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Hollywood Walk of Fame | JEOPARDY!

Hollywood Walk of Fame | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Then we deal with
the Hollywood Walk of Fame. – Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1,000. – [Alex] In 1958 Joanne
Woodward married Paul Newman, got one of the first stars, and won an Oscar for playing
all three faces of her. Ellen.
– Who is Eve? – [Alex] Yes. – Hollywood, 800. – [Alex] In August 2019, flowers were placed on the star of this “Easy Rider” actor,
who passed away at age 79. Ellen.
– Who is Peter Fonda? – [Alex] Correct. – Walk of Fame, 600. – [Alex] Carrie Underwood
is one of the honorees whose star is in front
of this iconic building that looks like a stack of discs. Ellen. – What is the Capitol Records building? – [Alex] Yes. – Walk of Fame, 400. – [Alex] Stars are awarded
in five main categories, recording, live performance,
motion pictures, television, and this,
denoted by a microphone. Ben.
– What is radio? – [Alex] Yes, that’s right. – Walk of Fame, 200. – [Alex] In 2007, the actors who played this small-statured group
in “The Wizard of Oz” got a collective star. Ellen.
– Who are the Munchkins? – Yes, and as we wrap up that category, I want to offer congratulations from all of us here at “Jeopardy!” to Harry Friedman, our executive producer, and also the executive
producer of “Wheel of Fortune”, who got a star on the Walk of Fame. Congratulations.
(audience applauds)

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  1. After 20 years as Executive Producer of Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy, succeeding Merv Griffin in 2000, he is retiring after both Wheel and Jeopardy's season is over and the EP of Let's Make A Deal and The Price Is Right Mike Richards will take over both shows as Executive Producer. So well deserved.

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