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Guess The Celebrities’ Dad Bods Challenge!

Guess The Celebrities’ Dad Bods Challenge!

– Wow, dang! I wanna wrap my arms around that! – I just wanna linger
and look at this dad bod. That’s a nice dad bod. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – (FBE) Hey, moms!
– Hi! – (FBE) In honor of Father’s Day,
we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate
the beloved dad bod. – Okay.
– Fantastic! – All right, I’m down with that. That’s some sexy stuff right there!
That’s sexy! – I’ve got a dad bod at home. – “I’m married to a dad bod at home.” Sorry, honey. – I like a dad bod.
I seriously do, like, before it
was even the name for it. – (FBE) A dad bod is a nice balance
between a beer gut and working out. It’s actually a body positive
phenomenon and is even considered admirable,
celebrating imperfection. – Awesome.
– I– yeah– – I think that’s great, you know. Women have been, you know,
body shamed forever. So dad bod getting its props,
it’s like representation and it being accepted,
I think that’s great. – There’s too much pressure
to be perfect, and, honestly, I don’t know about you,
when I look at my husband, he’s perfect for me.
I think he’s hot. – I have nothing to complain about. He sees me. I see him.
We love each other. – (FBE) We’re gonna play
a matching game that puts your
“ab-dad-tude” to the test. – “To the test?” STOP!
– Look at you. – What you doing?
– Come on. – (FBE) I’m gonna present you
with several star stomaches. Some are dads.
Some are not. But all of them have dad bods,
and they’re all beautiful. For each tummy,
you’ll have a chance to guess it at first sight for two points. If you need a little extra help,
I’ll provide four options for who it might belong to,
and you’ll only get one point. – Okay. – I think I’m gonna be
really, really good at this. – This is the most fun game
I’ve ever played. – Bring it on! Bring it on!
Let’s go! – (FBE) Here is your first
beloved dad bod. For two points, who is this?
– Ooh. I feel like it might be
an older person. I see a little thing happening here.
That’s not bad. – Okay, so I’m just gonna say
for the record, this is not an appropriate
dad bod, okay? His stomach is way too flat. – I’m not sure. I have a guess, but
I don’t know why I think this. – I have no idea. – (FBE) You guys want some help
– (both) Yes! – (FBE) For one point,
is this Jason Segel, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, or John Hamm. – Those are good choices.
Ooh, I’m between two. – A little guess, but–
– Yeah, that’s what I did. – (FBE) All right,
show us what you got. – Vince Vaughn. – (FBE) This is Will Ferrell.
– (laughing) – Wow! Wow! He’s in better shape, I think,
than he’s ever been. – (screaming)
– I swear, this is not a lie, I thought Will Ferrell.
Why didn’t I say it? I didn’t want to be wrong. – (both) Awww! (overlapping speech) – I literally was thinking
about old-school. – I’ve seen way too many
of his movies, honestly, and he does appear
to take his shirt off on numerous occasions. Like, he don’t even care.
He’s like this is my body. – Wow.
– And I’m here for it. – (FBE) This next dad bod
is a dad of four. For two points, who is this?
– He’s a dad of four? – I was literally gonna say,
wow, he looks great for having four kids.
He didn’t do anything! – I just want to linger
and look at this dad bod. That’s a nice dad bod.
– He likes his own bod. He’s taking his own selfie.
– I know. I would. – I don’t know. – (FBE) Okay, Erinn’s
taking a chance. What do we got?
Show me your board. – I think it’s Jon Hamm.
– (FBE) Wow. – I do. – I don’t think he has kids. – (FBE) Okay, that
is actually incorrect. – (both screaming) – I need choices. I’m sad that I don’t just guess that. I should get naked
with more celebrities. – (laughing) Sweetie,
I’m pulling for you, girl. Go ahead. – (FBE) For one point,
is this Gerard Butler, Simon Cowell, Alec Baldwin,
or James Van Der Beek. – This is so sad.
I do not know. – I don’t either, so we’re even. – I’m looking at the towel
and figuring who would wear that. – (laughing) – I don’t think
Alec Baldwin’s that hot. I think he’s got a little bit
more poof in him. – I would say kinda the arms
are Simon Cowell-ish, but I always look at him through
that white t-shirt and he has a man body
that’s not that tight. – (FBE) Reveal your boards! – This is Simon Cowell on keto. – (FBE) This was James Van Der Beek. – Ooh, whoo-hoo. – HA-HA!
– Damn it! Damn it! – Ooooh. (laughing) Yeah, he used to be much blonder. – Oh, my god.
– Shut it! – (FBE) Here’s another dad
who acts more like a kid than a dad. – Okay, that’s a good hint. – Oh, wait. I don’t know how to say his name. – I’m doing it.
I’m writing it on my board. – Go, girl.
Yeah, I’ll wait because there’s no way.
I have no idea. – (FBE) What’s your guess, Jen?
– Tom Hanks. – (FBE) Not Tom Hanks.
– Oh! – (FBE) You want to go
for the two points? – We do.
– We’re double dipping. We’re going for the two points.
– (FBE) Let’s see the name. What do you got?
– Adam Sandler. – (both) YAY! – I’m gonna hear the options
because I’m not that sure of myself. The dad bod I’m considering
feels like there might be more bod than dad. – (FBE) Your options are Adam Sandler,
Zach Galifianakis, Matt Damon, or Robert De Niro.
