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Deepak & Darrah On The Connection Between Fame And Insecurity

Deepak & Darrah On The Connection Between Fame And Insecurity

Welcome to Diving Deep with Deepak and
Darrah, where we make the deep relatable and translatable into your life. What are your thoughts on fame and what
really… not only draws someone to fame, but… has them become the person who is in
the spotlight in the first place? I think it’s important that if you become famous
then you have a responsibility to live up to the image you’ve created. The image though is never the reality and it’s always good to surround yourself with
few people who can bring you down to it. In my case it’s my kids, and… you know, there are few intimate friends that can always remind you not to take yourself
too seriously. And once in a while laugh at yourself. Great medicine, I love that. How would you describe the difference between your image so to speak, and your
reality? and your human reality? Human… reality is mostly about the image, which
we said the selfie not the self. But… I think the goal of all wisdom traditions
is to go beyond that. and only by going beyond that do you have access to
true insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, higher vision, transcendence. All the things that humans aspire to, whether they know it or not. It’s good to be just aware of that, that’s what. It’s that your, your… your self-image is never
going to disappear because actually your body is an expression of that. So… Your
body, your social interactions, your personal relationships are all basically
a reflection of this skin encapsulated ego that is dragging you along as a bag
of flesh and bones. So as long as you’re in a body that will be there, but it would be nice if it’s in the background and not in the foreground. Are there any
lessons that you’ve seen or learned from watching people who are considered
famous or celebrities when when it’s become their entire source of
identity or self-worth? It’s mostly their entire source of self-worth. It’s also by the way, an element in their success so it’s very complex. Because if they weren’t insecure, they wouldn’t be successful. So it’s almost like a… there’s the wisdom of insecurity built into them. But a stage should come when it’s not
needed. It’s good as part of a… a phase of… maturation. By that do you mean that
it’s the insecurity that drives them to seek more, which then in turn creates
more success in that way? That’s correct. That’s so fascinating. Yeah, it’s the insecurity that drives them. But once you know,
once you’ve kind of achieved… the pinnacle of success, it should drop, but it doesn’t. I remember first time I met Michael Jackson he asked me who was my
favorite singer, and I named the Bee Gees or something. And he was so upset! And then I apologized! I said okay it’s you! Yeah sure why not! Yeah, why not! That’s really fascinating, and so for you in your own experience with fame, was there a time where you felt like there was an insecurity element? Yeah you know, in the
beginning when I was writing and the books became huge bestsellers, then I got
attached to the best seller list. So silly, but you know, it was a different
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2 comments on “Deepak & Darrah On The Connection Between Fame And Insecurity

  1. Wow, great discussion. I like when he says that the image is never the reality. And also, his explanation of the insecurity helping the fame point. I have also thought about what goes on in the famous peoples' brains. Thank you, Darrah.

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