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Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Finnish Music Hall of Fame

Finally, hallelujah! I heard rumours about this and I think it’s absolutely amazing! Haloo Helsinki greets Finnish Music Museum project with joy! Yep. This FAME project connects together all of us working with music. Congratulations Finnish Music Hall of Fame! Only having Sibelius has been cool but now getting a museum dedicated to easy listening music is a great thing! Influences from both the east and the west have created some amazing music. I like Finnish music a lot. Of course it deserves its own museum. This is an incredible idea! Finnish music is so versatile and different. I think this should have been done 20 years ago but the time is finally here and it’s great! Yes, it is definitely the time now! Everyone always says that our music culture is still young but we have globally-recognized stars from already 100 years ago. Yes, our music industry definitely deserves this! There is so much different music in Finland Jean Sibelius, Eino Grön, The Rasmus… you name it! I’ve been gone for so long I don’t really know this genre anymore but there are numerous artists who would fit in the museum perfectly! Humppa, tango, rock, heavy metal… We have great bands that are well-known all over the world. I think if we had for example a Nightwish exhibition, we would get visitors all the way from Mexico. For example singer Aino Ackté She conquered Paris, New York, London… and then founded the Finnish National Opera. It’s about time that she’s put on a pedestal! Music museum, experiences from around the world ABBA-museum: an awesome and modern idea! I visited the ABBA-museum in Stockholm It was great but from what I’ve seen this will be absolutely fantastic as well! I look forward to the opening of the Finnish Music Hall of Fame! Good luck! Hello! I’m Jussi and I’m Rami, and we are Neon 2! Finnish Music Hall of Fame is opening its doors in entertainment center Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, in the fall of 2019! Join us in enjoying Finnish music and new experiences! I think Finland definitely deserves a music museum. Let’s do it together! Producer of the music museum

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