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How I Blew Fame & Priceless Publicity | Huge Fail

How I Blew Fame & Priceless Publicity | Huge Fail

Based on true events. You know those nightmare situations where you go “Oh my god, imagine if that happened,”
and then, it actually does. So I make videos about Japan on YouTube and I recently had a video that had some viral success. There’s a popular spread in the UK called Marmite and it’s famous for people either loving it or hating it, due to its strong acquired taste. It looks like brown pva glue and tastes like liquid salt….appealing then. But I decided it would be quite interesting to see how some Japanese friends would react to it. So I gave them bread with some marmite on and their reactions certainly didn’t disappoint. Sweet! Chocolate! And when I woke up the next day, the video had featured everywhere from the Daily Mail website, to Reddit. And it was pretty surreal. But the interview I was most excited about was doing a phone interview on the BBC News 24 channel which is a channel watched
by millions around the world everyday. And it just so happened that on that night I was volunteering at an Eikaiwa – an English conversation class. So I planned to go in and teach the class, leave halfway and do the phone interview and then come back in and finish teaching. I knew it would take 10 minutes or so, so I told everyone to watch the BBC News 24 channel at 7.30. And this an expression which you can use everyday….so… Takeshi you don’t have to write this down mate. So I want you to make one example sentence using this phrase “It was like magic” and I’ll be back in about 10 minutes. So one sentence. 10 minutes. So 7:15, I left the class and went outside to this fairly grim
carpark behind the building and a few minutes later
I got the phone call from the BBC. And the guy told me he could hear me loud and clear, we were good to go and that
we would be going live in 5 minutes. Very good. Now if you could just turn on your camera please. I thought it was just a phone interview
– I didn’t know they wanted video on there as well. All the rooms in the community centre were full and the only available room was a shitty kitchen with no chairs. So I propped the phone up on a nearby
toaster and sat on this kitchen floor, trying to sit in a way that makes
it look like I’m not sat on a kitchen floor. So at this point I was fairly panicked, I knew with the phone using video conference mode, best case I’d get through the interview just about, worst case it would cut out mid way. Guys has anybody got a phone charger? A phone charger? Phone charger. You have a phone charger!? Literally one minute
before the interview was going to go live, to my horror the phone had dropped to just 10 percent. And then, the worst WORST case scenario happened. And now we bring you an obscure YouTuber who’ll have his chance at fame and fortune. Chris are you there? Hello…Chris…. It seems we’ve lost him. I’m sorry it seems we’ve experienced some technical difficulties. I guess fame and fortune is not for everybody. Instead why don’t you enjoy these glorious cat videos. Unbelievable. The phone died, along with my hopes of having free publicity in front of millions of people. So I walked back into the room, slumped into a chair in front of everyone and just ate some nuts in silence. Read me your examples. – The rich man became a poor man. It was like magic.. The moral is, don’t dream…. Never dream.

100 comments on “How I Blew Fame & Priceless Publicity | Huge Fail

  1. Ok, this is so funny and sad. I'm sorry, your channel is awesome and you deserve success. It will come anyways I'm sure 🙂

  2. It happens to everyone… Don't worry man. Fame does not matter as long as you have a loving community of subscribers.:)
    I love every video you make; they spread a lot of love from japan to the rest of us world who dream of going there. (Ok, yah that sounded kinda stupid…)
    Edit:omg why am I this stupid? … I just noticed that this is over 2years old… Youtube! Don't suggest me old videos without informing me!!

  3. duuuude, that's really bitter ! didn't know if i should cry or laugh at this video. hope you get another chance somewhere sometime and don't screw up.. love your videos! keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. aww… i would tell all my friends to subscribe to your channel but i don't have any friends, sorry

  5. I think what you need is a girl or girlfriend and have her make a channel called A broad in Japan and make constant collaborations. These millennials will think you're meme'ing and come flooding in.

  6. nah this story is great! this "huge fail" way better than a bbc videophone interview from a kitchen floor. you rock.

  7. So you knew you would have an interview but your phone was not charged? Sounds like you were unpreparedddddeded. Chrislazyinjapan.

  8. Can i have the link to that cat video please?

    PS. Thanks Chris, thanks to you I'm off to Japan in January with the JET programme!

  9. Dont give up your dreams, you already work with the famous natsuki. And you are famous. And prepare for all eventualities including a charger before an interview next time you have an interview i guess.

  10. I wish I attended Chris' English class so I can write 'fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck' purely for educational purposes, of course.

  11. I dont think you lost anything, these days more people get their news from the internet than they do from cable. Fame is quite overrated as it takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain, not to mention, it carries the potential/risk to bring about a certain detachment from the "real world". Some of your videos already have over a million views, I'd say you are already on the right track. Keep up the good work! 😉

  12. Dude did you make the Cute Kitten Videos song!!!!???? Ahhhhhhhhh that is so fucking funny! Please make a full video dedicated to those " Glorious Cat Videos ".

  13. chin up buddy! its 2018 and from what ive seen on your videos you are getting quite a few hits! Sure not pewdiepie numbers (but who gets those right?) but really impressive being on the narrow subject of japanese culture. Me and my friends lived in Ventura CA and helped a few japanese guys off the streets by inviting them into our home. By having japanese people so close to me for such a long time (8months) I learned two things: 1:japanese people are strange but nice. 2.japanese people struggle beyond comprehension when it comes to english. I can only imagine the horror of trying to teach it to people living in Japan. Thank you for your many videos, the one with the fat-prodding was particluary entertaining. Cheers from Sweden.

  14. Oh no! I’m so sorry, Chris! But you’re still famous anyway and all through your own brilliance. ☺️

  15. That really does suck and I am very sorry that happened to you. : ( I know how it feels to have your heart crushed for something you hope for. But on the other hand…this reenactment is too damn funny. Not that I'm laughing at your pain so much as your reenactment.

  16. "What is it you seek in Fox Village" – Favourite quote! The Fox in your other village looked like it was offering a side quest. X


  18. Television is outdated and no longer relevant. You don't need to appear on it. You're already miles ahead of that stuff.

  19. Don't dream. Thanks Chris. That advice works like a magic for me. It really do. Never felt better now. So…yeah, thanks a lot

  20. A lot of comments telling you that it wasn't your fault … Which is sort of true. An incredible opportunity just randomly dropped into your lap … then rolled off and shattered on the floor. It is not your fault that it rolled. But you certainly did fail to capture what had landed, unexpectedly or otherwise, right into your lap. The phrase goes "opportunity knocks". Sometimes it knocks while you are washing the dishes, or in the shower, or in bed. The phrase is never "opportunity knocks, but if you don't answer it lets itself in with a key and sits on the sofa to wait for you". When opportunity knocks, either you answer that knocking or you don't. It isn't your 'fault' that it knocked while you were busy or indisposed – but if you don't answer, that opportunity is gone.

    I'm sure that afterward you thought of many things that you might have done differently. Some as severe as taking a day of leave from work, some as minor as simply thinking to take your laptop, or at least a charger. The main thing is whether or not you learned anything about how to be more prepared if another opportunity came a-knocking. Do you feel you keep yourself better prepared to capitalize on opportunities now, should one randomly come along?

  21. And 3 years later, he still has less than 173 million subscribers but nonetheless a better youtuber than others who have millions of subscribers. Keep up the good work Chris!😊

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