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[Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
Hey guys. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator]
I was looking on the YouTubes, I was looking on the YouTube, and I found this video,
this woman literally crazy. Let’s just watch. i>>I am very in love with Kip Moore. If I could, I would love to marry him. I fell in love with him
as soon as I saw him. I met Kip for the first time
with meet-and-greet passes at his concert.>>Okay, okay. Very relatable so far, right? Like you fall in love with someone famous. Very relatable. Like you’re crazy in love with them. You want to marry them. Nothing wrong with that, right?>>The minute he stared into my eyes, I’ve never felt something
so strongly in my life.>>Okay, so she went to Kip’s concert. She said the moment he
stared into her eyes, like the moment he looked
out into the audience, and made eye contact with her, she thought it was true love. Okay, I can understand that. But it gets worse.>>After the show, there was
a very hot hug that Kip gave me. That was unexpected. Wasn’t expecting all that hair grabbing.>>What the hell? That hair grabbing? Who the hell grab somebody’s
hair when they hug them?>>Wasn’t expecting all
that hair grabbing.>>Uh… You sure we talkin’ about a hug? What happened to her eyes? Man, she possessed. He possessed her. He did some voodoo magic on her, and now she possessed.>>Asked him if he could take me home. My intentions were to not
leave without Kip that night, and I think he may have thought
I was kidding but I really wasn’t.>>Wait. So did he go home with her? So they have something going on, ’cause you know,
a lot of singers, they like thirsty. I’m about to spill some tea right now. YouTubers too. You would be surprised
how many YouTubers, and singers, and famous people
hook up with their fans. So it’s not the craziest
thing in the world, but hookup is so much
different than falling in love and getting married you know.>>I have a tattoo of Kip Moore’s
autograph where he signed my back. It’s very special to me. It’s a symbol of his
kindness and his passion.>>Oh my God, girl. You ruined all chances that you
ever had to get married to him. Would you marry somebody
who has a tattoo of you? Like before you guys are even a thing? Like no! Why would you do this? Like she a pretty girl,
she could probably get with him. But to tattoo his
autograph on her back… Girl, you ruined your chances. Nope.>>[inaudible] call his management. They wouldn’t let me talk to anyone. I tag him in every post on Facebook. Follow everyone on Instagram. None of his bandmates or
managers or anyone has responded.>>So she here, tagging him in
pictures and calling his management, trying to get in contact with him. Who is this guy even? How many followers does he have? Oh, I was looking at Kit, like KitKat. His name is Kip Moore. Oh, he got almost a million followers. I’m gonna tell you now. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. But usually singers are not
the ones behind their social media. They have their management do it for them.>>I wrote a 12 page letter,
front and back, to Kip. I also sent him pictures
of what I wrote on my car. I drove around for several
weeks with “Mrs. Moore” on the front. “Marry me Kip” on the back.>>Oh my God! Girl, you a fan. You a psycho fan. He’s not gonna be like, “Yes, that is wifey material.
Imma wife her up right now.” Ain’t nobody wanna
wife up a psycho fan. You want to get with someone famous? You got to play it cool. You gotta act like they nobody. You can’t be sitting here
acting like you’re a fan. Like writing things like
“marry me” on the car. So if a fan sent me this saying, “Marry me, SSSniperWolf.” You think I would
look at it and be like, “Oh my God. Yes. I’m gonna go fly to this
person and marry them.” You all want the cold hard truth. I’m not gonna sit here, lie to your face.>>I’m destined to be with Kip Moore. I can’t help but feel that
I come off as just another crazy fan. If Kip would be willing,
I will marry him and run off to Hawaii, and I’ll have his surfer babies.>>Girl, after all of that,
all that psycho shit you just pulled, you really think he’s gonna
wanna be your friend? No.>>Well… Just one little problem about
Jenna’s plan to marry Kip Moore and have those surfer babies, and that problem is… Well, it’s Jenna’s husband, Travis.>>Bro! She’s married. She’s married and she out here
trying to get with Kip.>>She said she solved
that with divorce papers.>>It was after the second concert
with Kip that I knew without a doubt I wanted to divorce my husband.>>Oh no. Imagine. I saw my favorite singer in
real life at a concert. He made eye contact with me, and that’s when I knew
I had to divorce my husband. This is a disaster. Girl, let me tell you this is a phase. It’ll go away. Oh, man. This reminds me when
OverWatch came out, and I fell in love with Reaper. And I’m like, “Oh my God! This mans is perfect. If he just appeared and kidnapped me, I would just like leave my
whole entire life.” Like “Bye, everybody!” It is rather insane but I understand. I understand being a psycho fan because… When I like something,
I like something.>>I’m still married to Travis. We have two children.>>Oh my God! They got two kids too. She got a husband with kids. A whole family. She gonna run off with Kip, and just leave her
whole family behind. Okay.>>I said I can’t go home to what I have. I can’t go home to
being abused and not loved.>>Girl. She’s gonna be like, “After I saw Kip, I just can’t.
I don’t want this family anymore. I don’t want this life anymore. I can’t deal with it. My husband is abusing
me by not being Kip.” She’s absolutely insane. But I love it.>>I text to Travis. I realized that we’re both unhappy. He’s made several threats of
leaving over the past several weeks. I felt he should spend the time getting
his things together and moving out. After I sent that text,
Travis didn’t take it very well. He threatened to take the kids
and not give them back to me.>>Okay. So after the concert,
she sent him this long ass text saying, “Okay. I’m not happy with you. I can’t do this anymore. I have found my daddy. His name is Kip. I’m in love with him. I’m destined to marry him
and bear his surfer babies. I don’t want this family anymore. I’mma get up and go.” What you do if your boyfriend
or girlfriend told you that? I’d just be like… Good luck.>>Having the interaction
I had with Kip Moore made me realize that love
is supposed to be special, not full of hate and disgust. The way that I had with my husband.>>Love is supposed to be
full of love you know, because he’s like dreamy and famous. Tell me why she look happier
on the picture with her husband than with Kip.>>You went to this concert…>>My husband was kind of just
being mean to me and what not, and he made special attention
just to kind of sing to me and…>>So Kip paid special attention to you?