– Oh, come on. – Oh, this is definitely–
– Robert De Niro acts like a kid? – Sometimes.
– Does he really? – On S & L maybe. – It’s not Robert De Niro. It’s not my Jason Bourne. His stomach, to me,
would be more tight. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – (FBE) Let’s see your boards. – (FBE) Let’s see who it is.
– Hey! – Adam Sandler. – I don’t know why. I just could tell
that was his body for some reason. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. – That seems very
on the money dad bod. – (overlapping speech) – It can be filled in
a little bit more around the belly button
to be considered a full dad bod to me, but yeah. – (FBE) Okay, this next person
is known for multiple names. Do you know who this is? – Nope. – He’s grabbing his crotch. I don’t know if that’s a clue or not. – Oh! I’ll guess.
I’ll say Kanye. – (FBE) Kanye?
That is not correct. For two points,
who do you think this is? – Puffy!
– P. Diddy. – (both cheering) – (FBE) Correct!
– He’s grabbing his junk. Now, that’s very dad body. – (FBE) Who wants some choices?
– I need choices. – (FBE) Is this Busta Rhymes,
Doctor Dre, Diddy, or Jay-Z? – I’m mad they got that picture
with his hands down there like that, first of all, but anyway. – Oh, I’m gonna this shot.
I’ma take this shot! – I don’t know why
I can’t stop staring at one of the pictures up
on the screen, even after I guessed,
I’m just– I just keep staring. – (FBE) What do you got? – (FBE) The answer’s Diddy.
– Oh, my god! I was trying to remember
who has that tattoo. – (cracking up)
– Stop it! – Yay!
– Oh, my. She is on the board,
ladies and gentleman. – I actually do love Diddy. – This is more to my liking.
– Me too. – I like that type.
– You know, strong arms, strong chests, and a little–
you can even see some definition right there but that
looks very comfy right there, the little pooch.
I’m here for it. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
Do you recognize this bod? – I am happy to say I do not.
– I don’t. – (laughing) Is he wearing pants? – WOW! Dang!
I’ma wrap my arms around that! This is a dad bod right there. Full not too– you know,
not sloppy, tough. – (FBE) If there are no guesses,
then here are your choices. For one point, is
this Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale, Jon Favreau,
or Vin Diesel? – Oh, my!
– Ah. I think it’s too fair
to be Vin Diesel. – Vin Diesel, right? – I’m just gonna guess.
It’s more a process of elimination. – I’m certainly hopeful
in the one that I choose. – (laughing) Which one?
– I’m not telling you! – No, you– oh, jeez!
She’s in competition. – I’m in competition right now. – (FBE) Show me what you got. – (giggling) – (FBE) This is–
– Oh! – (FBE) It’s Vin Diesel. – (gasping) Shut up!
– Oh, my god! – (laughing)
– Oh, my god. – It shows you that
not everyone is in their top shape all the time. – Gummy man, boo,
you’re sexy! – That’s hot!
– That is hot! – [Inaudible] ladies your own age.
Love it up! – (FBE) This next dad bod
is more dad bod than dad. – More dad bod–
okay, so he’s not a dad then. – Ooh, hello!
– This is an inappropriate dad bod. – Why do they call that a dad bod? I mean, I drive down PCH all the time.
Half the surfers look like that. – Definitely not Justin Bieber
because he’s got a lot of tats. – Oh, oh, oh!
I’m gonna guess. – (FBE) All right, for two points,
who is this? Leonardo DiCaprio.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh.
– I could see that. It’s TOTALLY Leonardo DiCaprio!
– (FBE) It is. – (cheering)
– Leonardo DiCaprio! – (FBE) For one point,
your choices are Leonardy DiCaprio, James Franco,
Jason Sudeikis, or Ben Afleck. – Oh, my god.
– These are hard choices. – It’s all of the above. All those dudes, they’re
kind of interchangable. – Oh, they are!
– They’re all awesome. – I’m just shot in the dark here. – I don’t know among that group
who’s a dad and who’s not. – I only know two
of those people anyway. – If I know one of them, it’s a dad,
so that’s why I’m like… – Oh, right. – (FBE) What do you got? (gasping)
– I think it’s Leo. – (gasping)
– (FBE) Here it is. – No!
– Is that Leonardo? – It is!
– Oh, my god! He has a giant beard. – Yes! I was like,
he don’t have a kid, so– – I could tell.
– You know what? The necklace gave it away. – How do I know this though?
That’s what’s disturbing. What am I doing with my free time?
– I’d like to know too. You know what?
Since you won this challenge, I’d like to know what you do
and you noticed that that was him. – I don’t know if I should be
as proud as I am of my win. I mean, I don’t know
what that says about me, but I like winning,
so I’ll take it and apparently
I’m a dad bod aficionado. – Got any advice
to the dad bods out there for Father’s Day?
– Embrace your dad bod. – Yes, we love the dad bods!
– Embrace it. – Or let me embrace it.
No, just kidding. – Thanks for watching us
guess the dad bods– – On the React channel. – Subscribe!
– New shows every day. – Bye, guys! – (both) Happy Father’s Day. – Hey, guys, Sabrina here,
a React channel producer. Have you subscribed?
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of new episodes, and while you’re at it,
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for the first 30 minutes. See you there. Bye!

