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7 comments on “From Zac And Vanessa To Demi And Ashton: Celebrity Couples Who Called It Quits Over Thanksgiving

  1. On St. Patrick's Day 2018, the chapter of the underworld shared by Julian Casablancas, Dan Peters, Marilyn Manson, Gordon Gano and Fabrizio Moretti, changed direction. The purpose was to "turn off" the way that the group had been maintaining things within, keeping track, etc. in favor of an alternate current. This was done without being perceivable. Perception had to change in order to examine the alternate current.

    Within a week, the group could not perceive or find how they'd been maintaining things for themselves for over 20 years.

    The next ploy was the false pretense that ideas not truly pertained to, had been the standard.

    Julian Casablancas continued to maintain things as he'd done for another year. At this point, underworld saboteurs began to aggressively feign multiplediversions developed to throw the group off track. By July 2019, Julian Casablancas lost everything that he had been maintaining and tracking within for himself.

    These included: his Soulmate Union, the Information Project, and underworld planning, including music and above board vocational progress.

    The government must overhaul interdepartmental communication and implement communication intervention programs for circumstances of this nature. Correspondence can be intercepted to verify communication.

    The Transnational Organized Secret Underworld has assigned its operatives a perception goal in 2001 stating that they must perceive as if Amy Knorr does not exist in this world. The Norwegian underworld, the Russian underworld, Polita Barnes are enforcing this perception goal.

    As some underworld operatives who are fallen family members are also part of government infiltration, they influence Royal Family matters. This illegal perception goal assigned by a criminal network of organized corruption is affecting Amy Knorr's place in her family, in Royal matters and in government reception which includes the compromising of her Constitutional Rights. The underworld shared perception goal assigned to block Amy Knorr out, is literally blocking Amy Knorr from earned opportunity like an unfounded black list. Meanwhile, the underworld attempts to rob the ideas of Amy Knorr for underworld use.

    This perception goal must be outlawed.

    The darkness, wrong and evil of Polita Barnes has been wrongly cast onto Mata Hari via propaganda, underworld perception goals, slander and libel. This must be addressed. Mata Hari is the direct bloodline ancestor of Marilyn Monroe. Polita Barnes is the bloodline descendant of Catherine of Russia.

  2. Don't Be Deceived.
    By These Elites Controlled Puppets.
    Nothing Is Free In This Industry. It's All An Illusion "Fake" These Actor's & Actresses.
    Are Doing Anything And Everything To Remain Rich & Famous. But One Day The Goat Will Want A Return On Their Investments. Jesus Is Lord 🙏

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