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100 comments on “Donald Trump’s Star On Walk Of Fame Destroyed Again

  1. The city will get tired of repaying to get it fixed sooner or later. All the while, tridiots will condem Los Angeles from a far cause there scared to get caught up by a lunatic with a pic axe, who calls the police on himself.

  2. Is this really a liberal/conservative thing? You guys know I can find things just as bad done by conservatives, get real.

  3. Trump is planning on. Rebuild that star. And also. Put a wall all around. So they won't destroy it for the 3rd time 🤣😂🤣

  4. While I don't agree with what happened seeing all these trumpanzees triggered over thier Hollywood reality TV getting flak brings my heart joy.

  5. they're always raging. if they're not destroying their streets it's something else. what else to expect from these uneducated, unemployed people.

  6. Police everywhere im perplexed as to why California, especially that part, can take a dozen cops off beat for a destroyed block of concrete tsk tsk tsk

  7. Great video manipulation bro…those fake names are terrible!
    ……….keep up the pathetic work….you poor tormented soul😂

  8. You really know that somebody's a star when their star starts to get destroyed a lot. But Uncle Gene he got the most stars

  9. The divide between trump lovers and haters is scary and almost of biblical proportion.
    The thing i ask myself is has my life gotten any better since Trump has bought his way in and the answer is no.

  10. "Anyone who vandalizes any of these stars"
    LMAO as if anyone gives a shit about vandalizing any of the other stars on that sidewalk

  11. Who cares, who wants to be associated with holly wood? A bunch of ego's out of control that think their money somehow made them smart.

  12. That will teach Trump. California you are the saddest state in the United States. California is a scourge.

  13. how about just take them all out as people cant handle them stars on a side walk !!! wow so sad now days !!

  14. I swear to god if you’re a liberal you don’t want to be anywhere around me with weapon, or a pick axe.

  15. Now that Donald Trump's star has been destroyed, Hilary now gets to replace him as president and everything Trump has done has to be reversed.
    Oh wait, actually, nothing changes. You just destroyed something meaningless and now you get to go to jail for it.

  16. Actually, Trump had him do this to his star. He heard you all were coming up short on money and materials for your wall, so your president was kind enough to put a little of his own skin the game. Of course he did it for the naming rights.

  17. Probably Robert de niro did it lol. I don't understand the anger in these stupid crazy people!?!?!?!?!? Like did Trump kill a family member of yours or something? This reminds me of the stupid sheep that had pitch forks that went after witches just because they saw a huge group of angry people they just jumped in and went with it.

  18. Axe is new and it says, HUSKY. That's a LOWES hardware store brand. Check security camera's at LOWE'S and you will find your guy.

  19. I guess the peace and love is only with the trump voters. Long live Donald trump. The best president American has ever had.

  20. Over the years I’ve noticed the effort people will put into unlawful acts (kind of like the means students will go to cheat in school). If only they would put that kind of effort into lawful work! Now if there was a concrete slab to rip out and replace, this guy might be useful at a construction company.

  21. I guarantee you that all he leftists in the comments cheering “good job” would be flipping their shit if this situation was the other way around with Obama.

  22. Lets Start a GoFundme account to help the victims who got sad and didnt go to work today just to go check out the damage star

  23. He's a coward. He didn't do it during the daytime. I'm sure he was frightened about someone stomping him out. But I do feel bad for the guy. He brought terrible karma on himself which will hit soon.

  24. I hope that the citizens of California will not tolerate this offensive brass star to be replaced again and again. Eventually the c of c will get tired of supporting that blithering idiot and will find someone more worthy of your tax dollars and support. Keep up the good work.

  25. I like how the dems have so little ideas and are getting so desperate they are going to rehash some stupid shit some guy already did

  26. I heard about this from one of the channels I follow on YouTube I never heard about it from the news anywhere

  27. How would you Trump-haters feel if l destroyed something of Barack Obama's? THEN LEAVE TRUMP'S STAR ALONE, YOU ASSHOLES!!!🇺🇸😡🖕

  28. People who destroy it are retarded, do they realize it will get replaced after they destroy it and he will have the newest and shiniest star as long as it keeps getting destroyed.

  29. Good job person who destroyed it that star deserves to be destroyed or destroy trump and leave the star them destroy it again…

  30. This is kind of symbolic.. with every swing of that pickaxe, these brainless jackoffs are digging themselves into a hole that they won't be getting of.
    These lunatic leftist a-holes are oblivious to the fact that everything they do is working against them. They are single handedly ensuring Trump a second term.
    For that I guess I should thank them…

  31. Cool,….now the young vandel and Robert DeNiro can hang out, change each others diapers and French kiss. Meanwhile,….M.A.G.A.

  32. At this point, trump is gonna be the #1 celebrity to have his star repaired multiple times.

    And this is public property? Sheesh, the taxpayers are gonna be…."joyful" about this. 😉

  33. A Poll Shows that less than 3% of Americans want to replace and/or fix the star for Dumbo Donald.
    91% of Americans say Dumbo Donald doesn't deserve a star and it should stay a blank space for now.

  34. One last thing, when trump is done playing games like tariffs, threats of wars etc.
    He will walk away from the table laughing; "win or lose" the rest of yous will live in the mess he makes for decades.
    You don't have to believe this because you will soon be living it so you better get food storage, water and arm yourselves now.

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