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Easter Eggs on the Set of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Composer John Powell!

Easter Eggs on the Set of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Composer John Powell!

This week we’re talking to the man behind
Solo’s music John Powell. And Pablo Hidalgo is taking us on a top secret
tour of Dryden’s Study to look at all of his artifacts up close. This is The Star Wars Show! From the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco,
here’s your hosts Andi and Anthony! Hello and Welcome to The Star Wars Show a
show that has a mandatory policy where if you take a week off of work you need to grow
a beard. It’s a very weird clause in both of our
contracts. I think it’s left over from the George era. Let’s go to the news. Ugh. I keep getting hair in my mouth, how do you
even eat with this? [Off screen crash] Oh, eating’s not the problem, it’s sneezing. Battlefront II dropped a brand new trailer
and a slew of information about their upcoming Han Solo Season which is coming to the game
on June 12th. The new content, inspired by Solo: A Star
Wars Story adds the mines of Kessel, lets you pilot Lando’s Millennium Falcon, appearances
by Young Han on Corellia, Young Han as part of Beckett’s crew, Vandor Chewie and Young
Lando sporting two different outfits (because he’s a fashion maven.) The Solo update also brings the new extraction
mode, where an infiltration squad must receive and escape with a critical payload while fending
off enemy forces. And if you’re in Los Angeles during EA Play
later this week you can play Extraction on Kessel at the FanFest from June 9-11. For more details including the full trailer
check out this link. Yesterday, tickets for the 5-day, Star Wars
Celebration 2019 went on sale at And while the Jedi Master VIP tickets sold
out immediately, Adult and Kid 5-day as well as Adult and kid single day tickets are still
available. But you’ll want to hurry because the 5-day passes are almost sold out. Star Wars Celebration takes place in Chicago
on Thursday April 11th through Monday April 15th 2019. Less than a year to go folks! Time to start planning! So excited! And for more breaking news from across the
galaxy check out Star Welcome to the private offices of Dryden Vos,
Galactic gangster. He’s not around, otherwise I wouldn’t dare
sit in his chair. Now in actuality I’m at Pinewood Studios
where they’ve created this amazing 360 degree set. What I want to show you is the kind of cool
stuff you’ll find in Dryden’s office. The thing you recognize about Dryden Vos is
that he likes to show off his collection, including this trove of rare artifacts taken
from various cultures around the galaxy. Long time readers of the Star Wars comic may
recognize the Dancing Goddess I’m standing in the presence of some more
rare artifacts. These ones are covered in gems but the highlight
item is Xim’s Deathhead. Now that’s something that’s on the cover
of Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. Joining me today is Daniel Nussbaumer, assistant
art director. This movie has a wide variety of looks and feels. Here, this is quite the elegant place. What’s your approach to elegance in the
Star Wars universe? Part of it is just Dryden’s character, as
in a gangster boss. He’s just exhibiting the things he probably
has stolen or got given and just amassed over the years to show off. And also it’s a well kept place. It has a bit of an age because it’s been
around, it’s a ship. Yeah, you know, upon first impression you
may not think you are actually in a spaceship so what kind of design consideration is there? We have little tech details added so it still
feels as if there are panelling, there’s something going on behind it that wouldn’t
be there if it was a building. Calling all Mando Mercs, you’re gonna to
want to take a close look at this. Dryden Vos has in his collection ancient Mandalorian
armor and weapons. Now the Mandalorians, we all know, are a warrior
culture that’s extended in Star Wars history for thousands of years. And lastly we have a collection of ancient technology. Including, quite literally, the capper on
this collection, what appears to be a Sith holocron. The fact that Dryden has a Sith one should
settle any doubts as to the nature of his character. [Porg sounds] I’m here in the studio of legendary composer
John Powell, with the man himself. Thank you for having us out. Legendary? Legendary. Hmmm. I think so. [Laughing] I think the first time I had really taken
notice of one of your scores, it was probably Bourne Identity. It’s one of those things, you always try
and do music that works as well as it can for film. And sometimes you just get these lucky moments
when in this particular case I was trying to change the way I sounded and the filmmaker
didn’t want a big action score, as it sounded at the time. So it was a reactive score, it was just simply
whatever you would normally do for one of these scores, just do the opposite. But the way to do it, compare it with the
way that John Williams writes. I’ve been studying all his sketches from
the original films and it’s extraordinary, it’s compositional rigor at its highest level. You and John have two very different sounds,
two very different styles. This is a Star Wars movie that very much has
its own sort of identity. John obviously wrote the Han theme, the score
is you, how does something like that work for you, first of all as a composer coming
into Star Wars? When I was asked, was I was interested in
doing it, they upfront said and John’s going to write a tune. I wouldn’t necessarily have done it unless
that was the case. I would have been too nervous to do it. Knowing that he was going to be on, I realized
that part from all the selfish reasons to do it and meet him and get to sort of see
his process and learn from it, I felt much more secure that I would basically be able
to use him to bring the music into the core feature of what Star Wars always sounded like. It’s like saying, well you’re going to
have to go off on this mission but you’re going to be able to take Yoda. That made total sense to me so this is the
way to do it. What did you want to bring that was new to this? What did you want to keep that was classic
to this? This is the really hard thing about doing
this film. This is what gave me sleepless nights. I love the way that Ron works because he was
so inclusive and he really wanted me to think about the film and not just the music. But in working with John he spotted that I
was nervous because of that and he immediately just said, it’s 2018, you should do what
you feel is the right thing for the movie. And then the filmmaker is pushing me and saying,
you know it would be really nice if we had a bit more percussion elements and a little
bit more drive here, some of the things that I guess I’m known for. But the problem on this one was not freezing
because of the wish to never change anything. As soon as we tried changing things we love
we have to ask the question, why are we changing it, we love this, why are we changing it. This is not change for changes sake. This is a real attempt to tell a story that
you know where it started, you know where it’s going, and you know where it ends. So what can we tell about Han in this film
and what we can tell is how he became the character that we love. And I had to respect that. But I also realized that I needed to respect
my own voice in these things and that was really what the filmmakers allowed me to relax
and do more of that. It does cross all of the transitional journeys
that I had gone through as a composer in my life. Everything that I have ever heard in my life,
which a lot was Star Wars, is in there. So some of it is going to come out as Star
Wars I hope. Well John, thank you so much for sitting down
and chatting with us about Solo. A pleasure. With every new Star Wars film comes a slew of brand new hidden easter eggs and Solo is no exception. That’s why we want to know what your favorite
hidden easter egg inside of Solo: A Star Wars story was. Mine is a bit of dialogue in a bar. That’s all I’m saying. That’s all I’m saying. You’re going to influence the answers, dude. Let us know your favorites using the hashtag
#SoloEasterEggs and we’ll feature our favorites here next week. And as always remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and
download the Star Wars app. Thanks for watching and May the Force be with you. You can’t tell people your favorite because
they’ll be like, that too was my favorite. Well that makes it less likely to be included. So find a different one. [Laughing] But like if you, if you like that one too,
you can let me know. I’m keeping mine a secret. You like pop culture?! Ron Howard?! [Laughing] You got a little. Let’s you pilot Lando’s Millennium Falcon.

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