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100 comments on “Guillermo at NBA All-Star Media Day 2018 – Finding LeBron

  1. LeBron only answered his question to not look like an ass in front of all the cameras. Because he was getting angry at him when there weren’t cameras around. LeBron is trash. Curry is a great guy though.

  2. Guillermo stay playing too much with his questions. I'm here for it tho!! 👍🏻 Glad the players good sports about it. 🤣😂

  3. Guillermo ask LeBron WHAT Shampoo IS using What Deodorant and Perfume he is Whear SO YOU Can Use IT .*** Because you like to smell Like Him…!!!!!!!!!…..

  4. I was eating at a restaurant for my cousins birthday and when we went outside Lebron was Just walking to the beach with his girlfriend and so we ask for a picture for my cousins birthday and he said no 🙁

  5. Not just in América but in brazil? Where the hell he thinks brazil is, America is a continent not a country, dumb ass

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