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Celebrity Makeup Trends

Celebrity Makeup Trends

(upbeat music) They’re all new, they’re all pinks too. That’s the brown in it. I’ll get them to send it to you. Okay.
It’s beautiful. It is?
Yeah, it’s beautiful. Okay, I’m nervous. Okay, here with the hottest celebrity makeup trends, is this seasons beauty expert, or the seasons beauty expert, I’m sorry. Mickey Williams. Welcome back, Mickey. Hi honey. Mickey, I’m nervous. Come on, come on. Here we go. Knows I don’t like brown lips or purple lips, so what are doing here? Oh come on, look at Ryan Destiny here. She’s really pulling it off. She is. Yes, lovely. And one way that you can do that is doing… It can work on any skin tone, right? But, one thing for you to think about is maybe leave that little area right there, the pout open. That way it doesn’t look like a completely matte brown. You don’t look kind of goth like, right? So, it’s that great pout. But, what if you took away some of the tracing? Well, the tracing is really what makes it. That’s kind of like that nude lip that’s coming back from the 90s. He traces my lips with a brown, he tricks me when I don’t have a mirror. And then I wipe it off. That’s what we did here. We kind of like already kind of did this. Katrina, are you down with the brown? I am. But, watch how beautiful this is. So, basically you can take a company just like this, this is CTZN. They do all browns and nudes, right? Okay, here we go. And you can go right in there, and you’re just going to basically fill it in. But, leave that pout open, okay? So, you see we’re gonna go ahead, we’re gonna get that brown on. Okay, leave the middle of her lip down at the bottom open? Now, that’s if you don’t want to commit to the whole thing. You could commit. You’re right though. It makes all the difference. You’re right. What’s great about this lip look too, is that this brown isn’t that matte harsh brown that we were seeing, or that goth brown. What’s great about it, we’re gonna add a little bit of gloss here. Like it looks like you smoke Newport’s all day. I think that’s what I have the problem with, it’s you know. But, what’s great about this, is that it works now in a matter in a glossy, in a shimmer, in anything. It looks gorgeous. It’s gorgeous. It does.
Easy breezy, and this brand is great, CTZN. Wait, so they specialize in all nudes? All nudes, CTZN’s only nude. Their lipsticks are only nudes, the whole pallet. Okay, okay. Now, the next trend that we’re seeing, Ashley Graham pulled this off at the Met Gala. It was absolutely beautiful. Her makeup… (audience applauding) Take a look at that makeup, it’s just neutral. I mean, it’s all just basically nudes. But then, what’s standing out? It’s that really iconic trend that we’re seeing right now. The green kind of statement eyeliner. Alissa, do you normally use that? I use black ones. Black ones, exactly.
But, she’s gonna use this now. Me too, I don’t use the greens either. Let’s let her do you up. So, Alissa has this beautiful eye. We’ve already traced all of these too, right? Now, we’re gonna use the Color Stay by Revlon, this is their Jade, so keep it in kind of that Jade family. Your eyelashes are really long. They’re ridiculous, right? Are those natural? Yes. Grown from your skull? (laughing) Yes.
Exactly. Wow, lucky girl. What’s great about this, is you can go… What we’re gonna do is go corner to corner, make sure you get that waterline in there. I was gonna say, you’re all in the waterline. And it’s a tight line, it’s not a really big line. And then you have that beautiful green pop statement liner. And even with brown eyes you look pretty with the green. Thank you.
I love it on brown eyes. Yeah.
I love blues and browns. All right Alissa, thank you. Julia, the beautiful. See what Julia’s up to. Hi Julia. Now, what we’re gonna recreate is right here, this gorgeous creature, Hailey Bieber. She really is pretty, right? And again, we’re into that nude makeup, but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna give her that nude glow. And she’s known for it, so I’m using right now this is the HipDot pallet, right? I like a nude glow. Yeah, so this is great. Is it brown enough for me? It is actually. I love this, because on their website they’ll show you what it looks like on each skin tone. I love that. But, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start, and we’re going to blend the brown into her hairline. Oh yeah, okay we know this in the makeup line. And why I like this one, is because the brown, the darkest one isn’t shimmery. So, you can contour with it, you can get everything in there. But then, when you wanna make that glow pop, you’ve got the gold there. And if you get too much on the brush. Tap, tap, tap. Tap, and then watch. Boom. I see what’s going on. (audience applauding) Julia, do you like this? I love it. Are you a makeup girl? Yes. And then you even have that little, I love it when it’s all in one pallet, because then you have that little bit of peach. And you’ll see on Hailey right there, it’s not a lot. It’s just a little bit. But, you blend that into this beautiful, monochromatic kind of gold glow. And she’s the nude glow. Perfect. (audience applauding) Thank you Mickie so much, thank you Julia. Thank you Alissa, and thank you you Katrina. For more information on these trends, go to (upbeat music)

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  1. So, Julia looks like Nikki Glaser and tbh I got nervous coz Wendy just got up in her hair (nobody allowed to do that to her though but ok…).
    The second girl (I did not catch her name) is drop-dead gorgeous obviously (eyes for days honey!)

  2. The young woman in the middle was stunning and a doppelganger (sans those big gorgeous lips) to Yara Shahidi.

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