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Day In The Life Of A Viral TikTok Star Ft. Baby Ariel

Day In The Life Of A Viral TikTok Star Ft. Baby Ariel

three two one go I’m with the five to seven-year-olds are really having a baby second hi there I’m Aria and last night I spent an entire hour downloading and trying to understand tik-tok it was very long loud and confusing hour so today I’m gonna spend some time with a tick tock star I’m spending the day with Arielle Martin otherwise known as baby Arielle an 18 year old social media phenom with a following of almost 30 million on tick tock alone and who was even named by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet I know we’re very met who might chew up but we actually had a shot of us like meeting oh yeah just pretend like you’re doing something thank you for coming to my home this is my dad oh oh yeah nice to meet nice to meet you yeah yeah Hosea nice to meet you so I started on social media about four years ago my brother and I had been like playing around on our phones a ton and we came across this alcohol musically and I was like oh this is awesome this is another way for me to express myself it’s like another creative outlet that I can just use and be like Here I am and so I did that and it just like people just really like the way it videos and I would just make up every single day and I just was gaining a following I’m excited to beat you because for me the world of social media especially tik-tok and all these evolutions have are very confusing to me a thousand percent they’re confusing to me it’s very hard to describe what tic-tock is I think that’s one of the hardest things that I’ve found because it is so broad and there’s so much that you’re able to do on this one app you are able to post absolutely any kind of video that you have ever dreamt of on tik-tok this is where I spend like a lot of my time right here cuz I get my makeup right here I put my iPod here make my tic TOCs I go to trim usually I found this like the part of the song that I want to do [Music] you got that used it that one snippet just for that yeah so now what I like to play with a lot in tik-tok is like depth perception um so you can come closer and then it’s just gonna go mm seems to go mmm yeah what have a vibe do you want me to give her that like like a predator yeah three two one go [Laughter] tick tock and musically has always felt like home to me tick tock came at a point in my life where I felt like disconnected a little bit from the people at my school and the people I was surrounding myself with right now I think I’m not a period where I’m very happy but I just I go through a lot of periods where I feel very alone and I don’t have I feel like I don’t have anybody in my corner for some reason even though I know I do like logically but like here sometimes doesn’t feel like I look I have a lot of people I don’t know why I’m sad it just I push a lot of people away for some reason I should be happy with like me myself like I have these people like following me and around me but still feeling alone with the struggles that you go through and feeling alone with your sadness and even the happiness sometimes I think that’s almost even worse when you’re happy and you have just experienced something that you wanted to experience your entire life but feeling that like you have nobody to share that with what’s really great about social media is that I’m able to post online and say okay this is how I’m feeling and other people are able to respond and say hey I went through that two months ago or I’m going through that right now I understand you and I get it and it’s gonna be okay no matter what you guys are always the earth thank you for supporting me constantly because we have to go through it and that’s what sucks yes it really is truly the down times that make the High Times exactly you need those low times to say okay this is my happy so I had to go through that period of loneliness and I had to go through period by myself to get to a point of happiness where I am happy being alone I’m happy with the people I’ve surrounded myself with before leaving Arielle I felt like my day wouldn’t be complete without posting my first ever tik tok you definitely have to make your first day time you know I want my my presence on tik tok to be different okay I want to make a statement a political dynamic what political statement are you thinking are you familiar with the landmine crisis that’s going around the world right now should I know so what effect do you want the first there’s tons of effects let’s find a fun one not so fun topic quite wait no this has to be a really good film sorry I just wanted to be like really good so I’m gonna start recording and when you stop your sentence I’ll stop recording and then we didn’t switch filters oh it’s fun yeah great okay so what’s the first thing you’re gonna say I’m just gonna say every year people continue to be injured and killed by landmines that around the world ready yes set go every year people continue to be maimed or killed by land mines that have yet to be disposed of I think is my name favor tick tock understand that’s gonna be a very impactful fun time yes okay now you just write a caption please help now one two three I did it 65% we’re going live you’re making a change I’m making impact yes you know people are gonna go on tick-tock they’re gonna see those people running around screaming and they’re gonna see this every year people continue to be maimed or killed by landmines that yet to be disposed of this is a humanitarian crisis the world is to be more aware of yeah today I hope you’ll go online to learn more about this issue but we can make a difference I’m so excited it’s gonna blow up tick-tock er high-five I’m very proud of you I’m very thank you so much for your help yes I mean you’re welcome take stalkers are good people I feel like for some reason it’s like okay like you’re an actor awesome you’re singer awesome beard influencer I think that’s sad because the people who are doing tick tock like this they it’s all them it’s them and a phone and they’re creating great content and they’re entertaining millions of people from their bedroom and that’s a really awesome thing I have so much I want to do happiness is number one in whatever I’m doing it’s okay not to know who you are but also it’s okay to take the time for yourself and dive into you and go on a journey of figuring yourself out because that’s what I think we all need to spend more time doing you [Music]

