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Derek Jeter Elected into Baseball Hall of Fame | The View

Derek Jeter Elected into Baseball Hall of Fame | The View

I just want to say to the one holds out who did not think that Derek Jeter should get Inducted unanimously into the Hall of Fame what’s wrong with you? One of the great gentlemen of the game a really fine Epitome of baseball what one guy you just decided well, you know I’m not gonna make it unanimous to know who it is. He probably was on opposing team somebody who was against the Yankees Yeah, it’s possible it’s possible That’s like I don’t know what to say other than go Diamondbacks, okay, nothing to say about sports that’s okay Yeah Jeter is one of those players where you don’t find anybody who says anything Bad about he’s a great sportsman exhibits the the epitome of what sports means sports person ship should be yes and I You know, there’s not a lot of times where you say, you know, what that’s what that’s that’s the goal Yeah, so I just thought it was rather poopy of you, sir or madam or whoever you did it that you didn’t that you didn’t think he was good enough to be voted and Unanimously based on his merits not how you feel about some other player. I’m just talking about Derek Jeter Yes, we went out four years And that’s not the reason that I’m just saying

22 comments on “Derek Jeter Elected into Baseball Hall of Fame | The View

  1. derek jeter is a bald loser who was the epitome of of an insecure misogynist, he dated an new girl every week and gave them a swag bag when they left. he is human scum and should be in prison not in the hall of fame!!!

  2. My late husband was a life long NY Mets fan, not Yankees, but met Derek Jeter when Mr. Jeter was in the minor leagues and played in our state of WV. He never had anything but kind words to say about meeting him. Mr. Jeter is a class act and should have been voted in unanimously.

  3. Please!, Why is this a story? much better haven't been unanimous either, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Griffey Jr., just to name a few.

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