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Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

– In a polarized world, the next installment of the franchise all about balance and non-attachment will be worshiped, hated, and obsessed over until it’s not even fun to talk about anymore. – This is not going to go the way you think. – Meh, we know Star Wars fans by now Star Wars: The Last Jedi Forget the love letter to the originals that was The Force Awakens, because Episode 8 subverts everything you’ve come to expect Making it the- – WORST one ever – Aw, who invited the original Honest Trailer voice back? Are you really gonna do the old ones are better / new ones are better thing we did with The Force Awakens? – The only way to talk about Star Wars now is in absolutes, so yes. – Kinda Sithy of ya, but fine Making Last Jedi a refreshing update to a predictable formula – that spits in the face of everything you once loved. – Whiner! – Traitor! – Meet the new class of heroes coming into their own Like Rey, who after being called by Luke’s lightsaber is called by the Jedi texts, called by a big wet hole, and called by her greatest fr-enemy *both breathing* – Yet still gets zero answers to any of her questions. – I thought I’d find answers here, I was wrong. – Po, who grows from a hotshot sexy pilot – to a treasonous failure with more blood on his hands than the Empire. – First Order! – Same difference. – And Finn, who went from a deserter running away from the war – to a deserter running away from the war. – With the help of newcomer Rose, he’ll learn to put the greater good above himself – Thanks to a pointless side quest to Casino Royale – Because how dare they spend 15 minutes connecting the action to a larger theme. – The larger theme being: Is it possible to miss pod racing? I didn’t think so, but here we are – But forget about the butthurt fanboys who were just mad the movie isn’t closer to the one they wrote in their heads – Hey! – Because there’s still all the old favorites like Leia, a battle-hardened general trying to keep the spark of hope al- – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand… she’s in a coma. – Chewbacca, – who gets nothing to do. – And Luke Skywalker – Who after sad old Han and sad old Leia really drives home how your heroes are all sad and old now. – He’s turned his back on the franchise after watching the prequels – The legacy of the Jedi is failure! – And not even reruns of A New Hope can change his mind – That was a cheap move. – Because what Star Wars fans really needed was to see their idol throw his lightsaber away like it was some kind of joke. And Star Wars is not a joke to me! – Yeah I’ve been meaning to talk to you about- – Rian Johnson ruined my childhood like he ruined the laws of space battle. – There are no laws to space battle! – There should be. – Luke isn’t the only Skywalker who has issues with the franchise Kylo Ren is back, and he’s demanding a full reboot. – Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. – When he doesn’t look like he’s about to cry, which is always – Watch as he ditches The Vader fanboy act, the Mighty Duck Mask, and his shirt BEEEEWBS – Oooh… Hey, you distracted me on purpose! – Too late, moving on! Get ready for truly unexpected answers to the puzzles of Episode 7 – that can only be answered by asking What are the most disappointing answers to the puzzles of episode 7? – Like who are Rey’s parents? – Nobody. – Who is Snoke? – Some dead guy. – and how did Maz Kanata get Luke’s lightsaber? – It doesn’t matter and you’re stupid for asking. – That after all the hours of speculation and analysis was genuinely… – exhilarating.
– insulting. – Whoa, how do we keep from a certain point of viewing each other? – Yeah, we’re both pretty big Star Wars nerds, huh? – So gear up for the most divisive Star Wars film ever made – Where Rian Johnson either doesn’t understand the lore, – or he made the first Star Wars movie that lives up to the values it preaches. Instead of endorsing royal bloodlines and reckless aggression. – Okay enough division. Let’s say our favorite things about it on the count of three. – 1, 2, 3 Rey and Kylo team up to fight the Praetorian Guard Puppet Yoda hitting Luke with a stick! Porgs! – Wait, really? – Yeah, I’ll own it. – Okay now least favorite Holdo not telling anyone her plan! – I get knocking Po down a peg but, come on! They’re taking shuttles to a fort! Why make everyone think they’re gonna die? – I can’t argue with that. Though I’m sure people will. – Should we do this again for Solo? Nah. – I’m not gonna see that crap – Salt. – Maybe. It is time for my fandom to end. – Did you hear JJ finished the script for Episode 9? – My fandom is back. Temporarily. – Want more Star Wars stuff? Click the box on the left as we dive deeper into our serious questions for The Last Jedi. Or click the box on the right to watch us make FN 218 play with puppies *reading comments*

100 comments on “Honest Trailers – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. Strike us down in anger and we will always be with you. Let us know below what you thought about the trailer and movie! Plus don't forget to give suggestions of what movies you'd like to see be Honest-ed. Thanks for watching!