100 comments on “Day In The Life Of A Viral TikTok Star Ft. Baby Ariel

  1. People saying thumbnail dosent look like her what??? Did u not watch the video it looks like her 100% it's called not editing her actual natural look 🤣

  2. Why is almost everyone on social media 'depressed' and 'going through something'?!! Normal people get sad and feel alone too, but not always!

  3. Should be "I spent a day with a TikTok star". What makes it the day, what's so special about this one particular day?

  4. 😣 this is mad cringey. Just all around shallow meaningless nonsense that is only popular because these "stars" know how to manipulate young audiences. The humanitarian plug at end and the transparent attempt at capatalizing on depression were both corny af. Honestly I disliked it from the thumbnail and use of the term "tik tok star" . This was all around trash but I kinda needed a good cringe so that's the one redeeming factor to this garbage

  5. All of her followers are still from musically. If she would have started now she probably wouldn’t have been famous🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. I think she's really beautiful. All these haters in the comments. She's got millions of followers somewhere. Why so much negativity in the world? Let the girl shine. You Go Girl! Don't let them hold you back!

  7. Cool. Never heard of her. Does that mean I'm old now? I did just put a mortgage in on a house…..guess I answered my own question.

  8. Baby Ariel is a musically star, I haven’t seen her on my for you page in like a year. You need like benoftheweek or some Tik tok star that has said the n word

  9. I think that interesting position of the butterfly in conjunction with the outlet at 2:07 is like a cute little FML/Kill Me Now message that her subconscious self is sending to her conscious self, who is just too damn busy on TikTok to notice.

  10. the vast majority of “influencers” live in their bubble. case and point, her not knowing about landmines. not saying some don’t attempt to make an impact but they are few and far between.

  11. Y’all are saying she isn’t a tik tok star and that she’s a musically star but she’s got like 30 million followers. I’m struggling to get past 10 followers lmao

  12. I feel like people who know sadness and loneliness could one day be truly very happy. And also I feel as if the people who have gone through a lot should have more of a say in things. For me I used to be bullied in school for about 2-3 years by friends and classmates. Now I don’t get bullied anymore but I still feel so sad as if I haven’t gotten any happier. I feel as if I’m getting pushed away by people and sometimes I’m the one who pushes them away. I keep a fake face on all day and then at night I cry cry and cry. Even tho I know I have people I can talk to I don’t talk. I wanna scream I wanna yell but all I’m doing is crying in the dark. I say if u r going through something like this get help plz. Don’t be like me cuz crying won’t change a thing but talking to someone will. Choose someone who will listen choose someone who would care choose something who will help. (Sorry if this didn’t go with the vid and if it didn’t make since)( just wanted to get it out)

  13. This is literally Anthony Padilla’s video series and concept, which is currently being nominated for a streamy. You have enough money and people to come up with an original concept buzzfeed 🙄 unfollowed and disliked

  14. Im not even going to watch this but I already know Anthony did “I spent a day with” better. At least give him credit for taking the idea.

  15. Look. I see most comments have to do with people saying baby ariel is irrelevant on tiktok. She doesn't need to be relevant on any social app. She is who she wants to be and thats all that matters. Someone doesn't need to be "relevant" to be liked by people. They can be whoever they wanna be. They don't need somebody there to judge them everyday and i understand everyone has their own opinions but keep those thoughts in your head instead of putting someone down for having some type of flaw. People need to relize that there are other things in the world to worry or have hatred towards and that's what we should focus on

  16. Congrats on ripping off another individuals series.
    This is just like Anthony Padilla’s series.
    Get your own ideas buzzfeed.

  17. Anthony Padilla did this video, better, with more people, and with people who were actually from tiktok, in his video in December, 2018 ‘I spent a day with tiktok stars’. Get your own ideas and stop stealing from original creators for once Buzzfeed

  18. If you wanna watch a better and funnier version of this go to Antony Padilla’s YouTube channel! You’re welcome 🙂

  19. Y’all complaining about this video but all I’m thinking about is the dads caption that said “provided the seed that birthed Ariel” 😂😂

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