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Getting Celebrity Baby Advice at the People’s Choice Awards – Lights Out with David Spade

Getting Celebrity Baby Advice at the People’s Choice Awards – Lights Out with David Spade

The People’s Choice Awards
were last Sunday. -WILLIAMS: Really?
-What did you present? -I don’t know.
-Do you remember? I presented
Best Late Night Talk Show. You’re like,
you’re not gonna win… It was sort of a burn,
I think, on me. No. I, uh, no, because I… I was too soon to be up for one. Believe me, if I’m not up
for one next year, I will torch that (bleep) place. -WILLIAMS: Yeah!
-It will not be pretty. -You know my temper.
-(cheers and applause) We sent our pregnant
correspondent, our friend, -Sarah Tiana, out there.
-LEDERMAN: Yay, Sarah. -because I didn’t want– Yeah.
-ROSS: She’s pregnant? I thought she just got
really (bleep) fat. -Pregnant. -I thought
you were her, honestly. I was like, holy shit. We sent her out there because I didn’t want to be
on my feet all day. So here’s her video. Hey, everybody,
it’s Sarah Tiana here at the People’s Choice Awards. You know,
I have a baby on the way and I have a lot of choices
to make coming up, like, how to parent,
what to name the baby. So I figure
the best place to come is the People’s Choice Awards
where I can talk to people who are nominated
by other people to be at
the People’s Choice Awards. Six months pregnant.
Give it a feel. Do you know
what I should name my baby? -Lena. Yeah.
-Lena? -Is that your name?
-Yeah. -Apple, Pear. Peanut.
-Oh. Okay. -You know, just after a
vegetable or a fruit. -Yeah. Well, my grandpa’s a vegetable so I don’t want to name him
after that. That’s a fair point. So do you think I should raise
my kid to be an actor or should I raise him
to be normal? -Hey, we actors can be normal.
-(both laughing) Do you guys think that you guys could maybe come
to the birth of my baby so that he sees someone
really attractive first, and then we can just, like,
ease him into me? Wait. Your boyfriend’s
not gonna be there? -I don’t know. I haven’t
really invited him. -Oh. I’m trying to find a name for
him and your name is Storm. So I was, like, wondering which red carpet you got
your name from. Oh, there’s Dave. Dave! Hi! Come talk to me. Lights Out.
Lights Out with David Spade. David, you’re my boss. I can’t lift my feet up
this high or else I would. Ah. Guess the gender, win a dollar. Guess the father, win five. Do you think
I should, uh, breastfeed or let him fend for himself? Oh, man. I think
you should probably breastfeed. I think fending for himself
might be a little hard -when he’s young,
don’t you think? -Well, I… I don’t want to raise
a little bitch. -You know? -Right.
No, that’s understandable. I literally almost wore
the same thing. Oh, my gosh. No way. But they didn’t have it
in maternity. -Oh.
-Unreal. Doug the Pug! Do you think
I should have one baby or a whole litter? Is he gonna pee on my sign? David! I think he’s (bleep) hiding
from me. David! You’re my boss! David, you’re my boss. -Do you know what I should name
him? -Do you have a toss-up yet? What about Chris or Harrison? I like Harrison. Oh, Harrison’s not bad.
All right. No wonder she didn’t find love. Oh, Jimmy Fallon. It’s not yours! -Do you have any good names?
-Oh, my God. Terry. If it’s a girl or a boy,
it works. -That’s true.
-Yeah. -All right.
-I’m trying to tell you. You guys, we found a name. -Terry.
-Yes. I’m not (bleep) naming it Terry. It’s me, Sarah. No, I-I work for you. You’re my boss. Yeah. He looked me right in the eye
and then just walked away. It felt like the night
I got pregnant all over again.

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  1. Name your baby girl if it is a boy and boy if it is a girl, mess with it's head from the get go. I named a cat doggy and every body laughed when I would call out here doggy and my cat would come running. Kinda the same thing.

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