dream. So please let me… Please… let me… do this interview. – Hey!
– Young lady. – Hey.
– Are you okay? – Are you okay?
– Hey. – We should call 911.
– She’s unconscious. No, that’s not a good idea. – Is there anyone outside?
– Give her some water. – Hurry up and come.
– Wake up! Call an ambulance. – Hello.
– Hello? – Are you okay?
– She needs help. I passed my interview
thanks to my passion. I was able to start working
at my dream airport. But… She’s like a mine. Just look. She’s 17 minutes late,
and she’s still not here. She doesn’t have
the right state of mind. How can she be late
on her first day in this department? I thought you needed help. You were the one begging me… about additional staff. That’s no reason
to recruit just anyone. Even Transportation Services
had to put her on the waiting list. She kicked a drunk person
in just two months of her job, and her salary was reduced. Sir. That’s not all. Look at this. During her year
with Transportation Services, she got into multiple disputes. She grabbed them by the collar
3 times and swore 8 times. Salary reduction
and apology letters are not all. She has a record for having
the most VOC… in the least amount of time
and even a departmental move. She made so much noise
in just a year. She’s the worst addition
you could have. Why must we pick
someone so troublesome? – It’s seven times.
– Gosh. Hello. I worked in Transportation Services
for a year, then I was appointed to
Passenger Services. My name is Han Yeo Reum. I look forward to working with you. Also, it was 7 times… I was warned about abusive language,
not 8 times. What are you talking about? That flight is supposed to land
at 10:30am. It’s too early. Thanks to the westerlies, they got here an hour
and 20 minutes earlier. Those westerlies… Seriously. Ms. Choi. Which gate
was 097 supposed to park at? Gate 14. We still have to wait 50 minutes
for the planes on the ramp to leave. 50 minutes? They wouldn’t have started
boarding the passengers yet. What should we do? What do you think you’re doing? Why didn’t you say
that you were here? You startled me. – I was just about to tell you.
– You little… You have diverse talents. You can kick, grab people
by the collar, swear, and be late to work. I’m sorry.
I won’t be late from now on. I won’t get hot tempered,
grab people by the collar, or swear. I’ll be trustworthy and responsible
with anything… you assign me to. – That’s what she says.
– It’s easier said than done. I just received a call
from the information desk. A dispute started
at the C self check-in counter… between airline staff
and passengers. What should we do? You should go. – Me?
– Ms. Yang. What? You don’t think you can do it? No, I can take care of it. I’ll go. – Leave your bag here.
– Okay. – Your desk is over there.
– Okay. You’re going the wrong way.
Go out this way. Okay. (Passenger Services Team) She’s not a mine. She’s just slow. That’s why it’s a problem. Not only is she a troublemaker,
but she’s a clumsy troublemaker. If you’re so worried, go with her. Me? Then should I? Lee Soo Yeon. You should answer
when someone calls you. Yes? You should go with Yeo Reum. – Me?
– Then should I? You should at least answer me. Kids these days are so rude. I can do this. Let’s do a good job. It’s over for you
if you make another mistake. I can do this. (Authorized Staff Only) By the way,
where is the information desk, and the C counter? (Authorized Staff Only) To be honest, I sometimes get lost. Ta-da. It’s a compass. Yes, it’s a compass. Now that you have that,
it’s okay to get lost. I can’t get lost. I’ll get in trouble. You’ll be fine. You can always find your way back
as long as you know the direction. So listen to me, Yeo Reum. Here. It doesn’t matter how often
you get lost from now on. Okay? No, Dad. It does matter. The moment you get lost in this
world, you end up falling behind. That’s why
I’m desperately running today… so that I won’t get lost. No. It’s so that no one will find out
that I’m lost. Can you tell me where the
C counter self check-in booth is? – You need to go this way.
– Thank you. Hey, I want to talk to the CEO. How dare you look down
on your customers? Why would you install a piece of
trash like this and ruin my day? Sir, you can’t do this.
Please calm down. What happened? I told him to do a self check-in… – since it’ll be faster but…
– Hey. Why are you discriminating people? Why didn’t you tell anyone else
to do a self check-in? All the other passengers got their
tickets issued at the counter! But why not me? – My gosh.
– What’s his problem? – Please call security.
– Okay. Sir, wait a minute. – Who are you?
– I’m Han Yeo Reum… from Passenger Services. There must’ve been
a slight misunderstanding. What? My gosh. You guys are the ones
who made me get angry. But now, you call it
a misunderstanding? Hey, forget it. I don’t want to deal with you.
I want to talk to the CEO. Hurry up, and bring the CEO! – My goodness.
– Gosh, that startled me. Hey, what do you think
you’re doing right now? Can’t you see what I’m doing? Do you want me to do it again? Get out of my way. Move. Stop it! What’s your problem? – I said, stop it!
– Move. My gosh, what kind of crazy… What? “Crazy”? Did you just say, “crazy”? Crazy what? Finish your sentence. A crazy jerk? A crazy scum? Answer me properly, Ms. Han. (10 months ago) Did you call a passenger
a crazy jerk? – Yes.
– And you also did a spin kick? Yes, I did. Ms. Han. How long did it take
for you to get a job here? I got in… after my third try. But only after two months, you called a drunk person
a crazy jerk… and attempted a spin kick at him? Do you want your
three years of hard work… to go down the drain? Did you think everything
would go smoothly… as soon as you got accepted
to this company? If you did,
you should come to your senses. An organization
is a very cold-hearted place. You get judged only by your
competence and performance. Do you understand? What are you staring at? What were you going to say
after “crazy”? Was it “jerk” or “scum”? Stop staring at me,
and answer my question! You were obviously going to
swear at me! My goodness, of course not.
Why would I ever swear at you? Did you just smile? Seriously? You get paid to serve customers. But you just dared to sneer at me. Customers are like kings,
so you should treat me like one! Then why don’t you
behave like one… instead of behaving
like a piece of trash? That’s what I’d love to yell
at his face. Can you please let go? How dare you? You better stop
staring at me like that. I said, let go of me. Do you want to die? That’s enough. Who are you? Let me go. Hey, let go of me. My gosh, are you physically
restraining me? Hey. Gosh, it hurts. Let go of me. Hey, you little… Regardless of where you are
and whom you’re dealing with, using physical
and verbal violence… is undisputedly illegal. – You little…
– And you even committed vandalism. Are you aware that each machine
costs about 20,000 dollars? 20,000 dollars? 20,000 dollars? You broke 3 machines,
so it’ll cost you 60,000 dollars. 60,000 dollars, my foot. So what? What are you saying? What do you think? You’ll have to
compensate for the damages. If you commit vandalism, you become legally responsible
for the damages you’ve made. Plus, you broke them on purpose,
so you’ll be exposed to… both civil and criminal liabilities. What? Criminal…
Criminal liability? What does that mean? That means you’re done for. Hey, what happened to
the airport ramp? Gate six is the least packed. AB Airlines is scheduled
to depart at 10:40am, but it hasn’t entered the ramp yet. Why does it have to be
AB Airlines of all airlines? Are there any other gates? There’s gate 112. KR Airlines will never
agree to go that far. – Eun Seob.
– Yes? You take charge of AB Airlines.
I’ll be in charge of KR Airlines. Okay. Incheon Tower, this is KR097. 8 miles on final runway 33R. KR097, this is the tower.
Continue your approach. Wind. 330 degrees, 7 knots. Runway 33R, clear to land. Runway 33R, clear to land. KR097.

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