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Executive Corner | Dondra Ritzenthaler, Senior Vice President of Sales, Celebrity Cruises

Executive Corner | Dondra Ritzenthaler, Senior Vice President of Sales, Celebrity Cruises

Hi everybody. I’m Dondra Ritzenthaler,
Senior Vice President of Sales for Celebrity Cruises. And you know, they
asked me at Go Travel to give feedback about Celebrity Cruises and how we fit
in not only the regular individual guest world at Celebrity Cruises for people to
take their most amazing vacation ever but also what about… you know… big
companies that have their top producer event or their top customer events? And
you know what? Celebrity Cruises is actually perfect for that as well.
Literally right now on the ship that I’m on the beautiful Celebrity Summit, we
have our corporate meetings and incentives and charters advisory board
onboard to talk about all the different things that we do to make this the
perfect place to have the best meeting or incentive trip that you can ever ask
for. You know, you may not know this but the price that you pay when you do a
group – and doing it through Go Travel of course, it would be an amazing
opportunity – but that price you pay includes all the food, most of the drinks,
and then you can buy things like the beverage package or the alcoholic
beverage package, but it’s kind of a one-stop shop! So I really wanted to make
sure that everybody at Go Travel and all the customers that use Go Travel know
that not only are we the perfect vacation whether you want to go to
Europe or Alaska or the Galapagos or the Caribbean for your friends and your
family, a honeymoon… but it’s also good for these big large groups and charters.
And you know we do music charters where we have jazz charters and 80’s music charters – which is my favorite kind of music. But we really are so diverse in
what we can offer and we also are a very diverse company. You know we believe in
opening up the world and we so support you know, women and we support gender
equality and that’s really important to us, as well. So if you’re somebody who
really shares those same values and you want to go on a personal vacation or taking your employees or your top producers, Celebrity Cruises is a perfect fit for you. So thank you so much Go Travel for giving me this opportunity. And everybody get out there and take a vacation because you deserve it.

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