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FEUD ain’t THERAPY Sherri! | Celebrity Family Feud

FEUD ain’t THERAPY Sherri! | Celebrity Family Feud

Give me Sherri.
Give me Ian. ♪♪ All right, guys,
here we go. Let’s do it.
Top 6 answers on the board. “Name something a lady cop might do to her husband
in the bedroom.” Cut his penis off! [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -Yeah.
-Good answer. Good answer. Good answer! That’s it.
-Good answer! -Good answer.
-On the board. -Good answer.
-Sherri, listen to me. Wow! Sherri, listen to me. This — This thing we’re doing,
this is a game show. Okay. This isn’t therapy. [ Laughter ]
Right? You know, you’re not supposed
to be up here to get out
your innermost thoughts. I just thought most
of America would feel that way, you know. If they’ve been
through…something. Yeah.
-Good answer! [ Applause ] Madea in the back. “We hear you, Sherri! Yes, Sherri!” Wow.
Cut it off! [ Audience groans ] Ian? Put handcuffs on him. Mm.
Put handcuffs on him. [ Laughs ] All right!

100 comments on “FEUD ain’t THERAPY Sherri! | Celebrity Family Feud

  1. Sherri, since when female cops cut their husbands’ penises off?! U sick, Sherri, sick! This is a game show! Not a therapy! U have dirty mind there.

  2. Imagine the outcry if the question was the other way around and the guy went "CUT HER CLOTORIS OFF!" and all the men in the crowd started clapping and cheering…

  3. As if her "Sudden Death" dance was already bad enough.
    "Good answer! Good answer!", I would've thought Steve was just gonna walk over to her family and lecture them on why that is one of the worst answers on so many levels

  4. I´m glad it wasn´t up there. The question was "what would a lady cop do" not "what would a crazy ex-girlfriend" do!

  5. if a man had responded similar cutting any body part off let alone any part of her genitalia……. I doubt anyone in the room would have been laughing and I'm sure a hundred different groups would have been calling for that man to be ousted from his job or wherever he is employed

  6. love the look on Steve Harvey face. looking at her like WWWTTTTFFFFF really now that is your answer. cut his penis off.

  7. This is a normal for nighttime family fued! The questions always have sexual undertones. Why the shock?????

  8. Unfortunately, that seems to be the "Go to" response from most women out there involving a man that's done her wrong. Can you imagine if the majority of men immediately responded with, egg beater in the vagina when a woman cheats ? Just me typing that makes me cringe. I understand that a lot of men have no problem with a heavy hand on women, and that whole cultural female circumcision thing is just wrong, but the majority of men are not of that mindset, whereas it seems as the majority of women's instant response is cut it off, or cut them off or all three. in fact, I've never, ever heard a woman say anything else when posed with the question of infidelity.

  9. Imagine if a man had said like that about a woman! I think she's still steamed because she has to pay her ex-husband over $4000/month in child support. HA-HA!!!

  10. I don't know who that lady is, but she just set back the MeToo movement with that comment. Just disgusting.

  11. Sherry has been divorced for how long? Come on, let it go. I like Sherry but she's got problems. I've been looking at Sherry sideways ever since she was a host on The View and she confessed to having multiple abortions. I'm like MULTIPLE?!! Was she allergic to contraceptives or what?

  12. This Sherri Dumbo is the same person that said there was no history before Jesus on the View. This woman is one of the dumbest humans alive.

  13. And y wud most of America feel this way. That was the craziest answer that makes me want to ask if she is seeing a good therapist to deal with watever sociological issues she's going thro with an ex.if a family feud contestant is on the news and Google app the something has got to be going on somewhere

  14. I fucking hollert😂😂😂😂😂…Some you on this comment feed need to LIGHTEN UP…Geesh life's giving y'all hell

  15. So then it's OK for me to laugh at the women of the #Metoo movement? Can I laugh at the girls circumcised in Africa and the Middle East?

  16. One more thang Sherri. If you are looking to be with a man Again I sure dont ever see that happening. You blame the man for all you misgivings. Were you perfect in the relationship?? I'm not judging I'm just saying did u do everything you was supposed to do? Just saying

  17. All this time I wondered if her crazy and idiotic attitude on The View was real or just an act. Pretty convinced now that it is 100 percent genuine

  18. She esta loca in her cabeza. Saying: "Cut his penis off". That's gonna hurt like, "OH GOD, IT HURTS!! But it's so damn hilarious I cannot stop laughing!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  19. Now she just hollered it out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Sherri: “CUT HIS PENIS OFF!”

    Her head: 🏃‍♂️💨 🚓🏃‍♀️💨

  21. 0:17 How is it even possible sherri kept a straight face while blurting that out. LMFAO. 😂😂😂

  22. Steve: Name something a lady cop might do to her husband in the bedroom?
    Me: Handcuffs?
    Others: Role play?
    Sherri: CuT hIs PEnIS OfF

  23. Let’s see—-frisk him(read him his rights; pull him over; ask him if he knows WHY she pulled him over; tell him to put his hands where she can see them; and of course,tell him that she’s gonna take him downtown!

    Pick one of the above

  24. Dear Steve Harvey,

    I will make this short and sweet.
    I am old enough to remember enjoying Family Feud with Richard Dawson. While I might admit that the questions and answers were sometimes on the edge of being racy, I must say that I have never been so shocked as when I recently watched your version of the show. I can't believe that the VERY FIRST question of the game was "What would a female cop do to her husband in the bedroom?"

    Of course you know the answer…..

    "Cut off his penis."


    I don't have the ability to contact millions of viewers to turn them away from your smut, but I am sure that the FAMILIES that watched your show were shocked out of their socks. I will NEVER watch your show again. Your "Family" Feud show is not appropriate for ANY family to watch. You should have a 1 AM time slot so the children of this country are not subjected to your vile and disgusting brand of entertainment. You are not the only one at fault. The fault also lies with the producers and the celebrities who think that they are entertaining a room full of drunken adults in an after hours joint. Your show should have STOPPED taping the show and told the celebrities that it is a family show. Then you should have had a little pep talk and reminded them to keep their answers appropriate for the audience. Then you should have started the game over again with a different question after apologizing to the studio audience. Shame on you.

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