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Celebrity CEO – The Rise To Fame – Episode 001 : JUST GET STARTED – Chris DeBlasio

Celebrity CEO – The Rise To Fame – Episode 001 : JUST GET STARTED – Chris DeBlasio

we get the green light on that yeah well
that’s what I said was once we have that we know and then the pay or play offer we
just we just send it over to and lock her down you know because I that’s
essentially what’s what’s gonna what’s gonna launch it you know if we get the
washers out my window over here (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) John Kelly… I think.. he might have reached out to you via email he’s my chief operating officer down in
the Florida office so he’s in the process of moving up here right now
matter of fact his house just sold he’s gonna be up here probably
around mid mid October I’m already brought on another Full-Timer with us he is more helping out as an associate producer with my Pitch Chris Show (Music) By November i would have hired three or four more people… locally up here. Our Florida office I’m pretty much done hiring we’re
just gonna leave it at it as it is I’m gonna keep my staff down there but we’re
really expanding in in the Atlanta market Welcome to Atlanta yes so basically all right so just this
place set up just and this is like stuff that we do for me and it’s just cool
because now you get to see exactly what we do as a company we’re actually gonna have a go through
because I put like something together for you and we’re just documenting so
hey what’s going on friends we are live here at Pinewood Studios at the CIne Gear Event… amazing place to shoot is Atlanta Georgia and it’s all happening
right here welcome back on Lou Weiland I’m sitting here with Chris DeBlasio
professional actor producer entrepreneur we live in such a great time right now
for filmmaking because the the market is starving for content and if you can if
you can find your little niche create the content for your niche you’re gonna
be successful agency 850 we are an entertainment marketing company so we do
product placement product integration branded entertainment we do a lot of
marketing for some of the TV shows and movies and we help connect businesses to
the entertainment business specifically out here in Georgia with all the all the
entertainment business and filming and everything that’s going on so Branded
Entertainment is kind of a buzzword today and everybody stop really talking
about it give me an example to help people understand the concept a little
better sure so if you notice the TV evolved over the years right where there
was only a couple of TV shows on on television right so commercials were
really effective because there wasn’t too much content out there now over the
years there’s been a lot of content and now the switch to digital it’s most
people are skipping through commercials and you know or if they’re tivoing it
and they’re just going through so what branded entertainment is is it’s
actually writing a show essentially around the business and then marketing
it as advertising so we had just as a case study we had a company who’s a
public adjuster basically they deal with insurance companies in catastrophic
events like the hurricane like hurricane Michael that just happened
well basically he wanted advertising for his business so instead of advertising
him just as a public adjuster which most people don’t know that
term we we wrote a show and we launched the show on ABC CW on Fox and it branded
his business so it’s a it’s a tremendous amount of exposure for a business owner
to go the branded entertainment route so people are more inclined to listen to a
show of this nature then maybe a normal serial or whatever right right because
the advertising is ingrained in the narrative right so it makes a very
sticky customer for that business owner right because they’re enjoying a show
but they’re actually being advertised too at the same time because it’s part
of the show so you know if you notice most reality shows like Dog the Bounty
Hunter American Pickers storage wars these are functioning businesses right
but it’s a TV show and it’s engaging and when you have a customer that is engaged
with the content it makes a very sticky customer as opposed to a 30-second
commercial that nowadays statistics show that most people are skipping through a
tivoing through it or they’re they’re just there on their phone during you
know during the commercial breaks on television so so I work as an executive
producer so a lot of times I’ll help and tightening it up and packaging it for
you so I assume it’s early on you don’t have any names attached or anything like
that yeah so essentially the like what you would do is you would seek out an
executive producer or somebody to take a look at it see if they can package it up
and then obviously it goes into the financing phase and then once you go
into the financing phase that’s what you move onto the pre-production and it goes
right up into production networking is huge like if you’re in the entertainment
business and you’re not networking you’re missing out on a huge opportunity
because this specifically this industry is built on relationships right so you
want to start building relationships with people that are in your line of
work so when there is a industry event specifically for film and television
you guys need to be there right we like to have it yeah kind of a family
atmosphere too when we have the giant numbers right right right and you kind
of build that relationship that’s what’s great about long season show we do we do
product placement product integration we’ll do pre financing so that’s on the
ad agency side but yeah a lot of like as we learned earlier today right where
where you have some of the connectors that people have relationships so some
people will seek seek me out for distribution and stuff like that were
we’re financing because I work with some investors too as as an EP.
so we’re doing product placement product integration you know
the branded entertainment piece but we’re also doing marketing so we’re
doing the EPK’s the the the key art you know any type of marketing the social
media for these films and uh yeah totally yeah and you just let me know
like I mean if it’s your project or if it’s somebody else approach whatever it
is just let me know what the budget is and I’ll just make it work the biggest
thing is like you know people just don’t get started it’s like if you want to be
a filmmaker just pick up in film just start filming stuff you know what are
you waiting for you know it’s like you’re waiting for this big thing that
you’re trying to put together to make it perfect what happens a lot of times is
they never they never launch right they never actually put out any content and
in this day and age if you want to compete and you want your content to be
seen you need to get content out there and and even if it’s just testing out
doing short little videos first and starting out see what works see what
doesn’t work and then finding your style of filmmaking you know that that’s
that’s key is just getting started (Music) (Music)

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