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Famous People Reacting to BTS!!!! (Camila Cabello, Halsey, Miley Cyrus…)

Famous People Reacting to BTS!!!! (Camila Cabello, Halsey, Miley Cyrus…)

BTS is a group that has undoubtedly
revolutionized the music industry in various parts of the world in that video
We will see the best reactions of the famous towards this popular group
I am Davines27 and let’s start number 8 miley cyrus the singer of 26 years was
applaud the Kpop group in the 2017 billboard awards with your
family she proves to be happy the triumph of the boys number 7 Camila Cabello the singer
he personally met the boys of BTS in the backstage of the Billboard Awards of 2017 camila always it shows very happy with others
famous and this time was not the exception number six Halsey was also in
the Awards of 2017 when she and BTS met she expresses them
how much he likes his videos and who would say that two years later
would collaborate on a song number five dj khaled well, when he met them in person it seems that the guys they liked although my favorite reaction was when
they made their entrance to receive his prize and the look of him was very
funny number 4 Kelly Clarkson, the host of
the awards for did not react to them such which but reacted to the reaction of
Army fans every time she mentioned to the musical group number 3 Bebe Rexha this is a reaction
very particular while everyone was sitting watching the presentations
Bebe did not go unnoticed opportunity to take a photograph
with them the way he does it is very curious and I do not know how he put it
that not all speak English number 2 Miranda Sings created the only reaction of
this video without it being the awards billboard you already know this
character and his reaction towards them is very funny number one Ansel the actor of 25 years proved that he is a complete fan of BTS
and his reaction speaks for itself Well now is the time that I
say in the comments what is your favorite reaction of celebrities towards
BTS do not forget to subscribe for more
videos like this I am Davines27 and see you in the next

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