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Ellen Ups Her Scare Game for ‘AHS: Cult’ Star Sarah Paulson

Ellen Ups Her Scare Game for ‘AHS: Cult’ Star Sarah Paulson

She got here today
and I thought, well, she’s in scary movies and
scary TV shows all the time, she must love to be scared. No. So I was waiting and
hiding in her closet in her dressing room. What? Nothing. [SCARY NOISES] [SCREAM] [LAUGHTER] It was the slow approach test. I was going to scream. I was really scared. And it was so slow. I got really scared. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] The best part about it was how
creepy your like [SCARY NOISES] Yeah, I know. I thought I needed to call 911. I wasn’t sure if
you’re having a stroke. At first you didn’t
even respond. Because at first, I was in there
thinking of like going blah, which is the obvious thing. And then I thought, what if
it just slowly opens, and then out of the corner of your eye
you just hear [SCARY SOUNDS].. I was really– [SCREAM] [SCREAM] [APPLAUSE] [SCREAMS] Who was it? Well, see he should have
like ducked his head around. What is he going to do now? Nothing. But he was behind you. What he should’ve done,
because you want the face to– Is he coming? Is somebody going to
come out of there? No. That has happened. No. [SCREAM] [AUDIENCE CHEERS] [LAUGHING] That’s all. Is something else
going to happen? No more. [LAUGHTER] Nothing more is going to happen. Are you sure? That’s all. I’m really scared
that something is. No. Nothing more is going to happen. [SCREAMS] OK. And it was a clown, too? You saw it? Yes, I did see it. OK. American Horror Story: Cult
airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on FX. We’ll be back. It’s a great show, you guys.

100 comments on “Ellen Ups Her Scare Game for ‘AHS: Cult’ Star Sarah Paulson

  1. Ellen's cruel with this stuff. Even I jumped when that clown came up and I was halfway expecting it! Ellen and the others are lucky, if I get scared like that my immediate reaction is to yell, take a hard swing and a shove at the tormenter(s). I get MAD!!! 😡

  2. When she kneeled onto the floor, Ellen was thinking "ohh yes baby down further come to mommy lick it baby". 😳😳

  3. Umm, haven't the guests figured out to open that GIANT BOX next to them before they start talking to Ellen yet? This is getting as played out as Carpool karaoke

  4. Funny how the 1st guy was all dressed up yet she didnt even take a glance at him.

    He should have put his shawl unto her neck. That would have been fun than the obvious "raaaaaahwwr"


  5. I love"Ellen"so much wish I could get on the show and meet her.wishful thinking right.oh well I can always watch her smile on my phone.

  6. 1:11 am sorry to say but should not have made that second scream.. Cause now it seems it's all staged.. C'mon actors are skilled to make fake screams.. And that kind of scream comes from genuine scare… Screaming again same way after its done with eyes open? Bruhhh…now I have lost interest in ellen vids if it's fake 👎🏻

  7. هذا الفعل غير جيد .. يجب عدم فعل هذا الشيء .. طريقة الخوف غير جيدة

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