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Celebrity Parents React to Archibald’s Next Big Thing | Netflix

Celebrity Parents React to Archibald’s Next Big Thing | Netflix

– Hey I’m Tony Hale. – Hey I’m Jodie. – I’m Anthony. – I’m Megan. – I’m Myles. – Hi I’m Julie. – I’m Angela and– – Today we’re gonna be watching a scene from my show Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Lets do this. (upbeat music) I’m the voice of Archibald. He has a much higher range than I do. – Lets give it a shot. So I typically sometimes
lose my voice a bit. But I love channeling him, he’s just so full of joy and I feel like we need a lot more of that in the world today. – [Narrator] With his
siblings away Archibald was – I like this egg house! – They lie in an egg? Oh, they’re birds it makes sense. – [Narrator] Archibald was busy asking Officer Jones
an important question. – More corn muffins Officer Jones? – Look at these colors. – The wallpaper! – Look at Archibald’s wallpaper. I mean who decorated his place. You know what, they did a Queer Eye cross-over episode. I feel it. He’s definitely been Queer Eyed. – Jelly with your corn muffins? – [Narrator] An important question. – Is Archibald wearing like a doormat? – a basket? – It does look itchy. – He looks like he’s knit. – Well, its cable-knit if
you’re fashion forward. That’s all I’m saying. – When you think you’ll
find my stolen fridge? – May I be blunt? – I don’t know what that means, but lets give it a shot! – We’re never going to find your fridge. – What? – I just love this police
officer’s honesty here. – He has his mission but he
always gets distracted by food. (laughs) Which by the way, I can relate. – I’m sorry– – I’m so glad to see
the police-y mustache. – The owl looks a little
bit like Tom Selleck. – I’m still trying to
figure out if Officer Jones, the owl, is black or not. ‘Cause he likes corn muffins
which could be cornbread, which its my favorite so I’m just sayin’. – I’m from the South. Corn muffins are a southern staple. That’s just a flat fact. – Ah bummer. (gasps) Are these real? – I feel like whenever anyone
asks “are handcuffs real” it’s never gonna lead to anything good. (handcuffs jingling) – On the plus side your
newly installed Ultralup 9000 will keep this house safe and secure. – Oh, thanks Larry. – On the downside, you cuffed yourself to that chair. (handcuffs clink) – Uh oh. – Allow me. – And here’s the master key, look how gorgeous that key is. – That key’s so pretty. Never seen a handcuff key look like that! Don’t ask how many
handcuff keys I’ve seen. – That there’s a master key. It’ll open any lock in town. – Wow! – The cop is not concerned that this dude has a key to open up any door. Archibald is for sure a white dude. – If I had a key that could open any door. – That key would open every
restaurant in the food court. – Open whatever door contained a mattress and just take a fat nap. – Do I go to BevMo? On Rose day? – Sneak into someone’s house that I’ve always been really curious about and like rummage through
their medicine cabinet or their underwear drawer. – Not in a creepy way but, a door to Beyonce’s rehearsal studio so I could just see the
magic as it’s happening. – Not a great intro to Beyonce. (pager beeping) – Wow! A pager! – Am I gonna have to explain
to my children what a pager is? It’s like a smartphone that
doesn’t so anything smart. – I absolutely owned a
pager when I was younger. – I did. – I begged for one! – Who didn’t own a pager back in the day? – I had the like cool see-through pager. – It would go like right
here on my Girbaud jeans. It was a fashion statement – We learned all the like codes. – Like 831 meant “I love you” – I think you could spell “boobs” on it. – Nobody paged me but like
my mom, but like I had one. – (gasp) He forgot the key! (truck starting) Larry! Wait up! He’s gone. What do I do with this? – Well just return it to Larry’s shop. – I wanna wipe his face, he has some corn muffin on his face. – Important key I’d hate to lose it. – You’ll be fine son. If you get into any
trouble just use your head. Oh! And one more thing, you think I could get a
to-go box for those muffins? – He may not seem to know what
he’s doing, like as the cop but remember owls are nocturnal creatures so it’s like 3 A.M. for him right now. So he’s kinda tired. – [Narrator] And so Archibald
went to return the key. – Look at Archibald go. He’s got like a swagger. We should all carry
ourselves like Archibald which I think was like this. – Help! Somebody please help! – C’mon Bee! Lets check it out. – Bee bee. – [Narrator] Well that didn’t take long. – This is another reason
why I love Archibald, is when he decides to do it, he always has a yes-and-attitude. He’s like you know what? Lets do it!. – Please help! My son’s melting, ice cream cake is inside
my accidentally locked car! – Who has not accidentally
locked ice cream cake in the car? Just kidding that’s
what I do when I eat it and don’t tell the kids. Oh it melted whoops! – We need to get that cake
outta that car but how? – I’ll smash the window! – Bee bee. – The bee’s wearing glasses, he’s clearly the brains of the operation. – Hang on kid! There is a better way! (dramatic music) (key clicks) – I love the anticipation. (ice cream bubbling) – Turn it! Archibald! Turn it! (lock clicks) (door opens) – Woo hoo! The chicken saved my kid’s life, affirming birthday cake. – Pausing in-between words, really changes the
meaning of the sentence. – The chicken saved my kid’s life, affirming birthday cake. – (laughing) The chicken
saved my kid’s life affirming birthday cake. C’mon! – You’re a hero! – A hero? – He’s a hero in a doormat. – I think one of the most heroic things that I’ve ever done for one of my kids is save their lives on the daily. They’re two and a half and 14 months and lets be honest, it’s an hourly thing. – I’m a hero by the hour for my kids. – There’s a lot of like, lets just keep this child alive, please just stay alive. – I went over a fence about
a little over four feet tall to rescue a one dollar toy. I tripped, I fell, I landed and I snapped my ankle and couldn’t walk in it from three months, and had two surgeries. So one dollar toy! So worth it. – I give Archibald four out of
four melting ice cream cakes. – Seven Tony Hales. I mean
who doesn’t love Tony Hale. – One out of one key. It’s the key to my heart. This show is super cute. – I mean I can’t joke about this, this is a perfect show. ‘Cause this is my show. And I highly encourage you to watch it. It’s amazing. (upbeat music)

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  1. Who…. Aaaare, these … people?

    Netflix, maybe you meant to type up the word "actors" and, by seer need to upsale this advertisment of your new show, with profound bias and evident malicious intnet, you swapped it with the word "celebrities" ?

  2. I really liked the commentary and this show is really good. Me and my three year old cousin finished the entire thing.

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