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Famous People

Famous People

Elvis Presley Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King George Washington Walt Disney Michael Jackson Kanye West Benjamin Franklin Dr. Seuss Leonardo Dicaprio Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe Bill Gates Michael Jordan George W. Bush Neil Armstrong Thomas Jefferson William Shakespeare Ronald Reagan Thomas Edison Bill Cosby Alexander Graham Bell Pablo Picasso Tom Cruise Muhammad Ali Clint Eastwood John F. Kennedy Sir Isaac Newton Eddie Murphy Robin Williams Bill Clinton Jim Carrey Paul McCartney Alfred Hitchcock Harrison Ford Tom Hanks Oprah Winfrey Bob Dylan Edgar Allan Poe Princess Diana Mark Twain James Dean James Deen Stephen Hawking Michael J. Fox Jack Nicholson Hillary Clinton Magic Johnson Helen Keller Beyoncé Sean Connery Fred Astaire Mick Jagger Justin Timberlake David Letterman John Travolta Tyra Banks Meryl Streep Keith Richards Frank Lloyd Wright Pamela Anderson Miles Davis Lucille Ball Britney Spears Howard Stern Terry Bradshaw Chevy Chase Whoopi Goldberg Denzel Washington Jessica Simpson Tommy Lee James Taylor Dan Aykroyd Anna Nicole Smith Weird Al Yankovic Alicia Silverstone General Glover Bill Hicks Newt Gingrich Danny Glover Terry Fisher Jesse Jackson Bob Hope Mister Rogers Andy Griffith Sean Connery Christina Aguilera The Weeknd Pee-wee Herman Miley Cyrus Brianna Bruno Mars Cleopatra Austin Powers Cyndi Lauper Drew Barrymore Jesus Gwen Stefani Kendrick Lamar Drake Jay Z

100 comments on “Famous People

  1. She never said lady gaga? But then you realise at the same time this video was made, lady gaga was trying to not be part of the illuminati anyone

  2. My guess is if you take out her voice and only listen to the beeps, it’s in some sort of a sequence has a pattern, if you decode that pattern in whatever way it spells something out, maybe something intertwined within the Illuminati, but for right now she seems innocent and I still like poppy

  3. WWWAIT a minute! She said Sean Connery twice! I have a fantastic short term memory. That's how I ace all exams. I don't know much, but I have a science degree, LOL!

  4. Did she say Freddy Mercery? Did I miss something? Please someone! She must have said Freddy Mercury somewhere in this video!

  5. 0:54 – Tom Cruise, that accent, lol.

    I'm surprised that John Lennon's name didn't come up, but Paul McCartney's name did. I guess it makes sense though, since Paul's name is probably more well known among today's generation. Though John's image is supposedly more iconic.

    Next thing is to ask her whether she knows who any of these people she mentioned are. Like, I trust she knows, but it would be interesting to see.

  6. She is actually naming all the people that belong to some secret society

    Check out video: 5 most mysterious and powerful secret societies you'll find most of the names

  7. I think the purpose of this video is to realize just how many people you recognized and to ask yourself why you recognize them!? Why are these people so important to you're memory? What does that say about yourself? And it honestly shocked me because I knew 99% and I feel pretty disconnected from the Mainstream so it's just almost sad that I know so many.

    But what do you think?

  8. I like how between every couples of names her voice changes, like getting a bit excited and down, Upp and downn. Like yeaaahh and naaah yep neh yep neh yep neh.

  9. I'm sorry Poppy but you're not allowed to say that Jesus is in the Illuminati!!!!!!!! Understand little women. I like your voice and your songs but that doesn't mean that you say Jesus is in the illuminati okay!!!!!!!! your illuminati friends and you are just illuminati ok not Jesus.

  10. What about Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande there are also in the illuminati and from the Arabs: Myriame Fares and Haifa Wehbe.

  11. só vim aqui pra ouvi o nome do Michael Jackson mesmo pq eu so MUIIIIIIIIIIIITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fã SO ISSO MSM

  12. I like how at the end she started smiling more, it seemed like she couldn't think of anymore names so the people behind the camera were helping her

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