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EWWW… Kris Jenner: Totally Hooking Up with Ben Flajnik!

EWWW… Kris Jenner: Totally Hooking Up with Ben Flajnik!

This is The Hollywood Gossip and I’m Brooke
Burgstahler. It should come as no shock that Kris Jenner
is a cougar. She just fits the bill on that one. And since her split from hubby Bruce Jenner,
this cat has been on the prowl. According to the new issue of US Weekly, Kris
Jenner and Ben Flajnik are hooking up! An insider tells the magazine
“They started hanging out. It got romantic right away. They’ve been hooking up.” In early October, a source told Touch Weekly
that Jenner was crushing on Ben, and photos have since surfaced of the two at Ben’s winery
in California. BUT SOMEHOW the anonymous insider could have
gotten the facts all wrong, as Flajnik tweeted last night
“Here we go again. Hey @usweekly, maybe put a call into me once and a while for some fact
checking. Sincerely, #thetruth.” The tabloid, however, says they did try to
reach out to the former Bachelor star before running its cover story, and he replied via
email saying “Oh, jeez, ha. I’m over this.” In any case, Ben… you don’t need to do this!
And Kris… someone may need to lock you up. For many reasons, but particularly because
I don’t think my stomach can handle hearing about your sexcapades.
Real or not. Its not an image I don’t want to imprint upon myself. Thanks for watching The Hollywood Gossip,
I’m Brooke Burgstahler.

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