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FSU 2013 Hall of Fame Ceremony

FSU 2013 Hall of Fame Ceremony

[Music]>>Guy Robertson: Tonight’s honorees will
be joining an elite and diverse group of athletes that share a common thread: Bobcat pride.>>Dr. Gibralter: Years from now, FSU wants
our student-athletes proudly gathered, like all of you are tonight, thinking about how
they can celebrate and grow our sports programs and our teams.>>Donny Woodard: It was truly an honor and
privilege to represent Frostburg State University as a student-athlete, and it will be an honor
and a privilege to now represent you as the 179th Inductee to the Hall of Fame.>>Susan Mahoney: Coming to Frostburg State
College was a great decision and four of the best years. The memories I have here are unforgettable.>>Kimberly Faust: I remember coming to visit
Frostburg and just having that feeling that this is the place for me, but more importantly,
is I had coaches that said “yes.” Yes, I could play more than one sport. And that
is what sealed the deal for me.>>Narrator: Faust finished her career fifth
all-time in scoring, with 1,624 points.>>Steven Forsythe: I played ball from when
I was nine years old until I was about 25, and I had a dream. And that dream was to play
in the NFL. And I always figured that I had to be at a big school to do that. You don’t.
With the right background, people that you have, your athletic director, your coaches,
your SID, the president, they can help you get where you need to be.>>Troy Dell: Our alumni are important to
the athletes of today because they represent the history of our program. They are a benchmark
for our current athletes to strive, to try to attain some of the achievements that they’ve
attained.>>Ken Emmons: It’d be an honor to be inducted
someday, but, so I’ll keep working on academics and playing sports and see where we get from
there.>>Tori Suess: It’s such an honor to be
invited. I’m extremely excited to see who’s inducted and get to know their stories.>>Leonard Wright: A big thank-you goes out
to all my teammates. They’re a team of leaders.>>Susan Mahoney: The swim team became my
family. Cheering on teammates and being cheered on by teammates is what a team is all about.>>Dr. Gibralter: Frostburg State University
athletics certainly provides an incredible world of experiences for our Bobcats by giving
them skills, memories and friendships that last a lifetime. And I have seen some incredible
evidence of those friendships tonight.>>Sharon Irwin: I think it’s great to have
the kids come back, the camaraderie that they’ve shared while they were here.>>Kimberly Faust: Only in athletics can you
accidentally give a teammate fifty stitches above their eye in warm-up and still, to this
day, be great friends.>>Donny Woodard: I’m just so glad to have
some of my teammates here sharing this evening with me. They are my family and a huge part
of my success in any success that I achieved while playing here at Frostburg State.>>Troy Dell: They also serve as role models
for how to be successful once you leave this institution in your professional career.>>Linda Farver: Being an athlete here at
Frostburg State was just an extension of my preparation to be a health and physical education
teacher and coach in public schools.>>Sharon Irwin: I was just talking with one
of our lacrosse players that graduated in ’83, and she’s a physician’s assistant
now. And a lot of our kids have gone on to coach, they’ve gone on to be supervisors,
and they’ve all done so well.>>Steven Forsythe: If there’s one thing
I learned from this university, and I’ll be thankful to you for that, is that you’re
a student before you’re an athlete. You’re not an athlete-student either.>>Troy Dell: They take those things that
we’ve taught them over the four years that they spent with us, and they apply them out
in the work force. And then they come back and they’re excited about their jobs, and
they’re excited about what their education has done for them. That’s what’s fulfilling
for me.>>Tori Suess: They had adversities and we
have adversities, and to see that people continue to overcome them – it’s inspiring, and
it gives you hope as well.>>Linda Farver: I am glad that those early
beginnings then contributed to the implementation of Title IX in 1972 and provided many more
opportunities for women and girls in sports, not only at the intercollegiate level but
at the high school level as well.>>Guy Robertson: This year, we are celebrating
the 40th anniversary of the 1973 women’s lacrosse team. The 1973 season is what dreams
are made of: an undefeated season. And were the first Maryland colleges women’s lacrosse
tournament champions.>>Ken Emmons: Frostburg has given me the
opportunity to play a sport I love and to get my academics at the same time. Without
it, I don’t know where I’d be today.>>Tori Suess: Frostburg was the right choice.
I mean, I’ve gotten so many opportunities, and thank goodness that I pursued them all
because I’ve had quite an experience and I’m very lucky. [Music]

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