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Donald Trump is Officially Overweight | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

The White House physician has officially revealed
that President Trump is overweight. No surprise there. But don’t get confused, he’s in good health
but needs to improve his diet and exercise. The Don – at 6 feet 3 inches – is also
teetering around 239 pounds with a BMI of 29.9. Sure it’s not the worst number ever, but
when we hear about the rumors of him drinking diet cokes all day and eating McDonald’s
hamburgers, we just hope it doesn’t get worse. At least he can hang his hat the doc said
he’s cognitively sound, and also mentally sharp and intact. He also stays away from alcohol, doesn’t
use tobacco, and does not abuse drugs. So say what you will… but if being out of
shape is the worst thing the doctor says about him, he can consider that a win.

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