>>Yes.>>So I kinda…
>>How many people were at the concert?>>Millions.>>Millions! Millions of people were at a concert. I wonder how you can fit
millions of people in an arena. Bitch, this interview just started,
and you already lying. It ain’t millions.>>Was in the front row and I was crying,
and I– He made me feel special.>>How did he make you feel special?>>Just he was singing like, hey pretty girl and just kept
kind of coming over to my way, and you know, I was crying and…>>Bro, he crouches down
in front of the audience. I know that feeling. I don’t know. They’re gonna look at some
people in the audience. And then other people are
gonna take it the wrong way. Like, “Oh my God! He looked at me. It means he loves me even though
he looks at so many f****** people.” You know like,
where is he supposed to look? Are they like not supposed to make
like eye contact with the audience? You’re going to make eye contact.>>As soon as he walked out, it was just… His jaw just kind of dropped,
and he stood there and I stood there. I couldn’t even move honestly,
and I had written him a note. Um he took it and put in his pocket, and then I asked him to sign me
because I wanted him to… I wanted to get it tattooed
but he signed my back.>>Girl, you should not. See that’s the number one
thing with celebrities, you a hundred percent be fanzoned
if you ask for an autograph. Like a picture is one thing, but asking for an autograph
is 130 percent fanzoned.>>He was just super
sweet and hugged me, and just the way he looked
in my eyes just… I had never felt anything
like that before.>>Did he recognize you?>>No, I don’t think so. But I made a point to wear
the red dress because he… I know he sings about
red dresses and stuff. But as soon as I walked up, he said, wow I love that red dress. He just…>>He buttering her up here. Like, okay. He’s famous. He’s just trying to be nice
to his fans, you know? I can understand how people
like take it the wrong way, and be like, “Oh my God,
I think he’s in love with me. I am so in love with him. I think he’s in love with me too.” When the guy’s just trying
to be nice, you know. See, if the psycho over here
didn’t I ask for autographs and say, “Can you autograph for me?
I want to get a tattoo of it.” Girl, blew your chances right there. All right. So, this is
what her husband thinks.>>Jenna is so delusional
that she really believes there’s more than just a good chance for her to sail off in
the sunsets with this Kip Moore.>>There’s a chance that
she might be able to sail off into his hotel room for a couple hours. But that’s it.>>Jenna bought a pizza for Kip Moore, and put a love letter
inside with her phone number, and saying how much that she loves him. And I think that that’s ridiculous.>>I want to know how
she bought him a pizza. Did she like find his address and then
send him a pizza with a love letter? Did Pizza Hut like write the love letter,
and like send it to him with the pizza? I mean nothing says love like pizza.>>She spent our mortgage
money on Kip Moore tickets.>>Jesus. She spent her mortgage,
her family’s home, on tickets to his concert.>>Sent me a text message on the way
home from the concert that said, “Sorry Travis. I’m not in love with you anymore. I’m a hundred percent completely
and totally in love with Kip Moore. That is when I learned
that she wanted a divorce.>>Okay, sorry bro. You’re not Kip Moore. I want new boyfriend, a famous one.>>You’re on his radar, and it’s just a matter
of you working out the logistics.>>I would hope.>>Do you think she’s delusional?>>Yes. He has her number. If he wanted to be with her,
he would have called her, right?>>Oh! Damn! Oh, that hurts. Saying it like it is,
the cold hard truth. But he got your number. If he wanted to call you,
he would call you. She don’t have a comeback. It’s over. Okay. The moment
we’ve all been waiting for. What does Kip think about this? What does he think about her? So they reached out to Kip,
and he sent back this message. “I meet hundreds of fans a day, and I always try to make myself
really accessible to my fans. I’ve received a lot of letters
throughout the years from fans thinking there was some sort
of connection in a meet-and-greet because I smiled at them, or because I made eye contact
with them from the stage. The longer I tour, the more familiar faces like Jenna’s
I recognize out of the crowd every night. I appreciate her passion for my music. I wish her nothing
but the best in life.” Okay Jenna. I think it’s over. He’s breaking up with you.>>What’s your response?>>I mean I’m not dumb. I didn’t think that I’ve ever…
>>I feel like her story’s changed since when we got on here.>>I’m not dumb. I don’t think that
I’m ever going to… I just… That was the whole point of the original
thing was that he was my wake-up call, and I was thankful for that.>>What? So she had to hear it from Kip. She had to get personally rejected
in the nicest way possible, and now she’s like, “I’m not dumb. Deep down inside,
I knew I never had a chance.” That’s the saddest story I ever heard. Top 10 saddest anime heartbreaks.>>I give people wake up calls every day,
and they don’t tattoo my name on their [inaudible]>>Damn, Dr. Phil a savage.>>Right below my daughter’s name.>>Yikes. Okay then. Well, I think that is all for today. Comment below. Let me know, is she relatable? I think she’s relatable, with a pinch of crazy. If you’ve ever been
in love with a celebrity, or you enjoyed this video, make sure you hit that
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