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He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

With all this good news, it’s tempting to
get complacent about the 2020 presidential election.
Unfortunately, we hooked up our stupid democracy wrong
when it came out of the box, so upsets in state and local races
don’t really tell the whole story of our next possible Electoral College disaster.
And we have breaking news in the race for President:
a series of brand new polls from the 6 battleground states that determined
the outcome of the election in 2016, and could very well decide it again in 2020.
It’s tight. Wicked tight. Wasn’t that Walter Cronkite’s original sign-off?
“And that’s the way it is. Wicked tight.” If this polling pattern holds, we could be
in for a repeat of 2016, with Trump defeating the candidate
who gets more votes. And that’s not the only awful reason his supporters
are feeling good. Impeachment might be hurting Trump with some
voters, but in 1 very important way, it’s actually
helping. President Trump and the RNC are touting the
fact today that they have raised almost $126 million in the 3rd quarter.
The President’s campaign manager says impeachment is a big factor
for why they’re burying the Democrats in fundraising. He writes, “the Democrats’ reckless, illegitimate
partisan impeachment farce has his supporters even more fired up”.
Oh yeah, nothing gets Trump’s elderly supporters sloppy in the dungarees
like their President facing impeachment. While the Democratic candidates are frantically
begging you to Venmo them gas money, the Republicans have
more than $150 million in cash on hand. Pro-Trump committees have already spent more
than a half-billion dollars, and he doesn’t even have an opponent yet.
Half a billion dollars! Even I can’t imagine how much money that is,
and I have a robot butler that does sex. Trump has even figured out a way to make money
off his colossal fuck-ups, thanks to merchandising.
Of course, campaign merchandise has a long history, from
“I like Ike” buttons to Abraham Lincoln’s stove-pipe onesies.
But our most shameless President has taken it to a new level,
turning each embarrassing gaffe into a lucrative gaffe-ortunity.
When he got caught doctoring a hurricane map with a Sharpie,
the campaign started selling fifteen-dollar packs of markers that raised $50,000.
When Mick Mulvaney admitted Trump’s quid pro quo and told everyone
to get over it, they sold thirty-dollar “Get Over It” shirts.
And when Trump stared into the eclipse, they put out a high-powered flashlight
for blinding yourself to own the Libs. But all of this merch brings in something
even more valuable than dollars. It is not just the money but the data.
What are the demographics, who are the people they can they target?
And now cross-reference that, let’s say, with Facebook, and now you can learn
those people’s hometowns, their family, their friends, that commercial data.
That data has been immensely useful to the Trump campaign.
It’s how they found out their key demographic is “world’s worst white people”.
Trump also has sneakier ways of gathering user data.
For example, he gets suckers to enter their personal info
for a chance to have dinner with him. Lots of candidates run that kind of contest
but in Trump’s case, there’s no evidence that anyone ever actually
wins. Which is pretty low.
Normally, to get stiffed on a promise of a free dinner,
you have to be me in college waiting for my date to show up at a restaurant.
He’ll be here, I just know he will! You’ll see!
Whether we like it or not, Trump is a money-making juggernaut,
and that should scare the crap out of his opponents.
I mean, sure, Biden has raised dozens of dollars with his
promotional sock garters. Slogan: “When our nuts go low, our socks go
high!”. But if any of Trump’s opponents want to beat
him, they’ll need more than just cash. They’ll also need the support of a unified
Democratic electorate. So we’re here to help on both of those counts
with our new app, “Full Frontal’s Totally Unrigged Primary”.
Are you looking for a way to spend more time thinking about the election?
Of course not, but we made the app anyway. And it’s really fun!
All you have to do is join your favorite candidate’s team and
answer questions and complete fun challenges to earn points for them as you
drive the road to Iowa. You can change teams at any time,
in case your candidate drops out or says something racist or is Tom Steyer,
and your points will follow you wherever you go,
just like all your bad decisions in life! Best of all, you can even donate real money
to a fund called “Sam Bee’s Political Swear Jar.”
Last week I donated $6 instead of getting my weekly upper lip wax.
You’re welcome, democracy! And when the game ends, just before the Iowa
Caucuses in February, we’ll give the entire fund to the candidate
whose players have earned the most points.
Now I know what you’re wondering: is this legal?
Well, it shouldn’t be, but it is. As we get closer to the election,
it’s super important that we all unite behind one candidate.
It’s the only way to win, and this game will give us a little practice doing that.
So text “game” to 40649 or go to the Apple or Google Play App Store,
download “Full Frontal’s Totally Unrigged Primary” for free, and start playing today.
See you on your phone! Just please try not to drop me in the toilet.

