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Demarjay Goes to the NBA All-Star Game

Demarjay Goes to the NBA All-Star Game

Our next guest has pretty
much become our sports and fitness expert here at the show. And here to tell us all about his
NBA all star weekend in Toronto, please welcome nine year
old Demarjay Smith. So you went to the NBA All-Star Weekend,
how was that?>>It was great,
I got to meet celebrities and different kind of NBA players but
most of all. My team lost. I was bummed that the West All Stars
won but it doesn’t matter, I had a good time because of you.>>Charming, very charming. Let’s take a look at this tape,
I haven’t seen it yet.>>Hey, Ellen, I’m here in Toronto for
the NBA All Star weekend. [MUSIC]>>Let’s see those curls. Let me see them guns. What.>>You gotta be strong. Yeah, there you go.>>How tall are you?>>I’m seven feet. How about you?>>Lord.
>>Yeah, I know right.>>What’s up young man? How much time until you get out there and
play? From what I here you got
a pretty nice jump shot.>>Thank you.>>You gonna go out there and
break my record? Drop 90 on the Lakers.>>Probably. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE] I like your haircut.>>Thank you.>>Can I get my hair like that. Think I can pull it off?>>Yeah,
now you come down the court right?>>Right.
>>You just pull up for a shot and you go like. And you put your hands behind
your back and you make it. And then you go.>>Yeah, that’s right,
You got my celebration. I like that. I like that.
[MUSIC] He ain’t even sweating. He’s not even sweating. [MUSIC] [LAUGH]
>>That’s right. I got something to remember the weekend. Appreciate you.>>All right, guys fire away.>>Appreciate you man, all right. [MUSIC]>>But tomorrow you gonna play.>>Tomorrow I’m a play. Tomorrow I’m a play. But I need you I need your inspiration,
man. Man, you gotta sit down and
I need your motivation.>>How does it feel to be the youngest
player in NBA history to score 26,000 points?>>I’m honored in the fact that
you’re interviewing me right now. How intelligent you are.>>Thank you.
>>You sound better than everyone that just asked me a question for
30 minutes, man.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey, what’s your name?>>Demarjay. You know strength no weakness?>>Yeah, of course. Yeah, son.
Nice to meet you, man. [MUSIC]>>I need a medic. Ellen, I need a medic.>>I think that you can’t stand on
one leg and do a squat on one leg.>>How easy was that?>>Took me a long time to figure that out,
guys.>>Give a shout out to Ellen.>>After seeing that I don’t
want to tell Ellen hi. No, no shout out to you today, Ellen. Hey Ellen, it’s Kevin Hart, way to get the
in shape kid on here to make me look bad. Move, move.
>>Welcome back everyone to
the NBA All Star Celebrity game.>>I was actually with Michael Jordan,
you know he told me don’t run a triangle, told me to stay focused, plus I’ve got my. Assistant coach right here. You gotta introduce yourself to the world.>>Introduce yourself.>>Yeah, I’m Jamaican trainer. It’s all about strength no weakness. Yeah. [MUSIC]>>Now,
[INAUDIBLE] has his own secret weapon, Demarjay Smith has checked
into the ball game Game. Ellen DeGeneres’ special
fitness correspondent. Now under protest.>>They’re taking him out.>>Not allowing him to
come into the ball game. And Canada will win it 74 to 64.>>I don’t like losing man.>>Break it.>>You know we won. Obviously, Kevin Hart made
a fool of himself but what else is new if you’ve
ever seen any of his movies.>>He said he was gonna
chop me up like cheese.>>Which is very violent for
a grown man to say to you by the way.>>Look at that. That turned all like a flip,
his team lost and your team won, so
who’s gonna be talking now.>>Right, what?>>Because I know when to hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.>>Demarjay in the flesh. No weakness.>>Thank you, Ellen. Love you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Alright. [APPLAUSE] We have to take a break. We’ll be back with Demarjay. We’ll be back.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>So what was it like meeting Drake?>>It was great.
He pulled me out of the crowd to be his assistant coach.>>Uh-huh.>>And he wanted me to give
a motivational speech.>>Uh-huh.>>To his team.>>And you did.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah.>>And it turned out that they did win.>>They did.
Because of you.>>Because of me.>>Yeah, because of you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The next time you’re gonna have to, because he’s a snappy dresser. I mean, you look great because you
didn’t expect to help coach Drake and he was all dressed up like that. So I got something for you. So, the next time they ask you
to do something, you look sharp.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right.>>[APPLAUSE]>>All right. All right, and next time you see Kevin
Hart, you give him a hard time, he’s a but yeah
>>He told me he was, little man, I’m gonna chop you up like cheese,
my comment back was. Shouldn’t be calling me little
man because we’re the same size.>>[APPLAUSE]

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