    One, speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.
    Two, respect your community- racism, misogyny, and homophobia aren’t tolerated.
    And three, “be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  2. Star Wars: The Last Destruction of the greatest Saga ever cause of avarice and stupidness! (and sons of bitches)

  3. Funny thing is… Solo is like 500 times more watchable than TLJ. Forget the Star Wars aspect. TLJ just isn't a good movie, period.

  4. "The last one you'll pay to see (until the next one comes out)"

    … Yeah, about that.

  5. Mmm, way to deal with the plot holes, the lack of common sense and who much this movie insulted the fandom.
    Afraid much, huh?

  6. I loathe the original Honest Trailer voice. It sounds so forced and terrible. Now stand aside and let my boy talk!

  7. its a huge maybe for me to want to see the next starwars. and to top it off people will not be allowed to dress up and that was half the fun. I think I will wait until it comes out on video and dress up at home as Darth Revan.

  8. 4:26 is hilariously bad if you slow it down and see wtf is acctually happening (there are alot of videos analysing that specific scene for how bad it acctually is)
    4:28 since when can ghosts phisically touch something or detroy
    4:30 In a multimillion dollar star wars movie your favorite thing is little puffin aliens……

  9. "Obsessed over until it's not even fun to talk about anymore". Ain't THAT the truth. After way too many Star Wars fans crying over literally EVERYTHING in Star Wars, this franchise just ain't fun anymore. I want to go and see the next episode, but I used to picture people just going there and have a good time. Today I feel more like I'm about to enter a war-zone of a verbal riot

  10. You know I think star wars fans is the dark side and not fans is a light side because how can you hate episode 7 it's awesome and funny also episode 8 also awesome

  11. To be fair, people weren't mad that it "wasn't what they imagined it to be" but that it was "entierly different to already established lore, that was at the time canon, thus Disney spat in the face of what had already been told, far better."

  12. The original movies played on repeat in my house (growing up with guys), so I liked it, but wouldn't consider myself a hard-core fanatic. That being said, talk about a story that did NOT need to be made even MORE convoluted. Plot holes, plot holes everywhere~(and a few continuity issues). Definitely feels like fan-fiction. Disney is just "fancy" fan-fiction, lol

  13. I guess no one ever asked the question why Luke was wearing his Jedi garb at the start of the movie (and end of TFA)… if well he turned his back on the Jedis and force and things

  14. Yeah… guys can do better. That was pretty bad HONEST trailer. The only good line was "the last one you'll pay to see" because I know quite a few who are skipping the next one.

  15. "There are no laws to space battles"

    Do you want bad sci-fi? Because this is how you get bad sci-fi. All Deus Ex Machina's and broken continuity. Good sci-fi needs consistent rules.

  16. Ahhhhhhhh finally, a piss take of both the films shit bits and the butt hurt tools continuing their epic hysterical tantrums over it! "Breaks all the rules of space battles". "There are none!" "There should be!" About sums it all up! Gold.

  17. I like how Honest Trailers really be using the kiddie gloves on this literal garbage heap of a movie.
    They ripped the prequels a new one but can't hardly say anything bad about the new movies.

  18. I prefer The Last Jedi over the Force Awakens. I dont care about the original cast members anymore. I want new characters with their own backstories that stand on their own without relying on nostalgia.

  19. with less than a month too go. Who is looking forward to not seeing whatever crap bomb of a movie they are going to try and throw at us?

  20. Everything in this I relate too! ❤️ I just want to know why didn't you say anything about Rose stopping Finn from sacrificing himself?

  21. “There are no laws to space battles.”
    “There should be.”
    Well there is, I don’t remember there being no laws.

  22. Poe was just doing what he thought was right since purple hair lady wouldn’t simply tell him that they have a plan.

  23. TLJ was still a very big copy of Empire. After the good guys are attacked by the bad guys, they are sent on a cat and mouse game across the galaxy. Meanwhile, the protagonist leaves the main group to do some Jedi training and return the group to help their friends in the hour of need.

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