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Celebrities with EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome)

Celebrities with EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome)

He is really known for being in 13 reasons why There’s a lot of people with health issues and a lot of them are going to be celebrities. So it is interesting [Intro Music] Hey guys, I’m Izzy and today I am making a video on celebrities who have EDS or ehlers-danlos syndrome um I asked you guys if you wanted to see this video and So many of you really did so I’m actually really excited now to talk about it before we get started I just wanted to say that this video is sponsored by audible. I absolutely love audible I listen to audio books all the time, and I just cannot wait to talk about that later on Okay, so now we should get into the video. So the first person that I’m gonna mention who has ehlers-danlos syndrome I think I’m saying her name, right Jameela Jamil. She is from the good place. It’s a TV show I don’t know what it is But I think it’s pretty popular and she plays – Tahani Al-Jamil if you know who that is? I don’t because I don’t watch the show So she didn’t start talking about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome actually until… I think February of this year or something like that She posted a video on her Instagram. I can put it right here. She was like pulling her face out this way Wow, that makes it a really weird noise okay, um, and she somebody was like Do you have ehlers-danlos syndrome and she was like “indeed” she like responded? So that was like the first like we’d ever heard of it But then she ended up actually confirming that she has ehlers-danlos syndrome for sure She actually it got a patient advocate of the Year award at the Global Learning Conference in Nashville And it was given to her by the ehlers-danlos Society which is super cool So I am glad that she is vocal about it. And I think that she is decently famous I think. So that’s really awesome. Not awesome that she has it, it I just mean awesome that she’s vocal about it . Now, there are a lot of other people but just before I get into them I want to tell you a little bit more about audible. I downloaded audible in June, I think It was right after my surgery and the medications I was taking Were really like messing with my pupils and I couldn’t read like actually like at all and I could not watch TV Because it was bothering my eyes just so much, so I ended up listening to audiobooks. And that passed the time really really well, I loved it so much and I’m still using it. Right now, I’ve tend to be using it like while I’m cleaning my room and while I’m just kind of like doing nothing But you can also do it on the go, like listen to it in the car. It’s on your phone, by the way. Um and also at the gym, so when I’m able to start going to the gym, I’m thinking I’m actually going to do that So audible is offering Anybody watching this a 30-day free trial – and then within that trial you get a free audio book of your choice. They have over 180,000 books, which is crazy! They’ve always had every single book that I’ve wanted So I’m pretty sure they’ll have what you want. Also, if you do download this, there’s like no contract or anything like that. You can cancel it, before it charges you at all, like you’re not going to get charged for this if you cancel it before your trials up. but I really don’t think you’ll want to cancel it because It’s amazing. I’m now an audiobook listener. I can say that Yeah So follow the link down below and you can have audible yourself with a free audiobook The next person I’m gonna mention also is an actress and it’s Lena Dunham She is known – I think it’s really – for Girls. It was a TV show And I don’t know if there was something before that, but that’s when I first heard of her and she’s like really cool Um, anyway, she said in an essay that the New York Times did on her that she has ehlers-danlos syndrome I knew that she had fibromyalgia and endometriosis, but I guess like within the last year She’s also come out talking about her Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and I think it was it was recently diagnosed for her So it’s not like she knew that she had it before She said “while my hesitation to play with others isn’t likely a symptom of anything but a bad attitude, a specialist told me I’ve been living with ehlers-danlos syndrome of the hypermobile variety – – a genetic disorder that can lead to widespread physical pain” So I don’t know what else she said on that I don’t have access to that article because um, I don’t belong to the New York Times like I don’t I don’t subscribe So I don’t know – it cost money. So I don’t know what else that said, but We know that she has it. So that’s pretty cool, I guess So the next person is also an actress. I swear – they’re not all actresses! Cherylee Houston. I think that’s how you pronounce her name She’s in this TV show called Coronation Street and interestingly enough – her character has ehlers-danlos syndrome I’m assuming that they wrote that after her, you know I don’t know what kind of influence she had on this TV show, but I love that there’s a TV show where a character actually has ehlers-danlos syndrome and they’re like, continuously on the show They’re reoccurring character. They’re not just like – in the TV shows that I reviewed, everybody was like a one episode thing and it was big and dramatic. It wasn’t like “let’s