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  2. look at all these "complaints" from men… they don't need and don't deserve any positivity, it's meaningless

  3. "I should get naked with more celebrities."

    "Trudi, I'm pullin for you girl."

    Friendship goals. I love them.

  4. "I was literally gonna say 'wow, he has a great body for having four kids'. HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!" lmao, sounds like my mom to dad

  5. How come women are allowed to do this but men can't? I'm all for body positivity for both sexes, but I don't get why one is off limits.

  6. James Van der Beek has 5 kids, & how did Kristine get a point at the end she didnt guess Leo right she put C which is Jason Sudekis. 😖 #fail

  7. I got a fair amount right but mistook Leo for Jason sedeikas before they even gave the options lol weird that they had him on there haha

  8. "i was literally gonna say: wow, he looks great for having 4 kids. HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING!" LMAOO i thought the same

  9. All people complaining probably haven't lived long enough to know women have been objectified since time immemorial.

  10. Its funny how in the comments, men are offended. Demanding to 'guess that mom bod game'

    Dudes. Chill. These ladies arent body shaming.

    They're literally embracing thicc dad bods and beer bellies.

    Meanwhile you men continue to body shame women, till this day.

  11. some pple will always find sth to whine about no one objectified anyone if anything moms were embracing the dad bods so u need to chill with the whining

  12. You gave Kristine a point too many. She guessed the last one wrong but you gave her a checkmark and a point ;o

  13. Will Ferrell has a distinctive crease on his right ab side that gives him away…I knew right off…

  14. Go ahead and do this to men because it's obviously not an issue! Turn the tables around with women and it'd be a whole different story.

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