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Hero Hank – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 11

Hero Hank – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 11

-[bike bell]
-Whoa. Nice catch!
The name’s Hank – Officer Hank. [♪ hero cop rock theme] Officer Hank, your ace security guard,
reporting for action! It’s always been a dream of mine
to be a hero cop. Wa! Ja! Wa! Easy, pal. You’re not a cop. This is a
nerd convention, if you know what I mean. I know that! So, I guess my job is
to make sure no one steals a comic book or kidnaps an extra
from Space Conflicts II. That’s not going to happen.
Again, you’re not a cop. Your job is to walk around here
and do nothing. Aw! Wait a minute. There’s one way
you can make yourself useful. Protect the innocent? Arrest a perp? -Huh?
-Clean up any messes you see. Some of these nerds are real slobs.
I don’t need that in my club. Sure. That’s a little bit heroic. Nah, it’s not. But hey,
at least you’ll be fighting “grime.” Ha-ha-ha! Aw. ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ [♪ computer games] -[laughter]
-So, this is Nerd Night, huh? It’s… pretty much what the name says. Isn’t it? I’ve got to find the table where
they’re playing Castles and Latrines, so I can defend my title
of High Chancellor of Plumbing. That’s what you think!
I’m taking you down this year! Your reign of terror ends today,
High Chancellor! We could have gone
literally anywhere else, Tom. I know Nerd Night seems lame,
but trust me on this, all right? We’re here for something cool.
These are Pleekymon cards. People all around the world collect them,
trade them, and most importantly… sell them! We’re here to find rare cards
that are worth big bucks. Why would anybody pay for these?
They don’t even come with gum. Aagh! -It’s hard to explain.
-[crash] -Let me buy you a pack and you’ll see.
-OK, let’s see. -The Common Mouse.
-OK, that’s not worth much. But it’s a start. It may take a while
to find something great, -like–
-A Super Diamond Awesome Giant? Really? That’s like one of the best cards!
Oh, man! And a Silver Edition? Nice. Neat, there’s two of them.
Oh, you were right! I like this feeling.
You know what? Let’s get rich quick! Huh? -Aagh!
-[crash] -Aw-oh!
-Hey! It’s hero cop Hank! Are you loving this job?
It’s all you were talking about yesterday. And the day before. And every day
since you found out about it. Ah. That was a different Hank, one who didn’t know that a career
in law enforcement can break your heart. One who still had dreams! Oh, buddy. What happened? Did you get framed for a crime
that you didn’t commit? Worse. There is no crime! The only thing for me to do here
is clean up. -This night stinks.
-Well, I mean, maybe it’s not so bad? -You can–
-Oh! This pack is bursting with rare
silver cards! Fortune has smiled upon me! Tom, someone’s beating us to our riches! We’ll talk later, Hank.
Hang in there, buddy! “The Common Mouse is the most useless
character in the Pleekymon universe.” Common Mouse, I know how you feel. Huh? Ah! Who keeps doing this? Huh. I believe I will play
the tipped chamber pot. Everyone stagger back two wheelbarrows. Excuse me, sir.
I’m trying to keep this place clean. I can see that you have got
wet paint on your hands. I’m going to have to ask you
to go to the bathroom and wash– -Stop, in the name of security!
-Dibs on his resources! Hey! Slow down!
The bathroom is inside! Stop! -[horn honks]
-Why did you run away? -I just wanted you to wash your hands.
-This is bigger than you think. It’s everywhere. -Look for the man with the can!
-Hold on. What do you mean? -I’ve said too much!
-Wait! Drive, Mom! -Wow! I own half the castle now.
-[Ben cries out] You won’t be able to touch a latrine
without King Ginger’s potty-pass. You haven’t won yet!
The bronze aqueduct is still mine. Hey! What do you know about the guy
who ran away from this table? And who does he know that has a can? I do not have time for these riddles.
I am busy fortifying my defenses. But he was covering up a secret!
He gave me a mysterious clue! Seriously, I don’t know the guy. Nya! King Ginger has grown weary
of this distraction. Leave my presence at once, constable! -Guys! Something big is happening!
-Did you find more Pleekymon cards? If you did, don’t you dare hold out on us,
man. We’re on a Pleeky roll for the ages! No, Tom. It’s not about cards.
Have you seen a man with a can? Uh… Like a can of soda? I’ll tell you what, if we find
a man with a can– Ah! More cards! Tom, Angela, wait! All right. Fine! I’ll do this like
a hero cop does it – without backup. [♪ hero cop rock theme] Aw, it’s just a bunch of art supplies. Wait, what’s this? Hm. Oh! It’s been painted on! Could this mean that all the cards here
at Nerd Night are fakes? That’s right – every last one of them. -[evil laugh]
-It’s you! You’re ripping off poor,
defenseless nerds! For years I watched these nerds
buy and sell these stupid cards. I never saw the point, until I realized
I can make a lot of money selling fakes. I didn’t count on you getting in my way. -I was doing my job.
-No, your job was to clean! But it doesn’t matter, I’ve already won,
because I’m about to go sell this. Whoa! A super-rare silver-backed edition
Dark Matter Magi-saur? Hey, you know your Pleekymon! I’ll score
thousands off of some stooge out there! -[evil laugh]
-You’ll never get away with this! Sure I will, because you’re going
to be stuck in here… forever! -No!
-[key turns] Hey! Tom! Whoa! A limited edition Hornless Unicorn? I’ve never seen so many rare cards
in one place! -I guess I just have the gift.
-Yeah, you do! This is no time to panic. I can do this. I just have to find… A-ha!
The ultimate hero cop escape route. Hm. How about this? I can see you guys are serious
Pleekymon collectors. I Pleeky a bit myself, ha-ha-ha! It’s not just a nerdy monster-based
card collection game. It’s a way of life. Oh, you don’t need to tell me, sister. -Have you ever seen one of these?
-[Tom] Wow! A super-rare silver-backed edition
Dark Matter Magi-saur! It’s the best card there is.
I didn’t even know they were real! Yeah, it’s real, all right. And it could
be yours. I mean, for a price. Woah! -Nya…!
-[crash] Got… to save… the nerds! I will pay anything for that card! Wait, Tom. We have to be smart
about this. Is it really worth it? Are we getting too obsessed? Think about how much our collection
would be worth if we had this card. You are right.
We’ll pay anything for that card! No! Don’t do it! It’s a fake! Tom! No! Oh! All right! Time to clean up around here. Wait a second. What’s going on here? The Magi-saur isn’t real? -[Tom] Hank!
-That’s right. This man is running
a counterfeit Pleekymon card ring! What? Sir, I’m bringing you to justice. Oh, yeah? You and what army? How about my army? I’m the newly crowned boy king
of Castles and Latrines, and I say no one messes
with my subjects! -Seize him!
-[battle roar] -[laughs]
-I lost fair and square. So, if the cards were all fake, I don’t really have a gift
for finding rare Pleekymon? Agh! This night is lame. You saved us, Hank! You turned out
to be a hero cop after all! Tom, I appreciate that,
but you’re wrong. I’m not a Hero Cop. -I’m a security guard!

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  1. I hit your. Video

  2. When Tom asked Hank if he got framed for a crime he didn’t do Hank replied “Worse there is no crime” he should be HAPPY IF THERES NO CRIME!

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