actually learn what others Danlos syndrome is about” so, I don’t know for sure that I’d watch this TV show I want to look it up and make sure it’s like I don’t even know not scary or I don’t I don’t know Why would it be scary? I don’t know It does not seem scary at all, but I might be interested in watching this show So if I start watching it, I will let you guys know. So the next person is Allysa Seely and shockingly enough, she’s a para triathlete. She won a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics, which is crazy cool. So anyway, she is ehlers-danlos syndrome. I know she also has Chiari malformation and then something called basilar invagination. Which also is like something to do with Chiari, or they’re related or I don’t know. Due to her medical issues, I know that she had to have brain surgery and spine surgery, and then she also had to have her left leg amputated So the next person is a boy! Our first boy! Okay Devon Druid. He is really known for being in 13 Reasons Why. He is not currently that vocal about his ehlers-danlos syndrome But he has definitely touched upon it in the past So there is an article from 2018 where he talks about it. Sorry. There’s a lot of airplanes flying by like throughout this time So anyway Devon Druid, I think when he was 16 It seems like there was an article on him talking about how he has ehlers-danlos. And a year before that, he mentioned that his mom has ehlers-danlos syndrome – on Twitter And so I know that it says in the article his fingers and his ribs dislocate. And also what started making him and his doctors realized that it could be Ehlers-danlos syndrome… …was first when he woke up with a lot of pain in his hip for like no reason, there was like some tear – and they said it really shouldn’t be causing him this much pain. But they went in surgically to fix it anyway, and they found that like his cartilage He said his cartilage was like torn completely off his hip and like his hips were grinding together. I guess that means arthritis I don’t know. I’m not like an expert. I don’t exactly what he means. But it is really interesting to One, have a guy with ehlers-danlos syndrome be like at least a little bit vocal about it… and two, to have him be young as well because I feel like… I don’t know any young males who have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome I know some older guys who have it And I guess maybe it just took a lot longer for them to get bad enough to get a diagnosis I don’t know but it’s interesting to see somebody like this. Especially somebody who is really popular amongst people my age So the next person is Sarah Guerts I actually don’t know how to pronounce her name and I think I’ve said that for almost everybody. So I’m so sorry So anyway, she is a model and she has classical Ehlers-Danlos And then she also has something called dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is less common type – and it really affects the skin. So for her, I mean you can definitely tell that it affects her skin But she’s a model which I freaking love! Reading through some of the articles She was saying that you know in high school. She was definitely self-conscious about it and try to hide it and cover it up But I mean now she’s a model showing it off; showing off her differences; and raising awareness for ehlers-danlos syndrome! So I love that She’s a model and that she’s actually been able to make it as a model There are other people who have come out about their ehlers-danlos syndrome And some people are probably even more famous than the people I said, I just like focused on some people that like I remembered I think it’s awesome when a celebrity with ehlers-danlos syndrome tells the world that they have it I think that when I was younger it was difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I was dealing with so much chronic pain and stomach issues and that I knew literally nobody who was going through this or if they were they were silent about it I didn’t know about it and it’s so isolating. It sucks And if knew that one of these celebrities – any of the ones that I mentioned – had it and we’re talking about it I’d be reading those articles and watching those videos and feeling is so good and like somebody understands So, I don’t know. That’s why I just find it So important to have some friends with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or similar condition to yours Because it just feels so good to have somebody understand you, but that’s not always the case So it’s amazing to have celebrities talk about it I’m sure there are others though who are not talking about it, or maybe they’re just not diagnosed with it – But they have it – they haven’t yet found their diagnosis. I don’t know There’s a lot of people with health issues and a lot of them are going to be celebrities. So it is interesting. I hope that if you are struggling to find anybody with EDS that you can connect to Maybe just knowing that at least these celebrities who are somehow famous, made it with Ehlers-Danlos I dont know, if that helps you at all? Like maybe it’s just like a little bit of inspiration to keep going and feel like somebody understands Anyway, I hope you like this video The last thing I want to say is click the link and get your free trial for audible because then you get a free audiobook for a 30-day trial so highly recommend. Anyway, thanks guys for watching and I will see you in the next video. Bye [Outro Music]

