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11 comments on “DeGarmo & Key GMA Hall of Fame Induction (1/24/11)

  1. Took several youth groups to see DeGarmo & Key, one of the all-time greatest "ministry" bands, that just happened to really really rock.

  2. So I'll throw in my D&K story: we were on our honeymoon on the California coast, and had planned all this stuff we were going to do. Well, it rained all week, so what did we do? Followed D&K down the coast and saw (I think) 3 shows. So much fun!

  3. I remember my days in the late '80s when I was a DeGarmo & Key groupie, following them around for 4 or 5 shows.
    Miss you Dana💔

  4. Too sad that Anita Key also passed on. I guess it was just too tough on her too after Dana was gone. But, it is good to know they are together in Glory, no doubt.

  5. Dana Key (Born: December 30, 1953 – Died: June 6, 2010) I just found this out today. RIP Dana Key !!
    I am 56 myself, and I saw D&K in concert in the 80's.

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