100 comments on “He’s Loaded: How the Trump Re-election Campaign Raised So Much Money | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. Left out Andrew Yang and his picture when showing candidates again. The one viable candidate who can draw Trump supporters and you leave him out of the equation or attempt to belittle without actually knowing any of his policies,ideas etc.? I don't get it .What is MSM and political comics afraid of ??……his intelligence probably .

  2. US need to rebuke citizen united, impose campaign spending limits and make them publicly funded (reimbursed if you reach X%)

  3. If you're like me and you want to support your candidates but you don't want to give them money, please volunteer. People who were directly contacted with targeted reminders to vote are something like 30% more likely to actually do it (depending on technique, I'll leave that to your offices to train you on). So in a single afternoon you can knock on 40-60 doors, have 9-12 conversations, and know that you've just generated 3-4 votes for your candidate that wouldn't have come in otherwise. It's not an unpleasant experience, most people aren't home, and some are a bit gruff, but there are always good people out there. If you have limited mobility or other special requirements, then the overworked and underpaid field organizers can often do things like give you turf in your home neighborhood. It's a way for even youngsters and people who can't vote to contribute meaningfully to the election.

    Also as a personal plea: please stop buying lawn signs, then maybe candidates will stop wasting their money on them. They have no demonstrable effect on voting and limited effect on name recognition. Worse, they allow people to come in and foist over money then tell their friends they 'donated' when their actions are just a waste of time. Either donate to support a candidate or not, you don't need swag.

  4. Polls are meaningless. What needs to be tracked is voter suppression. Places that suppress votes are more likely to go red; help increase the number of eligible voters and the left will win.

  5. The maximum campaign time in Canadian elections is 50 days. From beginning to end…minimum 36 days max 50 days. All done in less than 2 months unlike the insanity that is the American circus election,popularity contest,super pac,lobby group funded ,electoral college farce.

  6. Yeah, farce is what ‘Demns do-do. The best way to beat the Drumpfty is giving him as little attn as possible. Then democratize the Democratic Party, at least incrementally enuf to make it horizontal and not leave it in its horrid state.

  7. Who said that you can't buy an election. Money elects presidents not the citizens. Its not a democracy anymore. It is a monacracy!

  8. Dinner with Trump: Is that just watching him eat so that you know your place? (Like the petty way he'd serve his guests one scoop of ice cream, but take two scoops for himself?)

  9. Samantha! There seems to be an issue with the app, please fix it there's a surprising amount of people who are trying to sign up and use it but a big amount of it are getting the issue ☹️ please fix it as soon as you can so people don't give up and forget it and I recommend that you re-promote it once it's fixed just in case some of those people did give up and forget and also for those who might have missed the announcement.. love you Sam!<3

  10. Uniting behind a candidate that is not functionally distinguishable from Trump will not do the country any good whatsoever. There's no sense trying to parse out the difference between anyone in the Democratic field and the deplorables on the right.

    This leftist is writing someone else in instead.

  11. If ur not supporting Bernie uve been living under a rock
    The only candidate with a movement
    The only candidate who will beat Trump

  12. Noone has yet told me why you americans need that much fundraiskng for your campaigns. If a candidate got huge amounts of money by a corporation or private person here in austria, they would be banned from the election because of the conflict of interest !

  13. The reviews of the game are bad, like the last app they tried to do. Great ideas, but why can't they get people who know how to program an app effectively? I'm always bummed out that it doesn't work.

  14. "A unified Democratic electorate." Yeah, I dream of that too. But all I see is followers of this or that candidate tearing apart their rivals in the most vicious and relentless ways. All the "My Guy or the Highway" rhetoric makes me despair for America.