60 comments on “Celebrities with EDS (ehlers danlos syndrome)

  1. I love these “Celebrities with EDS” and “Reviewing EDS and POTS in TV shows” type videos!❤️ Also love your hair!

  2. I like that I can connect with you and you usually respond to my posts, so its kinda like having a friend with the same medical issues as me. And your fun too.
    When are you going to record you singing and post it? I watched your group singing in your videos but, it would be nice if it was just you so we can hear your voice. Ok if not but, just a suggestion.

  3. Maybe singer Falco also had EDS. Have a look at his flexible fingers in this video.

  4. I know Brittany Murphy's brother strongly suspected that she had POTS as he had a form of it as well (even though its different from EDS). Also some people believe that Elizabeth Taylor may have had EDS based on her health complications and pictures of her elbows bending back in photos. Those are just two celebrities that came to the top of my mind.

  5. Thanks for doing this video. Hopefully, in the near future, we will see more celebrities actively raising awareness!

  6. Taylor Swift is hypermobile though hasn’t ever mentioned EDS or HSD. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was somewhere on the spectrum.

  7. Would not recommend corination Street, her eds is not a central theme, its a soap so it's all about drama, personally I found it quite a negative thing to watch and then you get attached to the story lines, so many people are obsessed with it here in the UK but I don't think it's a positive watch, but by ll means make your own conclusion, just a warning for you lol ☺


  9. Your hair is so cute!!! Also thank you for making this video, knowing that other people have EDS let alone celebrities makes me feel not so alone.

  10. Your hair looks so good it's ready to be in a shampoo commercial. That said, you absolutely gotta give The Good Place a go. It's a bit weird at the beginning, but it's one of those shows that keeps getting better and suddenly hits you with deep philosophical questions/truths even though it's a comedy.

  11. Anne Frank was suspected to have EDS, in her book she stated that her family sometimes had a hard time hiding because of her constantly dislocating something.

  12. I love Jameela Jamil! She is a huge body positivity person, an aerie role model, a patient advocacy person. She refuses to let anyone edit her in photos and rocks her “flaws” and love the skin she is in. Also the good place is super funny

  13. I can say a deffo no to coronation street lol. I'm from the uk and had to watch it all the time.growing up… really not good also I do think the show is older than me lol

  14. Anytime I bring up that I have JHS to a doctor they ask me if I have EDS. I’m not sure why???? It’s happened with my last two doctors. So the last one I seen is sending me to a genetics to see if I do. (I also have POTS)

  15. Cherylee houston joined Corrie in 2010 and still going strong her name in the show is izzy 😊 cherylee is also an advocate of eds and runs acting classes for disabled ppl i had never heard of eds until she joined the cast of corrie and only 3 yrs ago got dxed with it myself

  16. Stevie Boebi also has EDS. She’s a famous LGBTQ+ youtuber. Also Yvie Oddly, she’s a drag queen and she won RuPauls Drag Race Season 11

  17. OMG Devin Druid has EDS?? Wow I really did not know that! Also Sia suprised me. I hate that they also have EDS, but I love that maybe (just maybe) EDS will get some attention now maybe.

  18. There is a YT video on a channel by an EDS doctor-who has it herself-explaining why she strongly believes Elizabeth Taylor had EDS. It's obvious in pictures she was definitely hypermobile. The doctor's name is Dr Diana Driscoll.

  19. I noticed you had a picture of Sara guerts in your video on YouTube I don’t know if you know this but please be mindful of what pictures you put on YouTube because the naked picture of Sara guerts is very sexual and when you post sexual pictures or videos on YouTube you open yourself to sexual demons and to a demonic realm and it’s not something you want to go through

  20. Please turn and repent from your wicked ways …. when you repent please make sure you mean it which means don’t repent and keep doing the same sin over and over and then repent again because God is a holy God but God won’t be mocked….if you keep doing the same sin over and over but then repent God will put you in a reperbate mindset

  21. In one of my ADHD runs through YouTube (finding out who Sia was/is), I came across AGT 2017 contestant Mandy Harvey, who mentioned in her audition interview losing her hearing to a "connective tissue disorder." On her Wikipedia bio, it mentions that it is EDS.

  22. It sounds like Devin Druid had a hip labral tear. I have one and will have to get surgery for it as well. It's not something that can heal on it's own. If that's the case, I presume he had no accidents resulting in the tear. I haven't had any accidents myself so I'm wondering if it's realted to my SI joint being hypermobile or if i have a form of EDS.

  23. I LOVE my Audible! I've had it for about 3 years. I camt even quote how many books I have. My favorite book, that I listen to over and over is Lady of the Rivers by Phillipa Gregory. This book is about King Henry VIII g-g-grandmother.

  24. Thank you for doing this vlog!! I was diagnosed with EDS in the beginning of September, after years of suffering from so many seemingly unrelated symptoms/conditions.

  25. OMG–I love Coronation Street. I never knew that this character had EDS! She has been on the show for decades. Coronation Street is a British soap opera. I began watching it on a nearby Canadian broadcasting stattion. Now I subscribe to Britbox, which is a streaming app that charges a month fee. Coronation Street can be seen on Britbox. Thanks for mentioning Lena Dunham. I actually read that article when it came out, but at that time I wasn't aware of EDS so it didn't really register with me. The article is about how Lena Dunham has a changed view of what cozy means now that she has chronic pain.

  26. 7:19 That last name sounds Dutch to me. You can hear the pronunciation of that last name here:

  27. Haha I definitely wouldn't watch Corrie unless you're really into soap operas that's been on for years and years and years. You'll have to see if any current storylines draw you in.

  28. So much thanks to you! I had never heard of EDS Type 3 until I stumbled upon your channel, and watched your videos and realized that I struggled with a lot of the same things you did. Went to my doctor and finally a year later got my diagnosis of EDS Type 3. So thank you for raising awareness!

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