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Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines

Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines

38 comments on “Dermatologist Reviews Celebrity Skincare Routines

  1. Celebrities don't have beautiful skin.
    They use million dollar Make-up
    My grandma has better skin with occasional lemon and sugar mask.
    These kind of expensive stuff is just hands down useless and does more damage than cure.
    Guys don't believe this piece of garbage.
    I would have believed this doctor if she had no make-up on her face. Lord !!!!!!!!

  2. I love skincare! It makes me feel amazing after But everyone should try The Ordinary products it’s not expensive and it does wonders.

  3. Is this woman even a real dermatologist? How is she okay with using a hyaluronic acid serum after an oil and putting another oil on top of that ? All water based serums go before oil because they have a smaller molecule than oil. And also can we talk about how incredibly overpriced that Dr Barbara Sturm hyaluronic acid is ?

  4. The only thing I got from this was that there's a silicone loofah, which is great because it'll get me to actually use one. I'm a germaphobe, and if there's an easy to clean loofah, I'll happily use it!!!

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