  15. I love Sam Bee, but uniting behind the Democratic Presidential candidate seems premature, as we're still in the Primary race. Can we unite AFTER the primaries? It's depressing to hear about all the money the RNC has raised, but then again, HRC outspent Drumpf and she didn't win. Also, are the polls cited in the CNN clip the same polls that predicted HRC would win?

  16. Women who ware turtlenecks understand that they are too old for anyone to look at them, so why is this person on TV. She is old and nasty.

  17. Don't forget what Trump's base is people who don't vote, normally. The politically disengaged poor person.
    And for every one of those who voted for him in 2016, that guy has a friend who didn't bother. But now loves Trump. They don't get polled.
    Democrats are going to need to vote much, much, harder.
    I would say the reality is Trump is winning by 3% in the swing states right now. That's the reality, and complacency and/or Liz Warren world guarantee a second term for the orange one.

  18. Last time I checked Andrew Yang is still a candidate in the Democrat Party for becoming the President. Why not include him when showing the other candidates. You talk about a unified Democrat Party, and yet not including him defeats your message of a unified Democrat Party.

  19. In 2016 Hillary Clinton eclipsed Trump in cash. The reason we aren't seeing the huge amounts yet is because the primary is still going on. Once we've chosen the candidate, then we'll fund them. 

    The important thing we should be looking at is individual donors and the amounts of contributions. Bernie Sanders has more individual donors than Trump and all other candidates already! His average donation is also less at $18 while Trump's is at $44. Bernie 2020

  20. As long as the US doesn't abolish the anachronistic and woefully undemocratic electoral college your president is sorely lacking in legitimacy. The whole election process is a farce and not worthy of you proud people.

  21. Why haven’t we obliterated the electoral college (if I spelled that wrong it’s because not even autocorrect feels this should be a thing!) this is so bad to put so much on just a couple of states when most states are split!

  22. “It’s how they found out that their key demographic is world’s worst white people.”

    Hey….. you forget to include Candace Owens. It’s not just Diamond and Silk.

  23. Aye producers, don't forget the Play store link for the new game in your vid description, you only posted apple link! 😍

  24. I've started donating to Bernie Sanders' campaign, I'm going to keep doing that, but I'll do the iowa game too, I lived in Nebraska for a bit and, it was always painful to see people with Maga hats on usually from there where I worked. They've got hard lives and they've been sold a fake American dream, I want better for them than a hat that symbolizes everything we should stand against, corporate corruption, racism, classism, bigotry, fascism. We deserve better, all of us as Americans, we deserve better than Trump.

  25. My laptop is not compatible. I think the same goes for my phone. Everyone should follow Donald's campaign on their cell. Because, they need to know the truth no matter how biased their polls are.

  26. I finally get Pelosi's strategy. Delay the impeachment for as long as possible so Trump has collected all the donor money, then in the last minute make the GOP change candidates. Cause Trump is very definitely grabbing that cash instead of passing it on to his successor.

  27. There should be a legal limit to how much money can be raised in a campaign! In most European countries there is one and it is a way of ensuring that elections aren't just won by the person with the most money.

  28. It's easy to know why he raises so much money: the left is insane and scarring people into throwing their money the other way.

  29. Dump45 Cult of Traitors and Criminals and Putin's puppet show!! Justice is coming for them all soon!! 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  30. We need to fix campaign financing law's! Raising this amount of money should be to the benefit of the homeless or Medicare and Medicaid, not the election of crook's.

  31. I’d love a video on which people and organizations are giving money to this bigoted conman so we can protest and boycott them

  32. Not fully understanding US politics, why does how much money he makes matter? Educated voters should not be swayed by flashy ads…I just answered my own question, didn't I?

  33. Why not donate to the unite or die fund? Partner with things that are already working and amplify them? Anyway, I’m downloading the app. I liked the other app.

  34. That MAGALITE was brilliant.
    Pence could help out his team by selling copies of "The Bible In English Just Like White Jesus Spoke", and MAGA 2020 Frisbees with an image of Mother Earth on them. A frighteningly large number of their followers actually do believe these insane things…

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